Description of models of potato harvesters

A potato harvester is used quite often in Russian agriculture, this agricultural technology can be found quite often in the fields. The fact is that the area under sowing potatoes is huge, so it is advisable to use equipment for harvesting. It is worth saying that there are many models of this agricultural technology, moreover, you can assemble a potato harvester with your own hands. However, if you are not a craftsman, then it is more advisable to purchase a finished machine than to use a home-made potato harvester, most often they are harvested potato harvesters of the Kaban model using drawings and technological schemes. Further we will talk about the principle of operation of the potato harvester, as well as which models are in demand among farmers.

Description of models of potato harvesters

Harvester Classification

First of all, it is worth saying that there are such types of potato harvesters:

  • Mounted - a case with a width of about 3 meters, a length of 4 meters (Polesie 686, Japanese Devulf, PYRA -1500 and 3000, Grimme se - 30, se - 50, se - 60, Kolnag Puma - 3 and two-row 150). Attached units are bought by those who have small or medium sections. This device is attached to the tractor, more precisely to its frame. A vivid example of such a device can be called the “Dwarf" model. Their name speaks for itself, because you can only use it to process a small piece of land, in addition, the machine itself is small in size.
  • Trailed - about 1.5 meters wide and about 3 meters long, (bolko (Bolko or Volko depending on the translation) z643, avr 220 un, Scout A10, Eshka 30 and 1-40, br 150, ub 60 or 60-05 ) If you have a large plot, then it is recommended to work with a trailed type, since it is able to save your time and money. This type of agricultural technology is chosen by those who measure the area of ​​planting potatoes in fields.

Despite the existing classification, both types of machines work on a similar principle, the machines are designed to facilitate harvesting, that is, digging tubers. Usually, all agricultural technology moderations are equipped with a special device for a potato harvester, where it is possible to adjust the slope of the device and, of course, the depth, this characteristic is especially appreciated by farmers.

The principle of the machine

If you describe the technical principle of operation of such a machine briefly, then using automated technology under the control of a person, the top layer of soil is removed to a predetermined depth, after which the ground mass with potatoes is sent to a special sorting hopper. Being on the conveyor belt, the crop is automatically cleaned of soil residues, as well as from the tops. After this stage, the remaining debris is cleaned, then screened according to size criteria, the smallest tubers do not pass the test and are collected in a separate compartment. After this stage, the potatoes are sent to the hopper for unloading.

It is noted that when using agricultural technology, you can increase the percentage of harvest to almost 100%, even the simplest models are designed so that vegetable losses are minimal.

In the vastness of Russia and Belarus, you can find many models of agricultural machines, moreover, these are models of Russian and foreign production. Today we will talk about 4 models that deserve your attention and for the most part have only positive feedback from farmers.

Harvester Grimme

This self-propelled unit was designed and manufactured abroad, or more precisely, the facilities of the manufacturing plant are located in Damm. For reference, it is worth saying that this is a worldwide distribution of products, today the technology of this manufacturer is used in 50 countries. In the arsenal of the manufacturer you can find the entire model range, starting from the smallest cars, ending with industrial units of the trailer principle. It is also possible to buy both a two-row and a single-row potato harvester. It is worth saying that the Grimme potato harvester is easy to distinguish from all other single-row brands, as there are some features that distinguish these Grimme machines from analogues, this will be discussed later.

Harvester Features

Combine works great in any weather

The first thing worth mentioning is that the rollers that select the tops and the clutch are located in front of the cleaning system, which solves the issue of contamination of many Grimme parts from inevitable contamination, as occurs in most models, for example, the potato harvester dr 1500 or Grimme europa 02. Also important the detail is that all the elements for sifting are equipped with straps, this characteristic protects the potatoes from mechanical damage.

As for the conveyor, there are two of them in the Grimme combine machine, the first conveyor having a larger area (more than 5 m2), the second a little less (1.5 m2). With this technology, at the exit after the conveyor, you get potatoes in the form in which we are used to seeing it on the shelves of the store.

