Description of False Boletus

In the forest, not only edible mushrooms are found. Often they have poisonous or unsuitable twins. One of these species is false boletus (mustard).

Description of False Boletus


Boletus, he is a red-headed fish or just an aspen, is a healthy edible mushroom. He is recognized by a bright yellow or orange hat that resembles an autumn leaf. However, even such a unique mushroom has a double. It is important not to confuse them.

False boletus has characteristic distinguishing features:

  1. It grows mainly in coniferous forests, where there are spruce, pine. Less likely to form a symbiosis with the roots of birch, oak. Edible mushroom never appears next to conifers.
  2. If a real boletus has a jagged pattern (scales) on its leg, then its double has a dense gray-brown mesh.
  3. False boletus have a tubular layer, as well as edible fruiting bodies. But they have it white (in the young mushroom), pink or dark pink (in the old) color. The edible appearance of aspen boletus has a yellowish tubular substance.
  4. False boletus is rarely wormy.
  5. On slices (breaks) the flesh turns pink. A real Redhead turns blue and then blackens.
  6. The leg of mustard is darker (brownish, greenish) than that of edible fruiting bodies.
  7. The shape of the hat of a false aspen is pillow-shaped, more convex in the center.
  8. To finally make sure that the boletus is false, the slice is slightly licked. Strong bitterness or its absence will indicate the true nature of the fruiting body.

False boletus grow throughout the summer and autumn, until October. They are often found on clearings, rotten stumps, and rhizomes of trees. They can grow both in groups and individually. They resemble boletus (in shape), boletus and boletus (in the color of the hat).

Cooking Application

False boletus is inedible. They have gustatory qualities that make them unfit for food. The doubles resemble wormwood, their flesh is so bitter.

To avoid misunderstandings in the preparation of culinary dishes, always carefully examine the fruiting bodies. If at least one false boletus enters the pan, all its contents will be corrupted.

The mushroom pulp is fleshy and pleasant-looking, but bitterness cannot be destroyed by any culinary processing, although some mushroom pickers cook soup from mustard and claim that drying will neutralize all the defects of fruiting bodies.

Dried double soup

Mustard mushrooms are very bitter

To begin with, the mustard is dried. To do this, they are cut into small pieces.

Dried pieces of mustard in appearance and smell are practically no different from noble doubles. To test the taste, gnaw dry pulp. Only a slight hint of a small peppercorn should be present.

The mustard is soaked in water. After a while, it is drained, and the swollen mushroom mass is washed several times: this allows you to remove the remnants of bitterness. For cooking soup using fresh water. Mustard is immersed in it, the pan is put on fire, waiting for the mushroom broth to cook.

Cut potatoes, carrots, a little onion, alternately immersed in a pan, add salt. Cook until tender. The broth is transparent. A spoonful of sour cream is added to each serving. Often there is a faint, almost inconspicuous, but not bitter aftertaste, similar to a small peppercorn.

The bitterness of a false fungus, entering the body, introduces a dissonance into the liver, so it is better to refrain from culinary experiments.

Medical use

Medicine has long since begun to use false boletus to restore the liver after damage. They make preparations with a choleretic effect.

In mustard, as in many other fruiting bodies, there are elements with an antiviral effect, so mushroom soup is useful to eat a period of colds.


The main commandment of the forest tourist: do not know the mushroom - do not take it! Do not risk your own health and life for the sake of momentary pleasure. One small poisonous double, which, through negligence, was ingested, can lead to death.


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