Description of the Black Prince potato variety

Potato variety Black Prince is one of the brightest types of dark vegetables. The variety is amazing for its even shapes and sizes. It has delicious taste and amazing aroma. The variety is not very productive, not whimsical to care for and does not get sick. Fruits can be sold, but mostly Black potatoes are grown for home use.

Description of the Black Prince potato variety


Where exactly Black Potato was bred, no one knows. There are several claims according to which this variety was invented by Dutch or Israeli agronomists. Also, many argue that the Russians worked on this type of plant. But you can definitely say that Black Potato has become very popular among gardeners. Industrial fields do not grow it, but only small farms.

Potato Black Prince is considered an exotic variety, so they planted not the entire site, but only part. It complements the usual types of potatoes. Black Prince - medium early, table type of potato. Productivity at an average level, from about 1 ha, it is possible to collect up to 100 tons of high-quality fruits. The root structure is quite strong, 5-7 large tubers are simultaneously formed under one bush, there are practically no trifles. The growing season lasts 80-90 days.

Bush description

Description of the type of potato Black Prince:

  1. Bushes are tall, straight.
  2. The stems are lush, the formation of green mass at an average level.
  3. Green leaves, not very large, wavy.
  4. During ripening, the plant releases corollas of large sizes, a blue hue.

Fruit Description

The weight of one fruit is 70-170 g. The shape of the potato is round, slightly elongated. The skin is smooth, dark purple, quite thin. There are eyes, not very deep, small. The flesh is beige, maybe pink. Potato contains starch 12-16%, therefore, it does not have the ability to digest strongly. Proteins, vitamins and amino acids are also available.

Black potato tastes great. A variety of dishes are prepared from it. Potato does not have the ability to blacken during slicing. Balanced fruits do not contain liquid. The aroma is not lost after boiling, frying and baking. Black potato is characteristic for mashed potatoes, frying slices. It will be especially useful to bake potatoes in a peel, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Pros of Potatoes

The characteristic of Black Potato is positive. Gardeners distinguish such qualities:

  • great taste and aroma;
  • good presentation;
  • long-term storage capacity in the cellar, perfect keeping quality;
  • the possibility of transportation without damage;
  • black potato contains many useful elements;
  • strong immunity, tolerates many diseases;
  • tolerates heat and moisture well.


The appearance of the Black Prince has some disadvantages:

  • low productivity;
  • potatoes are not suitable for complete sowing of the plot, it serves as an exotic addition;
  • black foot and late blight disease can catch.

Landing rules

Tubers need to be prepared for planting

Potatoes The Black Prince is also commonly referred to as "the gypsy is long." It is not difficult to grow this variety, it is practically not fastidious in care, therefore, not even an experienced gardener will cope with it. The main thing is compliance with all rules and conditions. Also, the gardener must prepare the planting material and the soil for planting.

Preparing soil and tubers for planting

Tubers for planting are selected in medium size, and black color. Not healthy and damaged fruits for planting are not suitable, they are immediately thrown away.

For 2-4 weeks, the fruits are transferred to a sunny place for germination. In addition, the gardener must process the planting material from diseases for preventive purposes.

Ways to plant potatoes

For areas with a hot climate, as well as sandy soil, it is recommended to plant tubers using the trench method. The site should be well lit and be without stagnation of water.

Potatoes are planted to a depth of 10 cm, the distance between the rows should be 50 cm. If the soil in the garden is rough and wet, then planting should be done using the comb method.

Care Rules

For the type of potato Black Prince, the most important thing is a little attention and the fulfillment of all growing conditions. Gardeners highlight the basic rules presented below.

  1. The plant needs timely watering. To do this, you can use the drip irrigation system.
  2. Bushes of the plant from time to time spud. This process improves ventilation of the earth, and retains the necessary moisture, which is necessary for the quality formation of tubers.
  3. The first time they spud when the stems grow 20 cm in height.
  4. Be sure to clean the site of weeds.

Potatoes need timely top dressing. The first time top dressing is introduced a few weeks after the appearance of the first sprouts. To do this, many are advised to use a little liquid manure. If there is no liquid, then you can dilute it in a bucket of water for 1 tbsp. l urea.

For each bush, plants are spent within 500 ml of fertilizer. The second time they feed potatoes at the stage of budding. To do this, use 3 tbsp. l wood ash and 1 tbsp. l potassium sulfate in a bucket of liquid. The costs of such fertilizers also range from 0.5-0.7 liters per 1 bush of the plant.

Diseases and harmful insects

Black potato is resistant to most diseases and parasites. She tolerates potato cancer, golden nematode and common scab. When an epidemic of late blight occurs, the area with the plant is well watered with copper-containing agents. From the black leg and root rot, the addition of wood ash helps the earth well.

Dark varieties of potatoes are often fond of insects, especially Colorado beetles and wireworms. For such pests, industrial chemicals are used. To drive the wireworm, as well as for preventive measures, the tubers are pickled before landing in the ground. Also, for prevention, weeds are removed, mulching with straw and sawdust is carried out. To get rid of the Colorado potato beetles, chemicals are used. For example, you can use such as "Lightning", "Regent", "Commander", "Prestige" and "Taboo".


The black prince is an interesting type of potato. He was very fond of many vegetable growers. The fruit contains many vitamins, so it will be good for health. It has excellent taste and aroma. It makes tasty and healthy dishes.

Black potatoes have strong immunity, and practically do not get sick. Unpretentious in care, grows well on any earth. It is easy to grow potatoes, even an inexperienced gardener can grow it.


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