Description of the Brabancon breed horses

The Brabanson, or Belgian Heavy Truck, is one of the oldest breeds of its kind. With the help of these horses, other strong representatives of the artiodactyls were bred. Moreover, the nature of the animal is soft and meek, which is also appreciated by man.

Horses of breed Brabanson

The formation of a horse breed largely depends on the natural habitat. When breeding, the horse breeders take into account the natural characteristics of the type of horses and try to maximize their advantages. However, breeders require a foundation to breed breeds. For modern types of heavy truck, the Belgian horse has become a similar main one.


The natural habitat of the Belgian heavy trucks is considered to be Europe. It was there, in the Belgian and German regions, that there were low horses with distinctive muscles. The climate in the habitats of the breed is quite severe, which is why the horses have thick wool and mane. The hooves of the animal are also protected by the hairline. This warm-blooded breed copes well with cold winds and low temperatures.

Breed use

In the Middle Ages, the Brabansons were used by heavily armed knights.

Brabanson quickly began to be used not only for horseback riding, but also in the agricultural industry. Due to their endurance, these horses have become indispensable assistants to farmers and peasants. Even today, many fields are processed using them.

Brabancon is a very smart horse, so it is often used for grazing. In Western and Northern Europe, these horses are used at sawmills as a pulling force. For this, the stallions are trained for at least a year to obey special commands, since the horse can drag a large number of logs and without preliminary preparation there is a chance of an accident. Also, the services of powerful horses are used by lumberjacks in Canada.

An important role was played by Brabanson from Belgium and in breeding. This breed considers the basis for many other types of heavy trucks. So, with the help of a Belgian horse, Suffolk and Shire were born.

Other breeds were also improved with these strong horses, including the Soviet heavy truck, the Irish heavy truck and Kledesdal. The work of scientists in Belgium does not stop until now, and the stallions are trying to improve every time more and more.


The appearance of heavyweights has its own clearly established standards. First of all, Brabancon is not very tall: about 170 cm at the withers.

In the last century, individuals were found that reached a growth of 2 m. At the same time, the animal weighed about a ton.

At the end of the XIX century, the breed of the Belgian horse was divided into 3 lines:

  • Gros de la Dendre - first line;
  • Greys of Hainault - second line;
  • Collosses de la Mwhaigne - third line.

The differences between these subspecies primarily in external signs. Horse Orange First became the ancestor of the first line of heavy trucks. These stallions are distinguished by a powerful physique and most often have a bay color of hair.

The appearance of the Belgian heavy truck

Horse Bayard laid the foundation for a second line of horses. Such horses are mostly roan. Red and gray individuals are also found. The rarest type of coat color in this subspecies is the bulan.

Jean the First founded the third line, the hallmark of which is amazing stamina. The horses of the third line have very strong legs.

The head of the Belgian stallions is small in size, but the muzzle is quite embossed. The horses forehead is sloping and wide. The eyes are mostly dark shades, not too large.

The ears are small and stand at a right angle. The nostrils are large. Brabancon has a long arched neck. It compensates for the heavy weight of the body and balances the animal. The muscles of the Belgian heavy truck are very developed.

Separately, the legs of animals should be noted. The extremities of the stallions are dry, with a wide muscular top and heavy hooves. This shape of the legs allows Belgian horses to carry weights.

The coat is very thick and has an undercoat. Also a distinctive feature of the breed is the hairline around the hooves. The tail, according to Belgian standards, is short in the breed; it is usually sheared under the base. Among the variety of color rarely found a black suit.


The Belgian breed is characterized by a complaisant character.

The reason for this is the harsh conditions of keeping and breeding. For mating, only the most humble and meek horses are chosen, which is why with each new generation the breed becomes more and more calm.

Also, throughout the breeding of this species, breeders from Belgium were quite strict about horses. Mares were sent for mating at the advent of 9 weeks after giving birth, and the foals began to wean a little bit from their mother after 2-3 weeks. Since childhood, the horses themselves have been accustomed to work and unpretentiousness, which is why Belgian heavy trucks calmly feed on the simplest foods and do not require excesses.

Belgian breed character

Thanks to all these features of breeding, Brabansons are extremely calm and obedient. They also have a good mind and can be trained. Brabanson is able to respond to human speech and obey verbal commands, so cabbies rarely have to use a whip.

Heavy trucks are strongly attached to their owners and recognize them. This breed does not require special attention, but with the help of affection and good words, you can easily gain the trust of this large horse.

Content and diet

Many newcomers to horse breeding mistakenly believe that the maintenance of Brabancons is too expensive. However, a large amount of feed compensates for the unpretentiousness of the mount.

The horse eats dry and hard grass with pleasure, from which most breeding breeds would turn away.

A balanced daily ration of a heavy truck looks something like this:

  • roughage - 6 kg per day;
  • pure oats - 6-8 kg per day;
  • rye straw cutting - 0.5 kg per day;
  • crushed flaxseed - 0.5 kg per day.

These or other food products can easily be changed to others. It is important to remember that Brabanconam requires high-calorie food, because otherwise the animal will not be able to gain the required mass.

Belgian heavy trucks do an excellent job of temperature drops and can withstand cold below zero. These horses are warmed by the subcutaneous muscle layer, as well as a thick hairline on the head and legs.

The stable for large horses does not have to be large. Brabancon will feel good in a stall of 4 square meters. m, and this is only 1 square. m more than a pony's stall. The only thing the heavy trucks need are summer pastures on which they replenish the body with vitamins.

It is extremely important to comply with sanitary standards of maintenance, to clean the stable at least 3 times a week. You must also make sure that the room has good air circulation.

Brabancon should have a clear work schedule. If you do not balance the time of work and rest, the animal will work on wear, which will badly affect health.


Brabanson from Belgium is a breed of heavy truck, which is distinguished by modest requirements and a calm character.

Among other qualities, this type of horse is one of the oldest. Due to its traction, Belgian horses are often used in a logging area or on a farm.

Brabansons are suitable for unprofessional races, however in big sports they can prove themselves only as carriers of especially heavy objects.


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