Description of Onion Cupid

The modern market for vegetable crops offers a huge assortment of varieties and hybrids of onions. Noteworthy is the buyer's attention a plant called Cupid's onion. Why is he so good? We make a complete description of the variety, and also give some interesting facts.

Onion set Cupid

A little bit about fishing

A fascinating affair - lubovodstvo - man engaged in the fourth millennium BC. This is evidenced by sacred Egyptian images and biblical stories of Jews and Moses expelled from Egypt. The oldest vegetable is the only one necessary for our health every day.

Onions were nicknamed for their similarity in shape to a turnip. In general, these are relatives of liliaceae; onion flowers in inflorescence have the shape of a small lily. The variety of this amazing plant is amazing.

You can choose onion varieties:

  • maturity - early or late;
  • to taste - spicy or sweet;
  • by color - red or white.

Onion selection rules

Taking the first step to a good harvest, you need to choose the right planting material. Among onions, the Cupido variety is ideal for the average climatic zone.

The excellent characteristics of this variety of onions bring it to the top sellers. Is he:

  • ultra-early (81 days from germination);
  • fruitful (the average bulb has a mass of 110 g);
  • has a mild taste;
  • excellent in storage (up to 9 months);
  • has a wonderful presentation.

A high-quality planting onion must be dry, it is pleasant to rustle at hand. Mold is unacceptable, the unpleasant smell of rot, the shape and color must be in accordance with the selected variety. In the case of Cupid, the sevoc has an oblong onion with a narrow neck of a beautiful creamy golden color. The variety of this onion is a real find for modern man.

Grade Features

Onion is a two-year culture. Sevoc grows from seeds in the first year, the crop of the second year is onion turnip. Sevc must be neither large nor small. If the onion diameter is less than 1 cm, it will not shoot, but it is inconvenient to work with it. Large sowing will go to the arrow at the expense of the crop.

When storing, preparing and starting planting, it is important to observe the temperature regime. Until spring, onions lie at 5 ° C. 2 weeks before the start of work, it is transferred to a warm room, where the temperature is more than 17 ° C. On the eve of planting, the sevocs are heated on a battery for 24 hours. At the same time, the soil on the bed should be warm, warm up to at least 12 ° C. Sevok Cupid is well kept, and subject to these rules gives friendly healthy seedlings.

In agricultural technology of onions, a method of planting rows in grooves is used. The onion variety Cupidos is planted to a depth of 5 cm. The distance in the row is 10, between the rows is 20 cm. Watering is rare. Harvesting begins when the feather lies on 25% of the bulbs.

Onion sets Cupid is suitable for cultivation both in the open ground and in greenhouses. They also plant it in the winter. In this case, it should be started 3 weeks before the onset of stable cold weather, so that the root system has time to form, but germination does not occur. The landing depth in this case increases to 10 cm, it is also required to mulch the rows. The winter sowing matures earlier and is more successfully stored.

What does f 1 mean

This icon after the name of the variety means that we are dealing with a heterotic hybrid. It sounds threatening, but in fact it is the biggest achievement of plant breeding. The secret is that heterosis provides plant characteristics that are superior to parent material in many ways.

Here is one of the methods used to achieve the heterosis effect. To obtain a hybrid, the mother liquor of the plant obtained from seeds is crossed with the mother liquor grown from seed. And a miracle! Productivity in comparison with the initial variety increased by 50%, in terms of marketability of products, early maturity there were undeniable advantages. Such plants show more powerful growth, better viability, resistance to diseases and sharp fluctuations in the weather. All this is heterosis.

It would seem that once you get f 1, you will have an excellent harvest every year. However, nature decided differently: the heterosis effect tends to fade from generation to generation. He is the strongest in the first year of planting.

What you need to know about growing

Onions are easy to grow. He has a short growing season. Of the diseases of the onion family, the most common are peronosporosis and gray rot. The main pest is the onion fly. If you choose f1 for growing Cupido, then to cope with these troubles, if they arise at all, will be easier.

As a thank you for the work, you can get a friend who will feed and treat. Onion volatile can defeat tuberculosis, diphtheria, not to mention the notorious cold. Its bactericidal and antiseptic properties have long been used in pharmaceuticals. The description of the variety proves once again that this plant is a real treasure.

Professionals recommend the national dish of France to celebrate the excellent onion Cupid. For this, there is no need to go to an expensive restaurant. It is enough to take a few good onions, cut into rings, fry in butter, add water and boil. Voila! The famous onion soup is already on the table. In the past it was the food of the poor, today it is a culinary delight, and there is nothing nicer to realize that this yummy is prepared from Cupido's own onion crop.


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