Description of potato courage

Potato Courage has proved itself on the good side. Gardeners often grow it for sale and for home use: it tastes great.

Description of potato courage

Characteristics of the variety Courage

The potato variety Courage was bred by Dutch breeders in 2007.

The ripening period of the variety ranges from 80-90 days. From one hectare it is possible to collect 16-27 tons of crops. Under one bush, 10-15 fruits ripen.

Bush description

According to the description, the potato variety Courage belongs to the medium-late types of this crop. Bushes grow in different sizes. Leaves are green, large. The plant produces purple corollas.

Fruit Description

The weight of one fruit is 100 g. Fruits are red in color, oval in shape. The skin is smooth, the eyes are medium, the flesh is yellow.

The potato is well boiled and tastes good. In addition to mashed potatoes and other dishes from potato, Courage get delicious chips.

Advantages of the Variety Courage

According to the description, Potato Courage has the following positive characteristics:

  • a high amount of starch in fruits (almost 20%);
  • persistent immunity to many diseases, especially to potato cancer and golden nematode;
  • good preservation;
  • excellent presentation;
  • the ability to transport without damage;
  • high taste.

Preparation for landing

Potato varieties Courage grows well if planted in moderately acidic soils. So that the earth is not too acidic, it is diluted with wood ash. Potatoes are planted in places where perennial herbs, as well as flax and lupine, once grew.

If you plant potatoes in the middle or end of April, it will freeze. It is best planted in mid-May, when the soil and air are already well warmed up.

Planting material is prepared in advance. Before planting, tubers are germinated. Usually they begin to do this 1.5 months before planting potatoes in the ground. The most suitable sprout length for planting is 2 cm.

Landing rules

Landing is done in warm soil

The temperature of the earth at the time of planting at a depth of 10 cm should be at least 8 ° C. Before planting, the tubers are treated with a growth stimulant; usually, Epin is used for this.

When planting, the height of the ridge should be 12 cm, and the width should be 65 cm. If the ground is sandy, the fruits are planted to a depth of 10 cm, and if loamy - 8 cm. When planting in furrows or in open areas between the bushes, make a distance of 35 cm, and the rows are 70 cm wide.

Plant care

Cultivation of potatoes Courage requires the observance of several conditions:

  • A place for plant growth is chosen where there is a lot of light and there is no wind.
  • When planting fertilizers mixed with the ground, and not thrown into the pits. This is necessary so as not to damage the planting material.
  • Watering is carried out, especially on hot days.
  • Hilling is done as soon as the bush reaches 20-25 cm in height.
  • The earth is loosened and weed.

Before planting tubers into the soil, the earth is fed with organic and mineral resources. Their number depends on the composition of the soil. Basically, mineral dressing is added at 3 kg per hundred square meters for the entire growing period.

Potatoes of the Variety category are classified as medium-sized; one extra feeding for the entire period is enough for him. In the early stages of ripening, only half of the fertilizer is applied. This is necessary to protect potatoes from environmental damage. The second time feeding is done when the bushes are strong, but have not yet begun to bloom.

For fertilizers take urea, ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate: they dissolve well in water and do not contain chlorine. There are also complex fertilizers that contain all the necessary substances, for example, Kemira Universal.

Diseases and Pests

According to the characteristic, the variety Courage well tolerates potato cancer and a golden nematode, but is susceptible to late blight. As a prophylaxis, the fruits are germinated and treated with a growth stimulant. The tool not only accelerates the development of the plant, but also protects it from late blight.

After planting, the sites are treated with fungicides as a preventive measure. To do this, use tools such as Unomil, Ridomil and Avixil. Phytophthora spores can be found in dead stems and weeds, so you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.


Potato Courage is a universal type that is used for sale and for industrial purposes. It has a great taste and presentation. Potatoes are undemanding in care and have a fairly strong immunity.


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