Description of Potato Dolphin

Potato Delphine first appeared in Germany. By genetic characteristics, it resembles a variety such as Alvara. In just a few years, he gained world fame, and is used in all spheres of human activity. The characteristics of this variety of root vegetables are no worse than the most famous and unique types of potatoes.

Description of Potato Dolphin

Grade characteristics

Delphine was bred in Germany, and the company that brought it out immediately filed a patent. A few years later this variety was added to the national register of Russia. It is believed that it is ideal for cultivation in the western and northern regions of the country. It is in this part that climatic conditions allow the potato to develop fully.

This is an early type of root crop, the vegetative development of which is only 80 days. Botva quickly begins to fade and dry, which indicates the readiness for harvesting. Seed material of this species does not degenerate, so it can be used for planting next year. He also has high immunity, and is not exposed to common diseases.

Plant description

Description and characterization of Dolphin suggests that the bushes of this plant are tall, and can be located in different ways. In some cases, it is noted that the bushes stand upright. But, at some points in time, they can tilt a little. At the base of the stem, vegetation develops sparingly. But over the entire length there is a large number of leaves.

The leaves are small in size and have a saturated matte green color. At the edges, average waviness is noted. The corolla is small in size, and is composed of purple flowers. The root system is actively developing, and about 15 tubers are taken from one bush.

Description of the fetus

All fruits have a flat surface, and can be round or oval. In some cases, a large size of an individual tuber is noted. On average, the weight of one potato can reach 130 g. The yield characteristic is high. From 1 ha, farmers collect about 300 centners of ready-to-eat products. Fruits, with commercial qualities, a large number. On average, the number of marketable tubers reaches 90%.

The peel is not dense, and has a pink tint. Eyes are small and not deep. The sprouts on the fruits have a purple color, and resemble the shape of a cone. The description of the pulp is that it is creamy in color, and quite dense. There is little water in it, so it does not boil during cooking. Due to its unique characteristics of taste and quality, it can be used to prepare all existing dishes. From this variety of potatoes, not only good mashed potatoes or soup are obtained. Crispy chips or french fries are also prepared.

This potato variety has a high starch level. It is 18%. It also has a high content of protein, vitamins and reducing sugar.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato does not require watering

Characterization and description of the Dolphin shows that this variety of potatoes has a lot of advantages. Among them, the most important parameters can be distinguished:

  • this variety is resistant to drought, and can tolerate high ambient temperatures;
  • versatility in cooking;
  • excellent tastes that meet all quality standards;
  • suitable for mass sales, and tolerates the preparatory phase, including washing and cleaning, received high quality standards;
  • seed material does not degenerate: farmers are convinced that seeds can be harvested for 8 years from the first harvest.

The only drawback is that when exposed to a large amount of moisture, the fruits can deteriorate quickly during storage.

Growing rules

First you need to calibrate all the fruits. Only those that are small in size are selected and their weight is about 80 g. The distance between the bushes should be 70 cm and between the rows 40 cm. It is recommended that the seed material be buried to a depth of 8-10 cm. Recommended to process germinated planting tubers with chemicals, which enhance growth and prevent the onset of disease.

You should adhere to the basic rule of landing Dolphin. Only soils with a light structure are selected. The site should always be in the reach of sunlight. Regular heavy irrigation or irrigation is not required. It is only required to regularly loosen the soil, remove weeds and spud beds.

Do not forget about regular feeding. The root system should be fueled by organic matter. You can use bird or cow droppings. But the stalk itself needs to be fed with mineral fertilizers. Before harvesting, it is required to remove all the tops and treat the soil with special chemicals. This will prevent decay of the tops, and contamination of the soil. But nitrogen fertilizers are better not to use, because they allow the fruits to accumulate negative substances that can affect human health.

Disease prevention

At that moment, when breeders bred this variety of potatoes, they took care of its resistance to disease. High rates of resistance to viruses and fungal infections are noted. Also, this potato variety is not exposed to late blight or nematodes. Colorado potato beetles and aphids will not affect the plant if thorough preventive measures are taken.

First of all, tubers intended for planting should be carefully processed. Secondly, regular spraying of tops with chemical insecticides containing copper is required.

Potato "Dolphin" is truly considered the most versatile vegetable. It is used not only for home use, but also in industrial enterprises. Thanks to its pleasant delicate taste, which got a high quality standard, it was loved by all the inhabitants of the world.


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