Description of Tomato Aswon

Hybrid cultures are especially popular today. This is because they can tolerate mild climatic changes, rarely undergo diseases and always show amazing yield characteristics. One of the best representatives of this category is the Asvon F1 tomato. It is suitable for growing not only in greenhouses, but also in open areas.

Description of Tomato Aswon

Grade characteristics

Asvon f1 hybrid tomato was bred in Russia. The most progressive breeders of the country were engaged in seed development. In 2004, these tomatoes went through all stages of research and were included in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

According to the characteristics of the variety, it was concluded that it is ideal for growing in regions of the country with warm and moderate climatic conditions. Suitable for growing both in open areas and in closed ones.

Plant description

Tomato Aswon f1 is an early ripe hybrid. Since the appearance of the first seedlings of the plant, the growing season lasts only 40-50 days. The bush is characterized by a determinant type, so its height is limited. The characteristics and description of the product indicate that the height of the bush does not exceed the mark of 50 cm.

The bush is considered compact, not sprawling. Oblivion is moderate. Leaves are presented in dark shades of green and are medium in size. It is important to form a bush in 2-3 stems, no more, since it has a strong foliage.

Description of the fetus

Fruits are on double brushes. Each has about 6 fruits. The average weight of the ripened fruit is about 150 g. Sometimes the weight mark reaches 250-300 g.

The red color of the fetus is uniform. The surface is smooth, without flaws.

The yield of the described tomato variety is at a high level. From 1 bush you can really get about 10 kg of selected fruits. Their taste is rich and sweet, slightly reminiscent of honey. Solids make up about 7%. Due to its excellent taste, the view is considered universal in use. From the fruits, you can cook baby food, salads or preserve for the winter.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the description of the Asvon tomato, the following positive characteristics of the variety are distinguished:

  • the fruits ripen in a small amount of time;
  • great taste and appearance;
  • high yields;
  • immunity to most diseases.

This hybrid has no special drawbacks, but the species is rather demanding on soil nutrition. If the soil is not fed, the yield becomes significantly lower.

Growing rules

It is important to carry out weeding and cultivation in time

Planting can be carried out in different ways. The first is a reckless option. In this case, it is recommended to treat the seeds of Asvon tomato with substances that accelerate growth. After that, they are planted in soil, which has a light structure and is saturated with useful substances.

The second option is seedlings. Its essence lies in the fact that for starters you should independently grow seedlings. For this, the seeds of the Asvon f1 tomato are placed in special containers and germinate within 30 days. After this, the seedlings are completely ready for planting. Before planting, humus is introduced into the soil and carefully watered with water. A distance of 40 cm is maintained between rows and 50 cm between bushes. Planting depth is 2 cm.


Watering is carried out by a plentiful method, but with a certain interval: 1 time in 3-4 days. Top dressing is carried out infrequently - 1 time in 2 weeks. They should include the alternation of organic and mineral substances. As organics, humus or wood ash is used, and potassium, magnesium and nitrogen compounds are used as mineral fertilizers.

Regular loosening of the soil, removal of all weeds and stones is also important. As necessary, carry out the earthing up of the root system. Shrub formation also takes place as needed. The tying of bushes is considered a mandatory requirement. It is best to remove the lower branches so that more sunlight and moisture enter. This will accelerate the growth of the bush and the process of formation of the fetus.

Preventive actions

This tomato variety has high resistance to most diseases. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to harden seedlings or seeds before planting. Also, experts advise treating seedlings with a manganese solution.

To protect the plant from late blight, substances with a high concentration of copper are used. So that no types of rot can disrupt the growth of the plant, it is recommended to carry out regular spraying with antifungal substances. To combat the Colorado potato beetle, aphid or bear, it is recommended to use special insecticides. Regent, Fofatox, Arkan or Taboo are best suited for these purposes. Alternative methods of prevention are also used. From slugs, ammonia is considered an ideal option. From aphids will help a solution of soap and water. All preventive measures are carried out every 2 weeks and a few days before heavy watering.


The hybrid is ideal for both agronomists and ordinary farmers, because it shows an amazing level of productivity and quality, allowing you to sell this species on the market. If watering and top dressing is carried out correctly, the crop will surprise you with quantity. The main thing is to follow all the requirements and not skip the examination of the plant for parasites.


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