It is important to note that the operation of all stages of the Grimme machines is equipped with belt drives. For the convenience of man, all control of the equipment is carried out using convenient and understandable sensors and levers, which are located in the tractor cabin. We can not say about the hydraulic system, which allows you to control the tractor gently and with minimal noise. The storage hopper is very capacious, since about 4 tons of potatoes can be stored in it, the maximum weight is unloaded in a record period of time - about 25 seconds. It is worth noting that the Grimme machines work perfectly in all climatic conditions.

As for the shortcomings, it can be noted the high cost of such an acquisition, the purchase price of the Grimme potato harvester is high, such a purchase is affordable not for every farmer. It is also quite difficult to find spare parts for such units in the Russian Federation, it is also impossible not to say that their cost will also be considerable.

Harvester Anna 750

The Anna 750 potato harvester is small, in size it resembles a self-propelled Karlik 2200 potato harvester. However, unlike the latter, the Anna aggregate uses a trailer mount. It is worth saying that the described agricultural technology does a good job of harvesting potatoes in Russian fields, and is also great for serving small areas. Of the technical characteristics, it is worth noting the following:

  • The machine was designed for a tractor of a specific model - MTZ - 82, work with other machines can be complicated and requires additional modifications
  • Grater knives are located in such a way that the distance between them is 75 cm, that is, quite wide and corresponds to the usual standard crop
  • The edge on the knives is inclined, which makes it possible to go deeper into the ground
  • The cleaning system is located directly on the wheel frame, it is arranged as a pneumatic system, as in the model Anna sv and okof 260

Compared to the previous model, Anna does not have such a storage hopper capacity; the described machine can only accommodate 1.5 tons of potatoes. As for performance indicators, in one hour a potato harvester processes about 1.5 hectares of land.

Speaking about the shortcomings, it is necessary to mention that, provided the field is heavily polluted, the indicators drop significantly, according to farmers, by at least two times, this applies to almost all Russian-made potato harvesters.

Description of the combine KKU - 2

The KKU 2 potato harvester is designed specifically for fields where a separate type of combine harvesting is thought out, the operation mechanism resembles the KPK 2 01 potato harvester. This unit is installed on tractors such as MTZ - 82 and MTZ - 80, and also the possible installation of a KPK 2 potato harvester and KPK 2a and KKU-2 on the DT-75M tractor, which is on a caterpillar track.

As for the principle of operation, KKU - 2 and PKK - 3 are not very different from the work of other models. The power required to start the potato harvester is obtained by interacting with the gearbox, in addition, this unit is equipped with a hydrostatic drive.

On KKU -2 there are two conveyors, for greater convenience, chippers with rubberized sides are added to the mechanism. With the help of such a conveyor system, you get the opportunity to send potatoes to the elevator, which will throw selected tubers out. As for the capacity of the model, here the indicators are not the best, only 650 kilograms. Moreover, the productivity of the equipment is also low - 0.4 hectares per hour. KKU - 2 can be called a classic model of a potato harvester, which shows itself well in working in relatively small areas and with satisfactory field cleanliness.

Description of the dwarf combine

This agricultural technology is widely used in Russia, where it is produced, it is characterized by not high productivity, but at the same time it is quite simple to manage, as farmers say, this is due to technical characteristics. It is worth noting that the device of the harvester involves equipping the machine with hydraulic drives, which make the machine easier to move. As for compatibility with tractors, the Karlik mini potato harvester can work with tractors of classes 1, 2, 3 and 4, with a capacity of up to 100 hp.

The capacity of the hopper is relatively small, about 800 kilograms. This agricultural machinery can work out about 0.6 hectares in one working day. Among other advantages, it is worth noting that the machine is quite easy to operate, only one operator will be required to operate, in addition, the dimensions of the equipment are quite compact.


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