Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Volovye Heart

Among the huge number of varieties of tomatoes, each gardener will find one that he likes the most. Someone needs tomatoes for green salads, someone is engaged in their cultivation for juices or other preparations for the winter. Agricultural technology and care for tomato plants, in all varieties, is almost the same. Tomato Cowhide Heart is interesting in the shape of the fruit, so it can be seen on the beds of tomato lovers. Growing it is not difficult, and the taste of the fruits is very good.

Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Volovye Heart

Plant description

The tomato bush of the Volovye Heart variety has a characteristic inherent to indeterminate varieties.

  1. Bushes can grow, ad infinitum, in height.
  2. Such plants are capable, under greenhouse conditions, bear fruit for more than a year.
  3. More than 40 fruit brushes are located on the stems, but not simultaneously.
  4. It is desirable to form all varieties in two stems and pinch the growth point, limiting the height of the bush.
  5. It is possible to grow it in a greenhouse and in open beds.

The height to which the Volovye Heart tomatoes grow, fluctuates at around 120cm.

Its fruit bush has strong stems that need to be tied to stable supports. The characteristics of plants of this variety are similar to other varieties of indeterminate type.

There are very few leaves on the stems; they have a shape typical of nightshade crops. The brushes are arranged alternately, through one or giving nodes. In the brushes, you can see up to 10 flowers opening simultaneously. After pollination, fruits that ripen at the same time are tied. That is, each brush gives away the crop immediately, without leaving green fruits.

Tomato fruit

Tomatoes, grade Volovye Heart, their shape is similar to a heart, pink, or red, a description of them can be found on the sites of tomato lovers. Each fruit weighs about 300g, in a cross section several seed chambers are visible, in which there are seeds, in small quantities. The fruits are juicy and with a kilogram of fruits you can get up to 700g of sweet juice. Tomatoes are not stored for long, so for their use they do not need to be planted a lot, if not for processing.

The use of tomatoes

Tomatoes Cowberry Heart is very tasty and juicy. The pulp, because they have a lot of sugar, when broken, as if strewn with crystals. Therefore, from the fruits of the variety are obtained:

  • amazing salads, with the addition of cucumbers and spicy greens;
  • juices, various concentrations;
  • winter salads;
  • ketchups.

For winter harvesting, in general, they are not suitable because the fruits simply will not pass through the neck of the cans. Therefore, it is better to use fruits for salads or lecho.

The fruits of this variety are very juicy

But to use them for canning is quite possible. In the same way as fresh salads, they, after cutting, can be combined with chopped vegetables and canned with salads. Nutritious and healthy juices are obtained from overripe fruits. Of these, various other gas stations and ketchups are also prepared. Tomatoes such as the cow’s heart can be considered universal on this basis.

Growing seedlings

The official description of the care of this variety advises before sowing seeds to treat them with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. You do not need to look for how to process the Volovye Heart tomato or how to prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. Everything is extremely simple here:

  1. Prepare a container of warm water.
  2. Moisten the tip of the match with water.
  3. Zurur a wet match in manganese crystals.
  4. Next, rinse the match in the prepared liquid, it will turn pale pink.
  5. The solution is ready to use.

Soak the seeds of the Cow’s Pink Heart for the night, before preparing the soil and containers. The soil, which is suitable for tomatoes, as the Cowshoe Heart, and other nightshade must be composed of garden soil. To it, you can add rotted bird droppings, in very small quantities, and wood ash.

On the second morning, the containers are filled with soil to the required height. The seeds washed with running water are sown evenly on a flat surface of the earth and sprinkled with soil for 1 cm, then sprayed with water. Cover with a transparent plastic wrap and put in a warm place where the temperature will not be lower than 24 degrees. After emergence, it is necessary to check that there is no condensation on the film. If he has appeared, it is necessary to air a tiny seedling.

Adult seedlings

When a second pair of leaves appears, you can dive seedlings into other containers so that it does not grow densely. From sowing seeds to planting seedlings in the soil, it is about two months, it must be fertilized three times. Young plants should receive enough heat and light. The ambient temperature should not be higher than 24g during the day and below 18g at night. If there is little light, include additional lighting: incandescent lamps, plus fluorescent lamps.

