Description of False Oiler

Many healthy mushrooms have a poisonous or inedible double. A false nipple is one such species. Any person needs to be able to distinguish a double from a real mushroom, especially since false oils are common in local forests.

Description of False Oiler

Description of species

The butterdish got its name for the always wet, oily hat. The butterdish has its double, so you need to know what are the false oil and how to distinguish them from the present.

Wet spruce

False mushroom (empty) oiler is not poisonous. Such mushrooms as false butterflies are also called spruce sprats.

The hat is covered with a mucous membrane, as in the present species. Fir-tree spruce is a type of oiler differs from a real mushroom in that it belongs to the lamellar species, and the oily to tubular. This species is not dangerous, it is often taken for pickling. Mild poisoning of sputum occurs in people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive organs.

The hat will not help to distinguish between these species, so they look at the fruiting body. This butterdish has a tubular layer of light yellow color; in wet moss, it is lamellar, whitish, and darkens with age. The inedible double has a cylindrical leg, tapering downward. At the base, it is always yellow. The color of the legs of this specimen corresponds to the hat and the entire fruiting body.

Pepper flywheel

It is not poisonous, the name received for a sharp spicy taste. It occurs in dry coniferous and birch forests. Outwardly it looks like real oil. If you look closely, the differences become noticeable:

  • the surface of the cap is dry velvety, without mucous membrane;
  • the leg is not whitish-grayish as in the present species, but is painted in bright reddish tones;
  • there is no light film on the back of the cap.

The taste of the fruit body is pleasant. With proper cooking, the pulp is quite edible.

It is difficult to distinguish false oils from the photo, it is better to know exactly how they look.


Poisoning with false oils does not threaten a person's life. Digestive upsets usually occur, but sometimes more complex problems arise. False fruiting bodies - the food is heavy and not everyone can add them to the diet. Even real oils in some people cause an unforeseen reaction of the body. If a person has digestive problems, it is better for him to refuse mushroom dishes or to resort to them in rare cases.

Mushroom pulp is extremely allergenic. Under natural conditions, substances foreign to our body accumulate in it. The hypersensitive body of allergy sufferers reacts to them instantly. Such people can buy mushroom delicacies in supermarkets. They are grown under artificial conditions and their composition is not so dangerous.


False butter can be eaten

Fruit bodies have long been used by people for a variety of needs. Now interest in them has resumed. There was such a science - fungotherapy. Scientists are seriously interested in the opportunities that can be taken from the mushroom kingdom for a breakthrough in medical, pharmaceutical science.

In cooking

False butterflies are mushroom species of a lower grade. But they are also appreciated for their taste and nutritional properties. After proper treatment, false oil mushrooms become safe and acquire a pleasant rich taste. Only after that, mushrooms are used for cooking culinary dishes: fry, boil soups, make a filling for butter baking.

Wet spruce is used as food after heat treatment. It is necessary to remove the mucous membrane from her cap and rinse thoroughly. Many gourmets fry mushrooms without prior boiling. We spruce spruce is considered a third-rate species. In European countries, she is well known and is a popular delicacy.

Flywheels are also edible if boiled before cooking. They are salted, pickled, and various dishes are prepared from them. Before salting, the mosses are poured with boiling water, and then dipped in boiling liquid. So the mushroom pulp during the cooking process will not blacken and will retain its mouth-watering appearance.

In medicine

Many false species are used in folk medicine. They are used in the pharmaceutical industry for pharmaceuticals. The spectrum of their action is wide - from antiviral, antibacterial to antitumor. Mushroom pulp contains a powerful anti-cancer substance that surpasses all known natural compounds in its strength.

If you remove the mucous membrane from the cap of spruce and attach it to the wound, the healing process will be significantly accelerated. Tincture on mushroom pulp strengthens the immune system, memory, improves blood composition, eliminates headaches and nervous disorders.

The flywheel contains rare enzymes, essential oils that facilitate and accelerate the digestion of food. This species significantly improves the digestive tract. It also has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, contains a large amount of vitamin D. Such characteristics make the moss fly useful for the kidneys. The regular use of mushroom pulp regulates the functions of the paired organ and prevents the development of pathologies.

In cosmetology

These ribbons will be used in the manufacture of cosmetics. The substances contained in them, surprisingly affect the skin and the body as a whole. Mushroom cosmetics not only provides daily care for the appearance, but also solves more complex problems.

Cultivation methods

The flywheel can also be grown on personal plots. Two methods are used for this. The first is to sow fungal spores in the ground. To do this, break several fruiting bodies into small parts and lay them in prepared soil.

The second method is more time-consuming. It is necessary to transfer a piece of soil from the forest along with mycelium. A stump or a log is also transported. Holes are drilled in them and the mycelium is laid there. To obtain a crop, frequent watering of mushroom places is needed.


Conditionally edible species require great attention and caution. Their name and detailed description are in mushroom directories and encyclopedias. Despite contraindications, these mushrooms also have useful properties.


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