Description of Tomato Pear

Recently, breeders have been actively developing new varieties of tomatoes. But gardeners always tend to grow only Pear tomatoes. Such varieties have a wide variety of appearance, therefore, each person can independently choose exactly those species that are best suited for a particular climatic zone.

Description of Tomato Pear

Characteristics of Cherry Tomatoes

This variety was bred in China. Most of all he is famous for having a bright yellow color. The yellow giant pear struck the breeders so much that it was put into mass production. As soon as the yellow tomatoes ripen, they have a pleasant sweet taste. If you pay attention to the description, the average weight of the fetus is about 30 grams. The bush is quite high and can reach a height of 1-2 m. For this reason, the yellow tomato Pear must necessarily be tied up and create support for it.

Cherry Cuneo, the so-called yellow pear, is called in China, should be attributed to the species that does not ripen quickly, but not slowly. On average, its ripeness is about 120 days. Many gardeners who want to get a crop faster actively increase watering and top dressing. It is believed that the yellow type of tomato is more strongly resistant to a variety of diseases. Such tomatoes can not only be consumed in salads. They are well subject to conservation, so it can also be called "canning". They make a bright yellow tomato paste.

Benefits of Pear-shaped Tomatoes

Variety of tomato - Grushka has a certain number of advantages. The most basic are considered:

  • pleasant external pear-shaped appearance;
  • high level of productivity;
  • high meatiness: each tomato has a very large amount of dry matter;
  • excellent storage characteristic: they can be stored in refrigerators for a long time, and survive transportation well.

Red bulb

Red pear is a type of tomato that can be grown not only in the greenhouse, but also in the open. Tomato Pear Red is a mid-season species that belongs to indeterminate crops. Many gardeners who grow this variety leave a comment in the reviews as “even and smooth peel”. Sometimes it turns out to be striped. Such changes occur due to the fact that the sun may shine unevenly on it.

1 tomato can have a weight of 50 grams. Such a honey bulb has a fairly high yield. On 1 m2 it gives about 6 kg of products. Its taste is so sweet, so you can eat pear in any form. Children love her very much. In early spring, the loading of seeds begins to produce seedlings. As soon as several leaves are formed, it can be dived. Seedlings can be planted under the film only at the end of May. In early summer, you can shoot the film. It is best if the seedling will have 5 leaves. Seedlings should be planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

Pink Pear

This variety is only suitable for growing in a greenhouse.

Type of tomato - Pear Pink is suitable for growing only in greenhouses. It is not recommended to plant in open ground, since this variety has low resistance to temperature extremes. The Pink Pear Ripens quickly, literally in 80 days. The height of the bush can reach 2 m, so it is recommended to tie it to the support. The fruit has a smooth pink surface. One fruit can weigh up to 60 grams.

This type of tomato is usually classified as semi-determinant, that is, such fruits are not completely hybrid. This means that when they are bred, a certain variety was taken as the basis and some preparations were added that enhance maturation.

Orange Grushovka

Tomato Orange Pear refers to a species that is resistant to temperature extremes. Orange Pear easily tolerates short-term frosts and high temperatures. The height of the bush can reach 1.5 m. If you read the reviews of gardeners, then this species should be grown if there is only 1 stem. Due to this, the productivity increases.

Tomato Orange Pear yields after about 130 days have passed after planting in the ground. Experts advise planting tomatoes in greenhouses, since only this action gives the greatest yield. If planted in open ground, the yield is significantly reduced. The fruit has a bright orange color. The taste is so sweet that sometimes it is called "honey pear". The pulp is so fleshy that you can keep the product fresh for up to 50 days. If you are looking for a delicious and fruitful tomato, Pear Orange will live up to your expectations.

Black Pear

Tomato varieties Pear Black refers to those species that have an average ripening period. On average, the yield period is up to 3.5 months. This period must be counted from the moment when you just planted seeds for seedlings. The bush can reach a height of 2 m. Sometimes these tomatoes are called Cherry, because they are small in size. The mass of each tomato is 40-90 gr. Despite their size, their weight is quite small. This is justified by the fact that they contain a high proportion of dry matter.

Such fruits are characterized by a dark brown color. That is why they were called "black". Resistant to transportation and can be used in a variety of areas. You can consume them fresh or can be preserved. Canned Pear is much tastier, as it is soaked in marinade.

Variety of tomato Grushovka

If you carefully read the reviews of gardeners, Grushovka has another name. Quite often it is called "Siberian Grushovka." This is due to the fact that it was bred in Siberia. This variety ripens, on average, 120-150 days. If you read the description of the fruits, then they have a raspberry hue. Their shape is elongated, slightly oval.

Siberian Grushovka is well transported and is kept fresh for a long time. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about 1 month. Each fruit has a weight of 130-160 gr. Some ripened fruits can reach 200 gr. This type of tomato is not tall, so it is not required to pinch it. If you want to achieve high productivity, you should leave 3 stems on the bush. Also, to achieve a large crop, it is necessary to plant bushes correctly. It is recommended to plant only 4 seedlings per 1 m2.

Blue pear, in other words “emerald, ” is not so common. It has a weight of 50-80 gr. The height of the bush can reach 1.5 m. Its beautiful appearance, which has an emerald color, is noted. For this reason, it is most often amenable to conservation.


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