Description of the horse breed Percheron

The horse breed Percheron surprises with its exterior and character. The representatives of the breed have such an interesting name, thanks to the French word "Perche", this is the name of one of the French provinces.

Horse breed percheron

External characteristics

The Persheron breed of horses has a record growth, which is 213 cm at the withers. The exterior characteristics are as follows:

  • the bones are very wide, the chest is deep;
  • withers in height is 1.60 m;
  • chest in girth - from 2 m;
  • the length of the body along the oblique is 1.7 m.

Mares and stallions in terms of exterior are still slightly different, this can be seen in the photo. The Percheron breed is distinguished by an athletic physique, massiveness and huge strength. The hooves of such horses are strong, they have a low speed. The hind and forelimbs can safely be called tireless.

These horses can also be called beautiful. They have an interesting head shape, which they inherited from Arabian horses. The ancestors of this breed with great pleasure served as a means of transportation for the ancient knights, and yet the armor weighed a lot.

Fashion suit

As in ancient times, and now, there was a fashion for the color of horses. As for the Perchersons, in ancient times they were bred of a certain suit. Time, fashion and, accordingly, the demand for color changed. To date, among the Perchersons, it is considered a fashionable black color and gray, as can be seen from the photo. Sometimes you can meet a roan shade and red.

An interesting fact is that until 1996, the tail of Persheron was stopped from horses, but after such actions were prohibited. This was achieved by the animal welfare society. Representatives of this society managed to prove that horses feel pain, because it is with the help of the tail that they fight insects.

Modern features

Today, the Percheron breed is distinguished by the absence of brushes on its front legs. This is a virtue, as animals are easier to use in the field. In fairness, it is worth noting that in the fields of these horses are not so often used. At the moment, there is a demand for them to work in crews. This is because they have a well-developed musculoskeletal system.

Despite the large size of these horses, large bone, their course is low, the movements are very light and graceful. The character of Percheron also does not prevent a person from using him for such work. The French type of Persheron is distinguished by intelligence and hard work.

Persheron and its sizes

Modern conditions make it possible for the horse breeder to take out the stallions of Percheron of a certain size for himself. As a rule, these are medium or large stallions. The height of such a horse is in the range from 1.5 to 2 m and above.

A small horse can be seen not very often, which is not surprising, because the title of "the largest horse in the world" wears a stallion of this breed. At the withers it has more than 2.13 m, and its weight is 1.37 tons.

Perchers in adaptation

The stallions of the breed Percheron feels great in almost all climatic conditions. The stallions of the Persheron breed have the advantage that they can graze on the pasture for almost a year. The Percheron horse quite calmly endures any hot weather or cold.

Breeders send horses to stalls only if the weather is bad. The horse of the breed Percheron is good in that it is absolutely not picky in feed. It can not but rejoice the owners that this horse has high immunity against many diseases. However, one should not think that the breed acquired such advantages on its own: breeders have been working on the development of these qualities for more than one year.

Temper Percheronov

The Persheron horse is famous for its glorious disposition. The horse is very kind, flexible, non-capricious. He has a wonderful character, the horse patiently and happily learns. This horse has a great vitality, energetic, playful.

The stallions of Persheron have a mild course, despite their large size.

Breeding of Persherons in Russia

The history of breeding a horse breed Persheron in Russia began in 1891. Then the breeding horse came to the stud farm from France, then after many years this species appeared at this factory. I must say that breeding at that time was a fairly successful event. The breed was sold out in all regions of Russia. Perhaps this would have continued further, but in 2011 this stud farm went bankrupt. In this regard, I had to sell all the available horses.

But the breeding of the horse breed Percheron was actively picked up by breeders from the Tambov, Voronezh and Bryansk regions. This led to the emergence of completely new types of Persheron rocks: Apra, Ixodus, Bardadym, Vuitrit.

The horse Percheron was not updated regularly, which led to the disappearance of new lines. There is only Iskoda.

In order for the French appearance of Persheron to be preserved and developed, it is regularly replenished with pedigree stallions. It must be said that the Persheron horse of a domestic manufacturer has its own distinctive characteristics in comparison with representatives of the American breed. The Russian Persheron horse is very light, characterized by speed, grace. The western horse of this breed is more massive, muscular, like a real heavy truck.

The last 10 years, the horse breed Percheron is not very popular. It is usually bred by private breeders, and this situation, of course, dictates its breed prices. Stallions Percheron can be bought there.


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