Description of Ragned Potato

The potato of Ragned was named after Princess Polotsk. Residents of Belarus are aware of its historical data. The variety is famous and is popular among gardeners. It has a strong immunity is not demanding in care and has excellent taste.

Description of Ragned Potato

Grade characteristics

The Ragned potato variety was bred by Belarusian breeders. It is customary to grow it in the territories of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, since it is in these countries that the climate is most favorable.

Potatoes are characterized as medium-fruited, table. The weight of one fruit is 78-120 g. The yield is standard, approximately 187-353 kg / ha. If you comply with all growing conditions, then you can collect 431 kg / ha. The variety ripens within 115-120 days, after planting in the ground.

Plant description

Description of the potato - during the growth of the bush reaches a high size. The leaves are medium, green. The edges on the leaves are slightly wavy.

During ripening, the plant produces corollas of medium size and a very interesting color. The inside is white and the outside is purple.

Description of the fetus

The shape of the potato is oval and slightly round at the edges. Eyes small, medium depth. The skin is yellow. Creamy flesh. It contains starch in the aisles of 12.7-18.4%, so potatoes are well digested.

Shelf life is excellent - 97%. Presentation is also not far behind, approximately 83-96%. The potato is very tasty, not very sweet. Useful fruit elements are not lost during cooking. He does not have the ability to darken at the time of cooking. Vegetables are used for cooking various dishes.

Advantages and disadvantages of potatoes

The characteristic of the variety is positive, the reviews of gardeners are only laudatory, because the variety is truly beautiful. He has such good qualities:

  • fruits contain vitamin C;
  • excellent taste;
  • boils well;
  • presentation and keeping quality at the highest level;
  • the fruits grow large;
  • high productivity;
  • potatoes are stored for a long time and are not damaged during transportation;
  • resistance to many diseases, especially to potato cancer, golden nematode, banded mosaic and wrinkled;
  • grows well on any soil and tolerates drought well.

Potato practically does not have disadvantages, but some points can still be attributed to them. For example, there are small fruits and water content of potatoes. Water content comes from improper cultivation, care and poor weather conditions.

Rules for growing a plant

Proper care will provide you with a good harvest.

Before planting, the tubers are prepared. Usually they are taken from previous crops or purchased in the markets. Each gardener should know the rules of planting, since the quantity of the crop and, of course, its qualities depend on this.

Preparing the land and tubers for planting

Tubers can be prepared for planting in the ground. To do this, sprouts on the fruits are grown, and tubers are sprayed with a growth stimulant. The length of the sprouts should not exceed 3 cm, they usually have a blue, white or purple color. If the color and length are not as they should, then the planting material is completely replaced with a new one.

Many vegetable growers recommend not to get involved in this variety and plant it much less often than other varieties. This is due to the fact that they have well-developed root crops. The gardener chooses the planting method himself, it can be open ground or furrows. It is also important to know if the soil with increased moisture, potatoes are planted on elevated beds.

The variety loves rested soil, so you can plant it in the place where perennial grasses, rye, annual grasses or mustard used to grow, and it can also be completely new sites. Do not plant potatoes in places where tomatoes used to grow, as plants are affected by the same viruses and can easily catch sores.

How to plant

Ragneta potatoes should be planted in May. Any soil is suitable, since potatoes are well formed in any land. The depth of the pits should be 7 cm, and the distance between them at 20 cm.

Important points during plant care

The characteristics of the potato are ideal, because it is generally unpretentious. Many gardeners still recommend adhering to several conditions during cultivation and care. A description of the care tips is provided below.

  1. Be sure to loosen and spud the soil near the bushes. This can be done only a few times during the ripening period. Immediately after planting, and then after the appearance of the first stems.
  2. The potato is well formed without fertilizing, but for high yields, you can feed the plant 2 times. The first feeding is done when the bush reaches medium size, and the second one month after the first.
  3. The area where potatoes are planted should be removed from weeds, the more often, the better.
  4. Watering the plant is necessary in hot periods, a couple of times a week. Frequent watering makes it possible to grow fruits simultaneously and actively. If the weather is not pleasant and it rains, then watering is carried out once a month.
  5. With heavy rainfall, there will be moist soil and the plant will begin to hurt. To prevent this from happening, the soil is sprinkled with bird droppings. Nitrogen fertilizers can not be added, as vegetables can deteriorate.
  6. In addition, they add mineral fertilizers, only 2 times for the whole season.
  7. They carry out preventive measures against diseases and pests.

Diseases and harmful insects

The type of Ragned potato is resistant to almost all diseases, this is evidenced by its characteristic. Strong immunity to golden nematode, potato cancer and late blight. Also tolerates wrinkled and banded mosaics. It is steady, but not strongly to a black leg, a scab, anthracnose, dry rot and various viruses.

The Colorado potato beetle is the most popular pest. To overcome it, special chemicals are used. From the wireworm, loosening the earth and cleaning the site from excess grass helps. Special chemicals are used against aphids, a bear and a scoop.


This variety is fun for growers. The characteristic shows that he has a high and high-quality yield, but also the crop depends on the growing conditions and climate of the area. Resistant to all diseases, but insect prophylaxis is necessary.

The potato has an excellent characteristic, taste and is suitable for cooking any dish. It boils well, so the mash is excellent. Potatoes became popular and delighted vegetable growers during the growing period, since the variety is unpretentious in care. It is grown for home use and for sale, because it has a beautiful presentation.


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