To grow tomato Volovye Heart seedling method, convenient and profitable.

We get our own plants, which we can plant at any favorable moment. Before landing on the beds, it is necessary to temper them for a week, gradually accustoming to the sun. In greenhouses, you can plant immediately, without hardening.


Planting ready seedlings must be done correctly.

  1. Prepare a flat area of ​​field or soil in the greenhouse.
  2. Marking of holes is done.
  3. Wells are shed with ash solution, plus weak potassium permanganate.
  4. When planting, the seedling goes deep to the first pair of leaves.
  5. A solid support is placed near the future bush or a trellis grid is pulled.

The site selected for planting seedlings is leveled and future rows of plantings are determined at a distance of up to 70 cm. In a row, they fill the holes with a chopper at a distance of up to 50 cm, one from the other.

The bush must be tied up

You can add rotted old mullein to each hole or spill them with a very weak solution of bird droppings. If the seedlings have grown large, they can be put in the holes at an angle and sprinkled with soil. On the stems, which are deepened, additional roots will sprout, which will supply the plant with food.

Planted tomatoes, our Volovye Heart, even they are still small, need to be tied to supports and give them a direction of growth. After the second node, from the stepson, the second stem is formed, which we leave. Anything that comes later needs to be deleted. It is sometimes advised to cut off all lower leaves for better air access. But the plant creates so few leaves, which means that for this variety their removal is not required.

Tomato planting care

The care of planted plants can include:

  • watering, on demand;
  • weeding if weeds appear;
  • loosening the soil;
  • fertilizer;
  • the destruction of pests.

Loosening the soil is necessary so that weeds do not grow, and the soil receives air. Fertilize with mullein solutions, bird droppings, specially prepared, or chemical preparations.

Chemical preparations include potassium permanganate, boric acid and complete mineral fertilizers. Cowskin Heart - a tomato that requires foliar feeding of boric acid. The first time you need to process the plant before the appearance of flower brushes. Secondarily, you can spray the solution after 10 days have passed. Boric acid not only feeds the Volovye Heart seedlings, but also protects them from late blight and small pests.

Features of processing and watering

Treat with chemicals, as well as water, preferably in calm weather and in the evening. This must be done so that the soil does not dry out immediately, and drops of fertilizer do not create a lens effect on the leaves. The soil after watering needs to be loosened, to remove the crust and access of air. As the plant grows, carry out its subsequent garter. And fertilize, as needed, controlling the appearance of tomatoes.

Usually, the second top dressing is carried out with potassium permanganate or iodine solution. If yellowing of leaves is suddenly found, they curl and fall off, which means that there is not enough boron in the soil. Then it is possible to carry out secondary top dressing with boric acid. When working with chemical solutions, you must wear:

  • respirators, gauze or special - industrial;
  • latex gloves;
  • aprons made of tarpaulin, polyethylene or rubber;
  • To protect the eyes, glasses are needed.

Fulfilling all safety requirements, you can be sure that feeding will be beneficial without harming yourself.


Tomatoes of our variety Volovye Heart can be stored on the bush and in a torn form for not very long. If they are left ripe on the bush, then they crack and when moisture enters the cracks, they begin to rot. When there are many cracks, then the peel may seem to us like a striped heart covered with fluff spores of late blight. Therefore, the cultivation of homemade tomato Cowhide Heart is preferable to the production of them for sale.

When we have the Volovye Tomato Heart tomatoes, a description of the recipes for processing can be found in conservation books and on websites. Cowhide Heart tomatoes are not suitable for transportation. They can be squeezed because the skin of the fruit is thin and delicate. You can sell surplus products in local markets or share with friends.


From all of the above, we can understand that the Cow's Heart is a tomato that is worth growing. A description of its features and characteristics allows us to see that this vegetable, beloved by many people, is useful both for green salads and for a simple snack with tomato, salt and bread. Delicious juices will bring a flush to your cheeks, and ketchups will be the necessary seasonings for main dishes, casseroles and for making pizza. Eat a Cowhide Heart, so similar to a heart, and take care of your health.


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