Description of the tomato Cosmonaut Volkov

Tomato Cosmonaut Volkov - a new hybrid, which is attributed to amateur breeding. According to legend, a tomato Cosmonaut Volkov came up with a space engineer. After retiring, he took up gardening and decided to create his own tomato variety in order to combine the best qualities in it: productivity, stable immunity and taste. What characteristics do the Cosmonaut Volkov tomatoes have?

Description of the tomato Cosmonaut Volkov

Grade characteristics

Tomatoes Cosmonaut Volkov are fast-growing species. In addition, they have excellent taste and large fruits that resemble large Christmas toys in shape.

The fruits of the described plant are officially recognized as the best in taste. In terms of yield, the tomato variety Cosmonaut Volkov is also a leader.

Plant description

Cosmonaut Volkov is a plant that can grow both in greenhouses and film shelters, and in open ground. When the first few branches appear, they need to be tied up, since the fruits are heavy, and the plant can not withstand such loads. It is best to form and leave only 2 branches.

In terms of ripening, the variety belongs to mid-ripening, from the time of planting to the time of the first harvest, 110 days pass. On average, from one bush you can collect from 4 to 7 kg.

The first inflorescence of a tomato Cosmonaut Volkov appears above 9 leaves, the next - after 2-3 leaves, on average 6-9 tomatoes are formed on one inflorescence. Bushes are able to grow more than 2 m in height.

Description of the fetus

The fruits are large and round, with a dense skin. The pulp is good and juicy, in one fruit contains more than 7% solids, 5% sugar and a little ascorbic acid. As mentioned earlier, the fruits are large and weigh about 300 g, sometimes tomatoes with a weight of about 650 g can be found.

According to the description, the fruits of tomatoes Cosmonaut Volkov have an orange color with small red dots, a surface with a slight ribbing.


According to the characteristic, the variety has several advantages:

  • excellent yield;
  • interesting taste;
  • large fruits.

The bush must be constantly formed, the branches tied up, as the fruits are large, and the plant is not able to cope with their weight.


To increase productivity, you need to properly form a bush

After planting, seedlings can be placed in open ground after 60 days, only 2 plants should be per 1 m, no more, since then the root system will not be able to grow well. Tomato varieties Cosmonaut Volkov must be planted according to a certain pattern, all bushes should be 70 cm apart from all sides: 2, 5 plants per 1 sq. Km. m

Proper bush formation

To get the maximum percentage of yield, you need to properly form a bush. Tomatoes of the Cosmonaut Volkov variety must be planted, they should also pinch lateral shoots (this is an obligatory item for those who live in the northern and middle latitudes).

Gardeners recommend removing the lower leaves before each new tie. On average, only 4 top leaves are present on a tomato, which are enough to carry out full-fledged photosynthesis and get enough nutrition from the sun. In this simple way, favorable conditions are created to obtain a sufficient percentage of sunlight and reduce the possibility of getting fungal infections.


We must not forget to form plants in time and remove unnecessary branches: do not allow the plant to thicken. Watering and fertilizing is recommended once a week.

When pruning, only 2 branches are left on the bush and they are constantly tied so that they do not break under the pressure of the fruits. When the bushes ripen, watering will need to be significantly reduced: once every 2 weeks.

Possible diseases and pests

Especially often diseases are affected by tomatoes in the open ground and in the northern part of the country.

The most common diseases:

  • late blight;
  • any lesions with a fungus;
  • brown spotting;
  • rotten infection;
  • tobacco type mosaic.

Such diseases appear due to rain, insufficient heat and sun. If it is cold and rainy outside, this is a bad combination for bushes. To get rid of pests, special tools are selected such as Tabbu, Bison, etc.

Precautionary measures

To avoid trouble, you should follow simple rules:

  • Use seeds from the region where they will be planted, and from producers who carry out preventive measures before packaging.
  • It is better to grow plants not in the open ground, but in a greenhouse or greenhouse.
  • Every year, all vegetables must change places.
  • Bushes of tomatoes that are sick or look sick, it is best to immediately remove from the site, and then burn.
  • Tomatoes and potatoes should not be planted nearby.
  • The beds are constantly weeded so that there are no weeds.
  • Pests of tomatoes - snails, caterpillars, bugs.


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