Description of broiler Arbor Aykres

Broiler Arbor Aykres belongs to one of the newest bird breeds. Despite this, almost every farmer knows Arbor broilers. The breed has rapidly gained popularity around the world and can be found in almost every poultry farm. British, American and French breeders worked on the creation of such a breed.

Broiler characteristic Arbor Aykres

Description of the appearance of birds

Description of the broiler breed Arbor Aykres says it is a well-built, sturdy look with strong bones. The comb in birds resembles small leaflets with a sharp end in shape. The breast volume in birds is much larger than that of other broilers, due to which the meat yield after slaughter is greater. In addition, broiler meat is dietary, so it can be eaten by absolutely everyone. Breast fillet contains many nutrients.

The appearance of the broiler Arbor Aykres

Feathers have small neck and legs, but the muscles of the thighs and legs are well developed, which is why the chicken looks low and quite large. The feathers of the bird are white, their structure is dense. The broiler skin itself has a slightly yellowish tint.

This species loves warmly, and therefore it is extremely important to create warm living conditions for it.

Positive sides of the breed

Arbor is considered one of the most highly productive breeds among other species. If the broiler is fed with high-quality food, he will quickly be able to gain weight. A normal-sized chick may weigh 2 kg per month. After one week, the young can gain 1 kg. Adult representatives of the species can weigh more than 6 kg. The meat of representatives of the variety has incredible taste characteristics: it is soft, hearty, tasty, dietary.

The second positive feature is the unpretentiousness of young animals: chickens can eat everything in a row. This ability should not be abused: the quality of meat will depend on what winged people eat. As mentioned earlier, meat of this type is dietary, which means it contains a small percentage of calories. In addition, most doctors say that meat of this kind can be considered hypoallergenic.

All characteristics of the Arbor cross broiler have only positive reviews, as the pets are calm, unpretentious, can eat absolutely everything and at the same time gain weight, have good egg production. This type of meat is perfect for small children, adolescents, the elderly, allergy sufferers, dieters. The reason for this is the presence of many useful substances in the composition of the product.

After slaughter, the meat yield is more than 72%.

Growing rules

Here are a few rules on how to grow healthy and strong broilers:

  • Carefully draw up a diet: it should contain all vitamins, positive substances, calcium, magnesium. The easiest way to buy compound feed for chickens: there will be everything you need for a bird.
  • The coop should always be warm, especially in winter.
  • Perfect cleanliness and sterility in the place of detention.

If you follow all the rules for feeding and caring, you can achieve a 100% guarantee of obtaining tasty and soft meat. Arbor is considered a destroyer of meat stereotypes, because this meat is always soft.

The formation of proper and high-quality nutrition

Chickens that are one day old must be given a hard-boiled egg. Using this method, chickens get used to and adapt to the environment much faster, immediately learn how to eat and, of course, get the protein and calcium that they need on the first day. In no case can adults be given an egg: this can cause severe upset stomach or even lead to the death of the bird. Then feathered can be transferred to dry food. A solution of potassium permanganate must be added to the water.

After a week, the chicks are slowly transferred to standard compound feeds. We must not forget to breed Baytril in water: it is a drug that works as a disinfectant. In addition, you can add vitamins of extensive action - Triavit.

The average diet for young animals is 15 g per 1 chicken. Birds should always have easy and regular access to food. Products that in no case can be given to this breed of broilers:

  • pure potatoes;
  • flour products, especially bread;
  • any fine sand.

Chickens of this breed can not be let out for a walk: because of this, their mass can greatly decrease. birds need to walk for 2-3 hours a day: they cannot sit in a cage all the time, this can cause problems with excess fat. You can buy special cages for walking or make them yourself, which will be 2 times cheaper. On average per 1 square. 10 Aikres individuals feel comfortable.

The room should be clean and well ventilated.

It depends on how good and high-quality the feed depends on how quickly the chicken gains weight.

Reviews about the broiler Arbor Aykres are always only positive. All farmers are satisfied with Arbor Irex broilers, their productivity and rapid mass gain.


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