Description of potatoes Ermak

Ermak potato was bred by breeders in 1978. It is quite popular. Its description, characteristics and reviews confirm this. It is this sort of potato that many gardeners are very pleased with. The famous Ermak potato variety - what is it and what are its advantages?

Description of potatoes Ermak

Potato characterization

Grade description

Description of potatoes of this variety has many positive aspects, as it is early and resistant to many diseases and pests. The growing season is 70-90 days.

It was bred by breeders using the type of potato “Early Rose”. Designed for table use. Productivity is 35-47 t / ha. Presentation of potatoes is quite high 87-92%.

The grade is positive and has the following qualities:

  • excellent presentation;
  • good keeping quality;
  • resistant to many diseases and pests;
  • low starch composition, which prevents potatoes from boiling over;
  • high productivity;
  • likes various fertilizers and top dressing;

The only downside is that the price is quite high, since it has only positive qualities.

Fruit Descriptions

Fruits are pink and oval. The eyes are small. Flesh is beige with a red addition. During ripening, the whisk has a purple hue. The weight of one fruit varies between 90-117 g. The amount of starch in a potato is 10-12%, which means that when cooking it does not boil and keeps its shape.

Landing rules

Ermak potato variety before planting in the ground must be prepared in advance. In addition, it is necessary to select planting material. The fruits should be healthy and not damaged. If the potato is large, it is cut into several parts. It is also necessary that each tuber has 2-3 eyes. Before planting, the fruits are germinated and processed with protective equipment and fertilizers.

In order for the crop to show great results, the tubers are soaked in a fertilizer solution. To prepare it, take 400 g of nitrate and superphosphate, these mixtures are dissolved in 10 l of water. In the prepared solution for 1 hour put the fruit. During this time, the potato manages to take all the useful substances, activates good growth and development of roots and stems. If you carry out the soaking procedure, you can harvest a week earlier.

To collect a good crop of Ermak potatoes, you need to know the planting dates and perform them. The variety Ermak is planted in mid-May, many gardeners talk about this when they make a description of the variety. If you deviate from the recommended planting period by 1-1.5 weeks, the crop will be poor. As mentioned above, before planting potatoes in the ground, they prepare the soil and tubers. Tubers begin to be picked 3 weeks before planting. Only smooth, clean and not rotten fruits are suitable for planting.

Selected beautiful tubers are transferred to a room where there is a lot of light so that they begin to germinate. You can also divide the fruits by size, so it will be convenient to engage in seating.

Potato Care Rules

Plant needs fertilizer

The characteristics of the variety indicate that it is not particularly picky, but it is worth paying a little attention. Keeping the soil in order is the key to a good harvest. To collect a good and high-quality crop, you need to take care of the plant. Gardeners drew up a description of Yermachka and outlined all the conditions that it is desirable to fulfill.

  1. Mandatory digging of the soil. The first time, loosen to a depth of 10 cm, and the next 5 cm.
  2. Fertilizers begin to be applied when the plant reaches 15 cm.
  3. You can water the plant at the same time as top dressing. For the entire growth period, 3 top dressings are carried out. Fertilizers use nitrogen, total and phosphorus-potassium. If you apply nitrogen fertilizer, then you need to control their quantity. Therefore, it is better not to feed than to feed the plant, since it is possible to cause some damage to the roots and fruits.

Often, inexperienced gardeners are interested in the amount of watering to get a big crop. Irrigation of the Ermak potato species does not differ from irrigation of other types of potatoes. In hot weather, the amount of water must be increased, and if the weather has average temperatures, then apply watering 3 times per season.

How to store potatoes

The shelf life of the fruit depends on many reasons. First of all, these are weather conditions. If during ripening it was very cold and cloudy, then during storage there may be severe losses. Also, the soil itself affects storage. If root crops were grown on sandy and chernozem soils, then potatoes will be stored much better. If you overdo it with nitrogen fertilizers, then the fruits do not lie for a long time. They can be killed by diseases. Such factors also apply to roots that lacked potassium.

If the fruits become infected with late blight, they will not last long. The last and most important reason is the conditions under which vegetables will be stored. In order for the fruits to live to the next planting, you need to know a few rules. In order to provide all the necessary conditions, after digging, the crop must be dried. If you are going to hide potatoes in the cellar, before this the fruits must be sorted.

Damaged and diseased fruits are thrown away. Potatoes need only be kept whole and healthy. Preservation time depends on the size of the fetus. The middle period includes large tubers. If the storage time is long, medium potatoes are laid. The rest must be used in a short time.

What parasites and diseases can Yermak catch

The characteristic of the variety is positive during illness, as it is not exposed to almost everything. But there are exceptions, so preventive measures must be taken. To do this, use various products that are sold in special stores.

In addition, you can use folk methods to combat midges by treating the leaves of the plant with a solution of potassium permanganate (add a small amount to the water until it turns pale purple).


Potato Ermak has been around for quite some time and has become very popular among gardeners. It is unique in its taste, and is suitable for preparing any dish. He was fond of fast ripening, and the amount of harvest.

He is not fastidious in cultivation and care, but he should pay a little attention. If you follow all the rules, you can get a good harvest, which confirms the characteristics of the variety.


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