Description of tomato Siberian precocious

Tomato is the most common and favorite vegetable in our country. This plant is gladly grown by both beginner gardeners and professional farmers. Tomato Siberian precocious was bred in the late 50s of the twentieth century. Despite the past years, this variety has not lost its popularity, since it has a lot of positive qualities. Summer residents love this tomato for its unpretentiousness in growing, a large number of crops and resistance to various diseases. The tomato variety Siberian precocious grows well in any climatic zone, even under such severe weather conditions that prevail in the northern regions. Another advantage is that in cooking you can use this tomato in any way. Tomatoes make wonderful salads and snacks, delicious ketchups and tomato pastes. According to their characteristics, they are ideal for the conservation and preparation of various pickles.

Description of tomato Siberian precocious

Characterization and description of the variety

Tomato Siberian Ripening refers to a determinant, that is, a low-growing variety of tomato. The height of the lashes of this plant rarely exceeds half a meter. As a rule, one bush is generously studded with fruits, the weight of which can reach up to 120 g. For the most part, tomatoes weighing 60-70 gr have a not very large and neat shape.

The main plus of tomatoes belonging to the Siberian precocious variety is that they can be grown not only in the garden, in the garden or in the country, but also in special greenhouses, and they will also bear fruit well. Growing plants in open ground yields from eight to nine kg of fruit per square meter. If you do this in a greenhouse, the indicators increase to ten kg.

Tomato on taste Siberian precocious is very pleasant and will appeal to any consumer. This is an ultra-ripe tomato variety that begins to bear fruit a hundred days after sowing seeds.


Giving a description to the Siberian precocious tomato, vegetable growers and farmers note a number of indisputable advantages of this variety.

  1. Such a plant is characterized by unpretentiousness and high productivity.
  2. Tomato Siberian precocious fruiting even after the onset of autumn frost.
  3. Its fruits have excellent resistance to various diseases, which often affect vegetable crops.
  4. They are perfectly transported and do not deteriorate during storage for a long time.

All of the above advantages distinguish Siberian precocious from other tomatoes. In the photo and video you can see how successful the presentation of this variety of tomatoes has.


The characteristics of the variety suggest that these tomatoes are very popular among breeders. But, as in any other culture, there were some shortcomings. To them, first of all, farmers include the following points:

  • obsolescence of a variety bred almost 60 years ago;
  • the lack of competitiveness of this type of tomato in relation to more modern and modified hybrids.

Seed germination technique

Growing tomato seedlings Siberian precocious need to start with planting seeds in containers specially prepared for this purpose. As planting material, you can use the land bought in advance in the store or the soil taken from the garden (before that, it must be fertilized).

Proper plant care will increase yield

In order to grow good seedlings, seeds need to be planted in the ground in February-March. Before you begin these works, do not forget to carry out preparatory work.

  1. You need to carefully sort the material you have, selecting healthy ones.
  2. If you stored seeds in a cold room, they should be warmed. Take out the bags a month before planting and warm them up on a warm battery for several days.
  3. Seeds need disinfection to get rid of harmful bacteria - treat them with 1% manganese solution, then be sure to dry.
  4. In order for the seeds to sprout well, they must be germinated. Pour in a saucer a few days before planting and cover with gauze. Keep in mind that the fabric must be wet all the time, it must not be allowed to dry, otherwise all seeds will disappear. Experienced vegetable growers use aloe juice, a strong and natural stimulant, to soak the seeds. After this procedure, the seedlings will not hurt, and the tomatoes will feel fine even without frequent watering.
  5. In order to grow seedlings, which then gives excellent yields, germinated seeds must be hardened by placing them in the refrigerator. The temperature should not exceed 20 ° C. Repeat this process for three days.

Wait for the seeds to sprout, and then seed them in pre-cooked containers. As the sprouts sprout, the weak ones must be removed so that they do not interfere with stronger shoots.

How is landing

Growing tomatoes begins with planting sprouts in the open ground. This must be done at the end of May, after warm and sunny weather has settled. Please note that by this time the age of plants should be 60-65 days. By this time, the shoot should have six leaves and at least one flower.

It will be better if you add fertilizer to the well, then the tomato yield will definitely exceed all your expectations. It is important that when planting the distance between the plants is not less and not more than 50 cm, and the distance between the beds is 35-40 cm.

How to care for tomatoes

Caring for this type of tomato is no different from caring for other varieties of determinant tomatoes. If you want to get a good yield, it is necessary to carry out the planting of plants. Do not spare your time for these purposes and then you will surely grow a good crop.

The height of some shoots can reach 70-80 cm. In this case, close attention should be paid to tying a tomato. According to its characteristics, Siberian precocious tomato needs regular watering with warm water, as well as fertilizer and loosening of the soil. Remember that this must be done in the evening when the sweltering heat subsides. Ripening in fruits occurs almost simultaneously, the main thing is to ensure their regular collection.

Some gardeners prefer the greenhouse version of growing tomatoes, because in this case they ripen gradually, and the crop will be preserved throughout the summer. If you also decided to resort to this method of cultivation, remember that the Siberian precocious variety does not really like moisture, so it is better if moderate humidity is observed in the greenhouse.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Positive feedback on the tomato Siberian early ripening is enough. Despite the fact that this variety was bred many years ago, it still has not lost its advantages over other types of tomatoes. Vegetable growers who prefer this particular variety appreciate it for such an easy method of cultivation and excellent yield.

Tomatoes are unpretentious and do not require complex manipulations to care for them during the growth process. In addition, this tomato tolerates nighttime temperature differences and bears fruit even when the first cold weather sets in. It does not require special conditions during transportation, making it easily sold to consumers.


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