Description of Karmal pigs

Many farmers dream of having a pig breed that is distinguished by good health and fast mass gain. For this purpose, the Karmal breed was created. It fully meets all the requirements of farmers. The Karmaly pig breed is characterized by quality meat, for which a lot of money is paid.

Karmaly pig breed

Breeding history

Karmaly is a breed of pig bred due to hybrid crossbreeding.

To breed this type, the Mangal and Korean herbivore breeds were used. Thanks to this, a hybrid is obtained that is adapted to any living conditions.

Karmaly pigs took from their ancestors only the best. From the side of the Vietnamese species, they got quite a lot of weight, resistance to various ailments and unpretentiousness in nutrition. The Korean type gave inheritance active growth, previously puberty and a calm nature.

As a result of long work, scientists were able to derive 2 species:

  • regular Karmal;
  • royal karmal.

Ordinary pigs appeared due to the crossbreeding of Korean and Vietnamese pigs. The only negative is that the quality of the meat is worse than the royal.

To get the royal views, I had to try. To achieve the ideal breed, triple crossbreeding helped: I had to bring the Brazier to the Korean boar, and the resulting piglets to the Vietnamese. Royal pigs are developing rapidly and produce quality meat.

Royal species are famous for delicious meat, the cost of which is several times higher than that of ordinary pigs. To get such a product is also not easy, but there are special farms that sell it.


Description Karmalov says that they are absolutely not aggressive.

Karmal pigs look like wild boars living in the wild. They are large, have a wide chest and curly hair. Karmal piglets are born striped. The stripes are gray and black. The appearance of young pigs differs from the characteristics of adults, babies have long and taut legs. The difference between moms and children is especially pronounced in the video.

Adults have a beautiful body shape. Often pigs of this type are used at exhibitions. Thick coat allows pigs to easily tolerate cold. Even in severe frosts, animals do not need a warm shelter, so it is advisable to equip them with a small paddock in which they can walk. The fence can be made from a regular mesh netting.

The Karmal breed does not destroy the fence and does not dig a hole under it; they have nothing to do with it. All the pig can do is stand on two legs and lean on the fence. Many farmers say that under such conditions, Karmaly is most often held in groups. When the pig walks up, she and the rest go to the barn.

Growing rules

The Karmal pig is not picky, so raising it will not be difficult. The content of pigs of this species is no different from the conditions created for other types of pigs.

At the age of one month, piglets are already able to feed and move independently. They eat absolutely everything, therefore it is permissible to feed with grass, grain, vegetables and cereals. Karmaly piglets have good immunity, so they do not need vaccinations. Thanks to the thick coat, they do not get cold and do not catch a cold, but it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis against worms, skin parasites and various ailments.

Farmers who have been breeding and rearing Karmalov for more than a year have said that it makes no sense to buy vaccines for vaccination. All that is necessary for pigs is a remedy for fleas and worms.

Having decided on the maintenance of Karmalov it is necessary to find out how to choose the right piglets. Before buying, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Karmal has smart and shiny eyes. They should not look sad or aggressive.
  • The coat should be thick and even.
  • The tail is playful and dry, slightly upturned.
  • The piglet should be active and spinning like a bump.

The only danger to the piglets is themselves. Their curiosity is often addictive in all sorts of troubles, so it is advisable to carefully monitor the brood.

Karmal pigs should walk in the fence, away from other animals.

Breed breeding process

Karmal pigs quickly grow and develop - they have puberty early enough. A pregnant sow does not need special conditions, normal maintenance, care is carried out according to the rules.

Pig maturity occurs at 4 months, and in boars at 5 months. Upon reaching this age, animals can be bred. In this case, litter in 20 piglets is obtained.

Breeding pigs of the Karmal breed is not difficult, because the sow easily carries and gives birth to offspring. After the babies are born, there is no need to take any additional measures. Pigs of this type of milk have enough for absolutely all babies, so feeding will be carried out naturally until piglets reach a month of age.

When the kids turn one week old, finely chopped grass must be introduced into the diet. But at the age of 2 weeks they are happy to combine sow milk and food, which is served in a trough. Upon reaching one month, Karmaly completely switch to self-nutrition.

Breeding thoroughbred pigs Karmalov does not require much effort. All that is required of the owner is to observe the process. In one year, the Karmal pig brings about 60 piglets. Moreover, they are all healthy and well developed.


Karmal is an omnivorous pig. In the warm period, Karmaly prefer to walk in the wild and eat weed and everything edible that gets in the way. Most pigs love acorns, so it is best to walk them next to the oaks. Karmalov's diet consists mainly of plant foods.

Karmalas are very smart. If they do not find a treat in the grass, they begin to push the tree until the acorn falls. In the warm season, feeding Karmalov should include grain or cereals.

Karmalas gain the necessary weight in a short period of time. Farmers claim that pigs are happy to eat beets of any kind.

Interestingly, Karmalov’s good appetite promotes the collection of meat, not fat.

All that the variety needs is the proper organization of the habitat, because injuries often occur due to activity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Breeders managed to achieve incredible results. The main advantage of Karmalov is a calm nature and easy adaptation to a new place. Puberty occurs early, so in a year you can get 2 broods of piglets.

Karmal does not need any special nutrition; he eats absolutely everything. The breed has good immunity, is resistant to a variety of diseases. When slaughtered, you can get almost 90% of the meat.

Breeding pigs Karmalov is not difficult: the pig easily tolerates pregnancy and childbirth.

Another advantage for the breeder is that the cost of meat is several times higher than that of an ordinary pig.

There are no drawbacks to this type of pig. Breeders made every effort to achieve the perfect breed, and they did it.

Buying Karmal Pigs

Buying piglets is not difficult, because today the variety is unprecedentedly popular. But before buying, it is advisable to study the information on how Karmal should look.

Despite the fact that Karmal is already a common type, the risk to buy another breed still remains. To avoid this, you need to choose a mumps according to the signs mentioned above.

You can see whether the pig is given by observing its behavior: it must be active and cheerful


A pig has been popular since hatching. The breed has a lot of weight and is not fastidious in nutrition, so farmers are happy to take it to their farm: the maintenance does not bring any trouble, but the benefit is obvious.

This type of pig has good immunity and is easily mastered in a new place. The main thing is to remember that, despite the resistance to various ailments, prevention should be carried out.

Karmala pays for the costs of its maintenance. With the help of such a pig, any farmer can not only get rich, but also feed the whole family.


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