Description of the satanic mushroom

Satanic fly, or satanic mushroom, is often confused with boletus. Eukaryotes are traditionally considered inedible, but its consumption in food is a moot point: it is believed that after careful processing it can still be eaten.

Description of the satanic mushroom

The appearance of the mushroom

It looks like a satanic mushroom similar to boletus. The large-sized hat reaches 30 cm in diameter, in young specimens - 7 cm. The color of the hat is gray-white with yellowness or a green tint. The skin is smooth, pleasant velvety, dry.

The leg is large, 6-18 cm. The palette is presented from gray to brown-pink, almost red. In shape resembles a turnip. Coarse mesh pattern covers the leg. It is dense in structure, widened downward, tapering upward. The satanic mushroom has a tubular hymenophore.

The flesh of the legs and caps is different in color. In the leg it is red. In the hat - white, in contact with the external environment blushes.

The difference between young and old is the smell. The young ones have a pronounced pleasant, mushroom, old mushrooms smell of rotten vegetables.

The satanic mushroom resembles the traditional white mushroom, so they are often confused. It is poisonous, provokes an upset digestive tract. Toxins do not lose their qualities even after processing and long cooking.

Mushroom species

Edible look-alike,

  • white mushroom;
  • boletus olive-brown;
  • speckled boletus.

The satanic mushroom, conditionally edible, Boletus calopus, is not toxic. It has a bitter taste. Satanic mushroom grows on calcareous soils. It occurs in deciduous forests, more often - under oaks, lindens and chestnuts.

The false variety of the satanic mushroom has a sour smell. Eukaryote is just as poisonous as a true white satanic mushroom. Grows in oak groves, beech forests. Prefers light areas. Causes serious poisoning.

Beneficial features

Satanic mushroom is inedible in its raw form and provokes severe poisoning. This opinion is unanimous. Concerning the use in processed form, disputes are still underway. Some mushroom pickers believe that the concentration of poison is reduced to a minimum after treatment and does not harm the human body.

There is still some benefit from him. It contains biological inoculants and a large amount of phosphorus. This allows you to use it in various fields of human activity.


The fungus can cause severe poisoning.

The high toxicity of eukaryotes is a contraindication to its use. It is better to use it in the morning.

Other contraindications to consumption:

  • weak immunity;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • childhood;
  • breastfeeding, pregnancy;
  • allergy.


In some countries, this type is allowed for use in cooking. If the first symptoms of poisoning are noticeable (nausea, vomiting, severe pain in the stomach, dizziness, numbness of the limbs), you should immediately go to the emergency room. The plant is more actively used for medical purposes and economic activity. Due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition, it is used as a fertilizer.

Inoculants and phosphorus are released during mycorrhiza. They are used to increase the fruitfulness of many crops. Thanks to active substances, the absorption of beneficial minerals from the soil improves, and the amount of liquid increases. Plants become powerful, more resistant to environmental influences.

In cooking

In France and the Czech Republic, the satanic mushroom is conditionally edible and allowed for consumption. It is considered a gourmet dish. However, even a ten-hour heat treatment does not guarantee complete disposal of toxins.

Before use, the product is soaked for a long time and boiled for 10 hours. After processing, the preservation of taste is a big question. A number of reference books describe the toxic effects of these eukaryotes. Gher Udu claims that 10 g of raw product can kill an adult. Death occurs as a result of central nervous system paralysis, asphyxiation. It is better to abandon the use of a satanic mushroom in favor of well-known edible species.

In medicine

The product is actively used in homeopathy. The medicine is called Satanic mushroom. The essence of the application is to use a small amount of poison to immunize the body, treat cancer. However, homeopathy refers to unconventional methods of treatment, so the positive effect is called into question. Exceeding the dosage or taking the remedy for allergy sufferers, people suffering from pathological abnormalities in the work of organs and systems can cause poisoning and death.

In traditional medicine, the mushroom is used to make painkillers, tranquilizers. Some substances secreted from eukaryotes paralyze the nervous system. This allows you to create effective tools to combat attacks of epilepsy, hysterical seizures in schizophrenics and other neurotic pathologies.


Satanic mushroom is distinguished from edible by smell, type of pulp. It is better to refuse to collect unknown plants in order to avoid poisoning. Thousands of people die annually during the period of active fruiting of mushrooms.


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