Description of the horse Iire

The Shire Horse is an English breed of heavy truck horse. The breed was obtained by crossing imported Flanders and Friesian horses with local filly. From the very beginning, the breed was intended exclusively for military service. Only relatively recently saw in it heavy trucks and ordinary horses.

Horses shire

External characteristics

Despite the fact that the Shire - a breed of English horses is quite ancient, its representatives are not distinguished by homogeneity. Among them you can find horses with unusual weight and size, such individuals are suitable only for a quiet ride. But among them there are large individuals with a massive physique, these are the very heavyweights that can be seated in a harness.

This species is characterized in equal proportions by a well-developed physique. The back and chest are wide. The sacrum also, due to its width and power, gives tremendous strength and endurance to this horse. According to suit Shayra can be diverse. Shire suit can be black, bay, red and gray. As for the color, one can often find white stockings on Shairah, usually on the hind legs, a bald spot may be present on the head. This can be seen in the photo.


If we talk about the shortcomings of the shires, then they can have a strong freeziness, they do not always have enough squat. But soon these minuses will be gone, as breeders are working hard to eliminate them. To do this, in the territories of England Shayrov are now actively crossing with mares of pure blood. The result of such efforts is the appearance of pedigree horses that feel great in harness.

In the twentieth century, more precisely - in the 50s, the Shires actively crossed with the Kleidesdal, because of this the first appeared beautiful silky friezes on their legs. On the front legs of the horses, friezes grow, starting from the wrist and further around the entire leg. On the rear friezes grow back, starting with the hock.


Among the qualities of these horses can be identified:

  • equilibrium;
  • peacefulness;
  • easy handling;
  • it is precisely because of obedience and ease of handling that the Shires are often chosen to cross with other horses.

Where is Shire applied

Previously, the breed was often used for farm work, but gradually, when stagecoaches began to gain popularity, these horses were actively used to transport people. It’s not for nothing that this heavy horse. This became especially popular when fresh blood flowed into the breed. They gave the shire flexibility and mobility, despite the fact that they remained very large in size.

In the 19th century, the Shire was the main labor force in agricultural work. The railroad and docks simply could not do without these horses, the Shire horse for them is just a godsend. On city streets, too, one could often meet these horses. Indeed, then the power and large size of these horses was very appropriate. They were also loved for the fact that they easily and with pleasure gave in to training.

The huge Shire power and high growth of horses led them to records in the whole world. The fact is that Shires, according to official sources, are the strongest in terms of carrying capacity. Two shires in April 1924 carried a team of 50 tons.

For obvious reasons, horses were also actively used in the army service. Then, when technological progress had already begun to develop and tractors of the first kind were developed, the demand for Shire horses somewhat subsided, but interest in them revived with the advent of the sweepstakes.

Shire breed today

In modern times, the role of these horses is aesthetic and historical. Today, these horses are actively serving brewers. On the streets of England you can find an old-style team, which is engaged in the distribution of beer. You can see the breed and in the teams of the van, which are engaged in entertainment shows.

In addition, these handsome men still take an active part in various exhibitions, horse shows, auctions and tournaments. The British, probably due to their conservatism, still greatly honor this breed and love it. In Russia, the Shire horse is rare.

Shire horse in the content will cost the owner quite expensive. In particular, because the horse consumes a decent amount of feed. The mare and the steed must eat excellent food in order to support the natural forces.

A purebred foal is expensive. A foal from an unregistered mare is cheaper. For purebred representatives of the breed there is a special pedigree book.


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