Description of Tomato Sugar Giant

Fans of growing exceptionally large varieties of tomatoes need to pay attention to the sugar giant tomato. It is characterized by high yields, pleasant taste characteristics and large sizes.

Description of Tomato Sugar Giant

Origin country

It is believed that the Sugar Giant was launched in the Russian Federation in 1999. The most famous breeders of the country tried to create a universal species that would bear fruit not only in a greenhouse or greenhouse, but also when planting in open areas of the area. Literally in 2000, the variety of large tomatoes, the Sugar Giant, was recognized and entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Variety suitable for planting in all regions of the country. In areas with moderate climatic conditions, planting is possible in open ground. In the northern and eastern regions, planting in a greenhouse should be preferred.

Plant description

Tomatoes Sugar Giant belong to indeterminate crops with a standard type of bush. According to the characteristic, the plant growing season is about 115 days. The height of the bush is impressive and is about 180 cm. High growth rates were noted when planting in the southern parts of the country.

Oblivion, according to the description, is of a moderate type. The leaves on the bushes are medium in size, dark green in color. Due to the height of the bush, it must be tied to the supports, otherwise the yield may drop to zero.

Description of the fetus

According to the characteristics, if you properly care for the plant, from a bush you can actually collect about 10 kg of selected tomatoes of the highest quality. If for 1 square. m to have 2-3 bushes, the yield will be about 20-30 kg. As soon as the round fruits ripen, they will begin to acquire a rich red hue.

The weight of one fruit is on average about 500 g. In rare cases, 800 g.

Inside the fetus there are about 6 chambers with a moderate amount of seeds. Solids - 5%.

The taste of tomatoes is sweet, without bitterness or acid.


Fruits are suitable for use in any form.

There are a number of positive properties of the form:

  • ripe tomatoes have large dimensions;
  • universal in use;
  • have excellent immunity to a large number of diseases.

Growing rules

Experts recommend paying attention to the fact of the mandatory formation of a bush of 2 stems. Landing is carried out exclusively by the seedling method. Seeds should be treated with growth stimulants and a solution of manganese. This will allow the plant to be more resistant to diseases and parasites. After that, the seeds can be planted in containers and placed in a warm place. After the formation of the first leaves, seedlings are to be planted in open ground or a greenhouse.

The distance between rows and holes is extremely important. To achieve the best yield indicators, a distance of 50 cm should be maintained between the wells and 70 cm between rows. For optimal care and harvest per 1 sq. Km. m should have no more than 3 bushes.


The irrigation system should be normalized. Watering should be carried out with warm water and only in the evening. Loosening the soil, removing weeds and weeding the beds are mandatory stages of care, not only the yield indicator, but also the appearance of the plant depends on them.

Top dressing should contain mineral fertilizers with a high level of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. These substances are able to properly form the plant and root system.

Diseases and parasites

Problems only arise if the farmer improperly cares for the plant. To minimize them, you should establish a ventilation mode of the premises where the plantation is located.

Sometimes there are cases when aphids or thrips begin to affect the plant. In the fight against these pests, the drug "Bison" comes to the rescue. It should be used very carefully: it is able to negatively affect the taste of the fetus - it is used in the most advanced cases and only 1 day before the installation of irrigation.

Against the Colorado potato beetle, the Prestige harmless to humans is used. Confidor will help in the fight against greenhouse whiteflies.


To get a good crop of tomatoes of the Sugar Giant variety, you should carefully care for the plant. Fortunately, the Sugar Giant requires minimal care. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, the variety will thank you with a good harvest and excellent external data.


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