Description of mushroom Serushka

Mushroom Serushka is one of the most popular among gourmets and lovers. It is common in birch groves and in the north, including in Siberia. Due to the caustic milky juice in the composition, the silver ear is considered conditionally edible.

Description of mushroom Serushka


The mushroom has a rich gray color, which is reflected in its name. Other names are:

  • serum;
  • teardrop;
  • hollow gray;
  • lactarius gray (mauve);
  • subwort;
  • plantain;
  • greenfinch;
  • traveler
  • gray row;

Rowing occurs under some trees, often near roads and paths in the forest. Mushroom serushka russula, reckoned to the genus Milk.

According to the description of the autumn greenfinch, the color of her hat varies from pink and violet-gray to brown-lead. In all cases, prominent concentric zones are present on it. In the process of growth, the hat is convex over the entire area. In a mature representative, it has the shape of a funnel with a smooth tubercle in the middle. The edges are uneven and down. In diameter, the row row reaches 10 cm.

Other features of the appearance of the plant:

  • The plates have a pale, yellowish color. Rarely located. At first they grow to the leg, but after a while they gain a wavy shape.
  • Spores are yellowish in color. The leg is hollow, but only in mature seryanka. In a growing representative, it may be slightly swollen or, conversely, narrowed. Usually its thickness does not exceed 2 cm, and the length is 8 cm.
  • The dense white flesh has the smell of fruit.
  • When sliced ​​or broken, watery juice with a pungent taste is released.


Mushrooms are only conditionally edible and belong to the 3 food category, therefore, before use, they should be soaked for several days. This will save them from the bitter-caustic taste and make them suitable for salting. Young earrings with a hat no more than 7 cm are better.

Seruga can be added to the first dishes during cooking. It is stewed, fried, while it goes well with other mushrooms, for example, in pickled form.


Rowing can be found only in autumn

False row grows on loamy and sandy loamy areas, moist but well-lit. Usually these fungi grow in groups, often populate lowland (and not only) birch trees. They are found in areas where meltwater stands for a long time, on ordinary fringes and glades. Rowing occurs only in August-October.

Beneficial features

In the Middle Ages, Seroshka treated the stomach and related diseases. She was even part of cholera medication. The mushroom contains many vitamins and minerals in suitable proportions. They are considered unique.

Seryanka is suitable for diet food, because it is surprisingly well absorbed by the body, it affects it correctly. This is a wonderful stimulator of immunity and support of the gastrointestinal tract.

This fungus has a positive effect on the brain, blood vessels and even the removal of salts from the body.

Indications and contraindications for use

According to the description, greenfinch is not harmful to humans, so there are no strict contraindications. At the same time, soaking in water is important to get rid of an unpleasant aftertaste.

Serushki are edible even in their raw form, but be sure to know the measure, because overeating will have a bad effect on digestion, and in case of gastrointestinal diseases it is better to use mushrooms in minimal doses.

Already in September, spores have been found nearby mushrooms. They appear if the mushroom is overripe, similar to a white powder.

The lilac lactum contains many polysaccharides that help strengthen immunity, so it is often used in the manufacture of tinctures, decoctions and even ointments. All this helps in the treatment of human skin and internal organs.

Serushki have excellent antiparasitic action and are able to cope with many types of worms.


When collecting mushrooms, you should always remember: they are like a sponge that absorbs everything around it. Be sure to pay attention to the picking places of mushrooms, giving preference to environmentally friendly. If you comply with the proportions and have a sense of proportion, earlings will be a great addition to the diet.


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