Description of Spino Cucumber

Spino Cucumber is a unique, self-pollinated plant species that has generative features. It appeared relatively recently, but already has every chance of promising demand around the world.

Description of Spino Cucumber

Grade description

This variety of cucumbers was bred just a few years ago by Dutch breeders. They made sure that their brainchild had many prospects for further development and relevance in many countries of the world. Just a few months after appearing on the world market, this type of cucumber was added to the National Register of the Russian Federation.

It is subject to cultivation in all regions of the country, regardless of climatic conditions. Moreover, it is subject to cultivation not only in the greenhouse, but also in open ground.

This hybrid variety ripens quite quickly. After the farmer plants seeds in the soil, harvesting takes place after 30-40 days. This species does not require careful lighting, and can bear fruit even in places with a minimum level of illumination.

Plant characteristics

The bush blooms in a generative way. There is a fairly small distance between the nodes. Sheets are medium in size. Such characteristics allows the ovary to form better and creates space for a dozen ovaries.

Pikuli are very quickly formed due to the fact that the plant has a flowering flowering and a small number of shoots from the sides.

Fetal characteristic

All fruits that the farmer collects during the full ripening of the fruits have the same size. The length of each fruit is, on average, 12-15 cm. A large number of large tubercles are observed on the surface of the skin. The coating color is dark green. There are no white stripes or specks on the peel.

The pulp has high levels of taste and quality. The description says that Spino cucumber does not have bitterness. This is a universal cucumber, which is used not only in fresh form or in salads. It is great for all kinds of pickles and preservation.

Grade Benefits

The back cucumber hybrid form has the following positive qualities:

  • high yields per 1 m2, which are about 15 kg;
  • the plant matures quite early;
  • good presentation;
  • cucumbers can be stored for a month;
  • subject to long transportation;
  • Resistant to disease.

No flaws were found in the variety Spino.

Landing rules

The variety is best grown in seedlings

Seeds do not require preparation for planting. That is, the gardener does not have to germinate the seeds, treat them with chemicals or warm them up.

Landing is carried out in accordance with weather conditions. It is important to pay attention to the quality of soil warming. Its temperature should be at least 20 ° C. Seeds must be planted in separate containers and at a distance of 20 cm from each other. If you plant them closer, then the yield will drop significantly. The depth of penetration of seeds into the hole is 2 cm. After planting, the hole must be watered with warm water. It is also required to mulch planting material with peat or dung waste.

The soil for planting seedlings must be used only that which has a surface layer of peat. After that, a small amount of limestone or complex fertilizers should be put on top of the soil. A few days before planting, the soil should be treated with special substances that will not allow the root system to rot. Seedlings are planted in the soil to a depth of about 2 cm. In order to prevent the film from appearing on the plant, which will block the flow of moisture and air, it is necessary to cover the planted material with a film. It is best to use seedlings that already have several leaves formed. On 1 m2 should be no more than 2 plants. This will not allow them to twist among themselves.


The whole principle of care is regular watering and top dressing. Fertilizers are used depending on age and in the growing phase. The quantity of fertilizers applied depends on this. An excess or insufficient amount can provoke the abnormal formation of a bush, and later the fetus.

In order for the yield to only increase, it is recommended to control the number of ovaries on the plant. Their number should not exceed 20 pcs. Do not forget about regular loosening of the soil. During cultivation, it is important to remove all weeds and other foreign objects in the bed. Watering is carried out only in the evening. This allows moisture to stay longer and penetrate the root system as efficiently as possible.

Diseases and pests

This hybrid variety of Spino cucumber has high resistance to many known diseases. Different variations of spotting, mosaic or dew, in no way affect the development of this plant. Sometimes you can see only a slight change in the color of the fruit to yellow. But, in order to prevent this, it is necessary to use special chemicals.

Drugs such as Gamair, Thanos and Kurdan have the best effect on this variety of cucumbers. It is required to use special copper-containing preparations that will not allow insects and ground pests to manifest themselves. Spraying is best done a few days before heavy watering. This will allow all substances to fully protect. If this condition is not observed, then watering will completely wash off all signs of the presence of poison.


This type of cucumber appeared on the market relatively recently. But, he has every chance to get great popularity among farmers and ordinary gardeners. The creators claim that their brainchild is very promising.

It is safe to say, after reading the characteristics and description of the species, that very soon it will occupy the highest positions at many world exhibitions. Each gardener will dream of planting this variety in his garden.


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