Description of carrots Nandrin F1

Carrots Nandrin F1 hybrid of the varieties of Nantes and Berlicum. Bred by breeders from Holland. They grow culture both in small gardens and on an industrial scale.

Description of carrots Nandrin F1

Grade characteristics

A variety of carrots Nandrin early. Productivity is consistently high. If you follow all the rules of care, 5 kg is collected from 1 m², up to 70 tons of crop from 1 ha. When weeding and watering manually in a small area, up to 9 kg of fruits are collected. The growing season of the culture is 95-105 days. The plant is biennial. Has a good safety record. Due to the level of productivity, it is characterized as an industrial crop.

Description of the fetus

According to the description of carrots of the variety Nandrin F1, the fruits are cylindrical, even in shape, with a rounded end, bright orange in color. The length of the fruit reaches 20 cm, diameter - 4 cm. Weight - 300 g. In carrots, there is practically no core.

The pulp is crispy and juicy. It is used for fresh consumption, as well as in cooked. It is most often used for making juices - diet and baby.

Landing Region

This culture is not capricious, because it is planted even in the North due to the short ripening period. It takes root well in the central part of Russia. Harvesting is done in the fall.

Landing and care

Due to the processing by the manufacturer, the seeds of the carrots of the Nandrin variety are not pre-soaked.

The vegetable is not whimsical to the choice of soil; it grows in clay and sandy lands. Black earth is good. Soil with low acidity is most suitable. The plot for growing should be sunny, without weeds. It is better to take root in areas where onions, cucumbers, cabbage were previously grown.

Before planting, the soil is additionally prepared - digged and watered. The planting period is April, May. When planting material is just planted, the soil is covered with agricultural canvas. The distance between the rows is 20 cm, and between the furrows is 2 cm.

The soil for landing needs to be prepared

The culture is resistant to cold (up to -4 ° C). After sowing, the first seedlings appear on the 16th day.

Care Features:

  • remove weeds regularly, perform weeding;
  • thin out the culture, leaving a small distance - up to 2 cm at the first (the procedure is carried out at seedlings up to 3 cm), at the second - 5 cm (root diameter up to 1 cm);
  • watered 2-4 times at the time of active development of the vegetable (5-7 liters per m²).

Harvesting and storage of crops

The carrot variety Nandrin f1 is harvested during the second thinning. Full collection occurs within 110 days after the appearance of the first shoots.

If the seeds were sown in June, they harvest in October, rarely in November. This culture is dug up with a pitchfork, and then removed manually. Then the root crops are dried for 3-4 hours. The crop is well stored in the winter.

Diseases and pests

According to the description, the variety is rare, with improper care, it can be affected by the following diseases:

  • bacteriosis affects growing, as well as harvested crops. Yellow spots appear on the leaves, which darken over time, moist spots form on the fruits;
  • Alternariosis is dangerous because it actively affects the whole culture, the leaves twist and darken, the crop is bitter, black spots appear;
  • felt rot. Its symptoms are purple plaque, brown spots and dents on the fruit.

Pests parasitizing on vegetables:

  • leaf tree. There is a deformation of the leaves, the level and quality of the crop is reduced, distributed in the Baltic regions;
  • caraway moth. The plant is covered with cobwebs, an insect gnaws on the flesh and stem, spread in the south of Russia;
  • aphid. Causes twisting and drying of the leaves, shoots stop growth, the insect eats juice);
  • naked slug. Eats landing pits in root crops, leave a white mucous trace.

Seeds are imported in an already processed form, because these diseases are rare. The high level of carotene and sugar in the crop does not allow the larvae to fully eat.


Carrots Nandrin reviews have positive reviews, due to the high yield, taste, long shelf life, good presentation and immunity to various types of diseases.


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