Description of the mushroom spikelet

The mushroom spikelet appears when rye begins to spike. There is no connection between these phenomena, this is a simple coincidence.

Description of the mushroom spikelet

Spikelet Description

Spikelet is not an independent species. It is not listed in any encyclopedias. Spikelets can be boletus, boletus, butterdish, boletus (porcini birch). It is important not the name, but the period when they grow.

During the summer season, when spikelets of various cereal species appear, the spikelet appears.

These mushrooms are nice to collect: they are rarely wormy, appear in waves at different periods.

There are early (spring), summer mushrooms and deciduous:

  • Spring snowdrop mushrooms: morels and stitches. Their appearance coincides with the period of swelling of the kidneys in the trees. This wave is short-lived, completed in 7-10 days.
  • In June, spikelets grow approximately the same. At the same time, ears of rye are formed.
  • The last wave is the longest, it begins at the end of summer and ends only with frost.

Beneficial features

Useful trace elements in the composition of mushrooms support the body. They have a lot of enzymes, vitamins, mineral salts. Young representatives are more useful, therefore they are valued higher.

White birch mushroom contains a large amount of protein - 40%. Dried in the amount of this trace element surpasses even meat and eggs. At the same time, it is a low-calorie product. Moreover, Borovik has few B vitamins (thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2)) compared to some other species.

There is an opinion that boletus is more useful than white. It has 3.46 mg per 100 g dry matter of thiamine, or B1, and 4.77 mg of riboflavin. White fungus has 0.49 mg of the first and 2.44 mg of the second substance. However, it is more appreciated due to its taste.

Borovik is not in the first place in iron content: it has only 1.0-1.4 mg per 100 g, and that of chanterelles is about 6 mg.

Borovik's indicators are high in terms of the content of copper and zinc, here only a red-brown talker can compete with it.


The product is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.

Also, it is not recommended for people with diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Do not advise the fungus for problems with the kidneys and liver or those who suffer from gout.

It is undesirable to use the product for the elderly: they do not absorb protein food well.


Mushrooms have many beneficial substances

Mushrooms have a set of useful compounds, they are used in medicine and cosmetology. From mushrooms make extracts, powders and tinctures.

In cosmetology, milk mushroom is very popular. On its basis, masks are made to improve complexion. Nutritionists advise eating a product to combat obesity: it is low-calorie, but at the same time rich in useful trace elements.

In cooking

According to the description, mushrooms are delicious, nutritious and healthy. Unlike white, russula is bitter, they must be soaked and subjected to a different treatment.

Chanterelles that absorb less radionuclides are safer, they almost never break, which gives them some advantage. Some micronutrients are lost, so when cooking they can not be processed much.

In medicine

Based on the representatives of spikes, tinctures and other preparations are prepared. They are widespread in both official and traditional medicine.

Due to the ability to absorb toxins, fungi are used to treat oncology, they are a good natural antibiotic. The famous penicillin was obtained from a fungus called penicillium.

Most species have a positive effect on humans, normalize metabolism, act on the nervous system, and improve the cardiovascular system.

Cultivation methods

Mushrooms are grown in the country or even at home. The main thing is to create the necessary conditions for them. Such a business is popular and profitable.

Especially popular is the cultivation of the following fungi:

  • champignons;
  • oyster mushrooms;
  • honey mushrooms;
  • shiitake.

Even a novice will cope with their breeding, from whom a suitable room is required first of all.

Other mushrooms may cause some problems. As for the beloved white, it is unprofitable to grow it on an industrial scale: it is closely connected with the root system of trees, it needs too unique natural environment.


Spikes have excellent quality and excellent taste. Scientific observations of how and when the spikelet mushrooms appear do not exist. There is only folk knowledge about the periods of the mushroom season.


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