Description of rams breed Kurdyuchny

Tawny sheep is one of the most popular breeds. Most often, such individuals can be found in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and in the Russian steppes. From this breed you can get not just tasty meat, but also thick high-quality fat. One ram can produce up to 3 kg of wool per year, and a fat tail sheep - 150 liters of milk.

Characteristics of Sheepskin breed sheep

The fat tail sheep, or Kalmyk special, is a breed that is 3000 years old. This conclusion was made by archaeologists, because they have come across the remains of sheep of this breed more than once. The modern type does not differ from its ancestors, because it, just like them, can be in any region of the globe.

Appearance of sheep Kurdyukov

The tail fat sheep differs from other breeds in that it has a small bag of fat on the back of the body.

For many types, the bulk of the fat is near the tail, and the sheep described are no exception. But there is one difference: Fat tail sheep have a thick and high-quality fat, unlike other species. When slaughtering from an animal, you can take 40 kg. Such a bag is formed due to the fact that pets live in a harsh Asian climate.

Fat tail sheep live in the steppes and mountains, and there they do not have access to food. Fat allows them to survive this difficult period. Many people can’t understand if the Fat Tailed Sheep was awarded with such a bag by Mother Nature or it is the result of selection.

Appearance of Sheepskin sheep

Tawny sheep have a rigid six plain color. They have a small head with drooping ears. The fat tail breed of sheep has a strong physique.

The height of the rams at the withers reaches 110 cm. The weight of the sheep is 180 kg.

Tawny sheep are the largest among the remaining species. The animal has fairly strong legs, despite the fact that they look long and thin. Species of fat tail sheep can travel long distances in order to find food.

What product gives a fat tail?

Fat tail rams are classified as meat-fat type, but you can still get a lot of useful things from them. In the regions of habitat they are the basis of any economy. The wool from these animals is used to make carpets or blankets.

The meat of this type of sheep is also very popular in different parts of the globe. The fat tail sheep is always actively gaining weight, so at 5 months the lambs have a mass of only half less than that of an adult.

Turkey tail fresh sheep meat is popular in different cuisines of the world. Besides the fact that it tastes good, its composition includes a minimum of calories. Often meat is used by dieters.

The skin of curls is great for making a variety of clothes. Sheep provides another healthy product - milk. In one year, the female is able to produce 100 liters of product. It is used in the same way as cow's milk: for cooking pastries and other dishes.

Sheep fat is another product that is used in various industries. In regions where these breeds are found, fat is used as a preservative. It is also used for various diseases, such as coughing or colds. Sheep fat sheep fat is generally widely used in folk medicine of the eastern peoples.

Advantages of Kurdyukov

Due to the fact that the breed of fat tail sheep does not require any special conditions in the content, they are bred with pleasure. For many years, the ram has been popular. And all this is due to the fact that it has a lot of advantages:

  • endurance;
  • simplicity in content;
  • adaptability to any weather conditions;
  • disease resistance;
  • speed of weight gain;
  • quick and easy birth;
  • high survival rate.

Thanks to these advantages, many breeders are happy to breed this breed. Indeed, in addition to the fact that you can get a variety of products from them, they are also unpretentious in care.

The main advantage of fat tail rams is that they enjoy eating everything that they are given, which is a great joy. How much fat tail sheep is, you can find out from the breeders. Most often they offer a lower price than the market.

Content Rules

Before you purchase this breed, you must study the conditions of its maintenance. It is more profitable to keep pigs in a herd of 20 goals: This allows you to get wool, fat, meat and milk. Cultivation of this type is possible only with pasture. The breed is unpretentious in food, but can not get food from swamps or forests.

Animals need to graze for 200 days. During this period, sheep do not need to be placed in sheds or pens: they feel great on pastures. To prevent the rams from running around, you need to put dogs around them that are designed to graze animals.

In winter, fat tail animals are placed in a nightmare. The room should be dry, and the air temperature in it should not be lower than 8 ° C, because high humidity can lead to serious diseases. In winter, fat tail sheep should be given 2 kg of hay and about 500 g of feed. You can also use grass, beets, carrots and potatoes as feed.

So that the fat tail does not hurt, they need to be vaccinated. It is also important to regularly show them to the veterinarian as a prophylaxis. In the summer, animals need to be treated for parasites. To do this, you can purchase special drops, which are sold in a veterinary pharmacy.


Fat tail sheep reach puberty early, it occurs in 5-8 months. You can bring a sheep with a ram at any time, but it is better to do this in the fall. It is desirable to fertilize females with the help of a male, if this is not possible, then by artificial means. A sheep must be placed with a sheep for several days in a separate paddock. Only in such cases can you get a 100% result of conception.

The period of gestation of babies is 145 days. Lambs are born quickly, in time it lasts about half an hour. One brood can be from 1 to 5 babies. After the lambs were born, they need to clean the mucous membrane. Only after these actions the lamb is put to the mother.

It happens that a female has a lot of lambs, but not enough milk. In this case, one baby is worth putting a sheep with one lamb. Most often, all babies survive, therefore breeding of this type will not bring any losses, and this is very rare in the animal world.

Famous breeds

In the modern world there are several breeds of fat tail sheep. Their breeding depends on the area where they live. The main difference of all types is weight and size.

Edilbayevsky sheep

They are very popular in Kazakhstan for 200 years. Pets grow to large enough sizes. Their average weight is 110 kg. Sheep of this breed give a sufficiently large amount of milk, so one can produce 120 liters in one year.

Milk for Kazakhs is the most valuable product, because it is from it that most often prepare traditional dishes. Edilbaevsky sheep can be found in Bashkiria, Orenburg, Tatarstan and Saratov.

Kalmyk sheep

Kalmyk breed is no less popular. Most often, it can be found in Mongolia or China. This species is also bred in Kalmykia, Rostov and Saratov. The fat tail sheep has a net weight of up to 110 kg, and a sheep weighs up to 80 kg.

Sheep meat of this breed has high quality and unusual taste. The price of the product of this animal allows everyone to purchase it. Fatty sheep’s natural fat of this type is not less popular, and sheep give such a valuable product as milk, but this breed can produce only 80 liters per year.

Gissar sheep

This type is the largest in the world. The female can reach 150 kg, and the male - 190 kg. When slaughtered from the Gissar ram, 40 kg of fat is obtained, and this is a third of the total mass. You can meet this type in countries such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Hissar sheep gives all the products that can only be obtained from a ram. This milk, fat, lard and wool, as well as milk, which in one year it can produce 150 liters. In industry, wool of this type is not used.


Lamb is the most popular product in the Middle East. You can get acquainted with the animal in more detail using the video on the Internet. There you can read the description of this lamb. This will allow not only to get acquainted with different breeds of Fat Tailed Sheep, but also make a decision on their purchase, because most often people doubt whether it is worth getting such an animal.

The farmer should immediately decide what he wants to take from the ram: meat, lard or wool. Each breed differs precisely in these indicators. But there are universal types that give a sufficient amount of each of the above products. Fat tail ram and its price depend on age and performance.


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