Description of the potato variety Melody

Potato variety Melody was bred by Dutch breeders. Passed a test in some countries of the post-Soviet space and was recognized as a promising varietal culture. In a short time, the variety attracted the attention of most farmers and our country. In Russia, the species is zoned in the central regions.

Description of the potato variety Melody

Potato characterization

Potato variety Melody refers to medium late. The ripening period is 100-120 days. The average yield of 200-300 centners per 1 ha. The maximum yield is 636 centners per 1 ha. Description of the quality characteristics of the appearance allows you to use potatoes for sale.

Plant description

  • erect bush;
  • leaves with a weak undulation on the outer edge;
  • tops and leafy part of saturated green color;
  • red-violet flowers;
  • from 1 bush you can collect 7-10 tubers.

Description of the fetus

In industry, the Melody potato variety is widely used for cooking various dishes. Its taste is beyond praise. Not suitable for frying and cooking chips. Description of the quality characteristics of the tubers:

  • weight 100-180 g;
  • oval shape;
  • solids content of 20%;
  • peel is yellowish pink, smooth;
  • eyes evenly deepened;
  • the flesh on the slice is yellow.

Root crops differ in attractive appearance, well tolerate transportation. The rest period is about 8 months, so potatoes can be stored for a long time in the cellar, not sprouting. Subject to agrotechnical rules and storage conditions, it is possible to save 97% of the crop.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is the high palatability. Potato varieties Melody is characterized by good resistance to many diseases. An undoubted advantage over many types of nightshade crops is its good preservation and long rest period. The high solids content allows the use of the variety for the manufacture of dry food blanks.

Among the shortcomings note the inability to use for frying. The species has not yet fully adapted to the climatic conditions of different regions, it was zoned only in the central part, so it is difficult to describe the full picture of the shortcomings. Requires additional preventative treatment from late blight.

Agricultural technology

Potatoes are grown in a lighted place

Potato Melody is a drought-resistant, heat-loving plant. The landing area should be open, well-lit, without drafts. To get a good crop, you need to follow the rules of crop rotation.

It is allowed to grow potatoes of this variety in one place for 5 years, and then change the site. Such growing rules apply if there is no infectious disease in the potato, otherwise the plot is changed. First of all, you need to take care of the preparation of the soil and the selection of seed material.

Soil preparation

Soil begins to be prepared in the autumn. After harvesting, the site is freed from the remaining tops, roots and other garbage. To disinfect the soil, make herbicides. They allow you to clean the soil of the roots and seeds of weeds, as well as destroy the larvae of some pests.

During the season, the soil is depleted, so in the autumn period a vitamin composition or humus should be added. After fertilizing, the land is cultivated to a depth of 30-40 cm. The highest potato yields are observed on sandy loam soils, so if possible, some sand can be added along with fertilizers.

In the spring, just before planting, they again cultivate and fertilize. It is very important to prevent the soil from drying out during the pre-planting period. If moisture is not enough, a few days before planting, you can moisten it.

Seed preparation

Initially, seeds are purchased from a trusted supplier. Then you can prepare the seed material yourself, using potatoes for 2-3 years of planting. Choose the most beautiful, smooth tubers, on which there is no mechanical damage and rot.

Medium sized potatoes are selected for the seeds. Before laying seed potatoes for storage, they plant it, for which they leave the seeds in a lighted room for a week or in the open air in direct sunlight for 2 days.

The selection characteristic says that the variety has a long rest period, so you can not be afraid that the potatoes will sprout ahead of time in the cellar. At the end of March, the seeds are removed from the vegetable store, disinfected, dried and germinated in any convenient way. This will take about 3 weeks.


Potato is planted Melody in late April or early May. If the spring is late, the dates are shifted by 1-2 weeks. Before planting, root crops should be treated with fungicides and growth stimulants. In each hole, it is recommended to lay 0.5 cups of wood ash.

