Description of tomato Adeline

Adeline's tomato is a well-known mid-season stunted variety. Sometimes you can hear another one of his name, which gardeners use in communication with each other - Adelaide. It is more suitable for growing on an open bed, but also feels good in greenhouse conditions.

Description of tomato Adeline

Grade characteristics

Adeline (Adelaide) is surprisingly good yield, given the small size of the bush. The plant begins to bear fruit approximately 82-110 days after seedling. Adeline tomatoes are considered salad, ideal for whole canning and pickling, but also good for eating raw.

Description of the fetus

Small fruits weighing about 60 - 95 grams. Have an oval shape (cream). Ripe tomato is saturated - red in color, has a sweet and sour taste.

Tomatoes of this variety have fleshy flesh, a dense skin and are quite hard. Due to this, they tolerate transportation well and do not crack during heat treatment.

Bush description

Adeline (Adelaide) belongs to the undersized varieties. They do not need to form a bush, but require garters to support. The plant independently forms a small compact bush, the height of which does not exceed 50 cm. The bushes have bright green leaves.

Inflorescences begin to form above the 6th leaf and then sequentially upwards through 1-2 leaves. Fruits form well: 3-4 ripe tomatoes can be harvested from each plant.


The advantages include:

  • universality in use;
  • unusual shape;
  • good yield;
  • good taste of fruits;
  • immunity to many diseases.

It can be argued that the benefits of tomatoes are many times greater than the number of disadvantages. Among the latter, only sensitivity to air and soil moisture can be mentioned.

Rules for preparing for landing

Before planting seedlings must be hardened

The best period to start working with seedlings is the first decade of March. Before planting, it is necessary to harden the seedlings. Immediately after biting seedlings - you need to take it to a cooler place. This is necessary so that the plant can survive in more severe conditions in the future.

The first stage of seedling planting takes place in the middle of May - under the film, in June - on an open bed. When planting, it is necessary to introduce double superphosphate into the soil.


To get a good harvest, you must first grow healthy bushes. It is easy to do. It is necessary to water, weed plants on time and periodically feed them.

Adeline tomatoes belong to the sun - and are thermophilic. Watering is less important to them than a sufficient amount of sunlight and heat. They tolerate high temperatures, lack of moisture and even drought. Watering them is necessary only to the extent of complete drying.

If we talk about the level of humidity, it should not exceed 50-60%, otherwise the pollination of flowers noticeably worsens, productivity decreases, in addition, plants are at risk of damage from fungal diseases. You also need to remember that the last feeding should be done no later than two weeks before the first harvest.

Important for good growth is soil moisture and softness. In other words, the land under plants needs constant cultivation. This will allow air to penetrate to the roots, prevent souring and retain the necessary amount of moisture.

Possible diseases

Tomato is resistant to many common dangerous diseases, including fusariosis.

The characteristic says that the only group of diseases that Adeline tomatoes can be exposed to is fungal. They may appear due to inappropriate conditions and improper care of plants.


Based on the description and taking into account all the features, it can be argued that this variety is suitable for both professional gardeners and beginners. To grow and harvest a decent crop with Adeline tomatoes is simple. You just need to know all the features and use the advice of experienced gardeners about their cultivation.


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