The method of planting depends on the type of soil. There are 3 landing methods in total:

  • smooth - suitable for fertile, sandy loamy soils;
  • comb - is used on heavy soils in order to raise the bushes above the soil;
  • trench - suitable for light loose types of soil.

The planting depth on light soils is 12 cm, on heavy soils no more than 5 cm. The potatoes are planted by slightly pressing them into the ground. Then fall asleep with soil. In the spring, additional soil moisture is usually not required.


Proper care will provide you with a good harvest.

In addition to observing the rules of agricultural technology, in order to get a good harvest, you need to provide the plants with proper care, which consists of a whole range of measures:

  • watering;
  • hilling;
  • cultivation;
  • top dressing.

Watering is carried out as needed. In the central regions, precipitation is moderate, so additional watering may not be necessary. Water is poured under the bushes, carefully so as not to expose the roots.

Hilling and cultivation

The formation of earthen embankments at the base of the bushes is a very important stage. The procedure allows you to effectively protect the culture from possible temperature changes, form a beautiful bush and provide good soil aeration. The event is held 2 times a season.

After the emergence of already strong shoots, 12 cm high, make a mound of 5-8 cm. The next hilling is carried out after 3 weeks. In parallel with hilling, soil cultivation is carried out. The higher the humidity, the deeper you need to weed the aisles.

Top dressing

As top dressing, it is strictly forbidden to use fresh organic fertilizers in the form of manure, chicken droppings and others, otherwise the roots may burn. The introduction of potassium and nitrogen fertilizers allows you to grow a healthy crop, with increased rates of keeping quality. On acidic soils, chalk or dolomite flour is used.

Many farmers use folk recipes for the preparation of vitamin top dressing. Egg solution and all kinds of herbal infusions have proven themselves perfectly. After flowering, fertilizing is no longer done. Fertilizers are applied in parallel with the first hilling, before and during flowering.

Diseases and Pests

Potato Melody is medium resistant to late blight and foliage curling virus, therefore it needs additional preventive treatment during the growing season. Pathological microorganisms can live in the soil, on tubers, for a long time, and can also be carried on the paws of insect pests. Treatment with fungicides and antifungal agents is carried out before flowering. After it, the use of chemical compounds is prohibited.

Well-proven drugs Fitosporin, Alirin, Gamair, Quadris. Like all types of nightshade, Melody is susceptible to attacks by the Colorado potato beetle. For prevention purposes, drugs Prestige, Colorado, Regent and others are used.

Harvesting and Storage

The tubers are ready for harvesting 120 days after the first sprouts appear. Before harvesting, they cut all the tops and remove it from the site. After 10 days, you can dig potatoes. During this period, the tubers fully ripen, the peel coarsens and becomes less susceptible to damage. Mowing tops is carried out in order to prevent various diseases.

On tops can be harmful microorganisms, which, when dug up, fall on tubers and provoke the development of diseases during storage. After digging, the treatment step follows. Potatoes are left in the open air for 2 hours. Then the root crops are sorted and laid out in a dark room, in which the temperature regime of 13-18 должен must be observed.

Gradually over the course of 2-3 weeks, the temperature is lowered to 2-4 ℃. The hardening procedure allows you to stop the biochemical processes in root crops and improve shelf life. In the cellar you need to maintain an optimal level of humidity within 80%. With a decrease in this indicator, the tubers become dry and lethargic, and with an increase, fungal diseases begin to progress.

Final part

Potato Melody is a relatively new variety bred in the Netherlands. In a short time culture has proven itself in many countries. Among the advantages of the variety are high yields and excellent taste. Description of quality allows the use of fruits for the manufacture of dry billets.

The variety is resistant to many potato diseases. Subject to all agrotechnical rules and with proper care from 1 ha, you can get 500-600 centners of potatoes. The culture perfectly tolerates transportation and is beneficial for use in commercial activities.


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