Description and characteristics of tomato Miracle Lazybones

Sometimes it may happen that the gardener spends all his time on growing crops and only in this case a good yield is obtained. But, some people never spend their time in the garden, and get good crop performance. All results do not depend so much on the efforts made, but on the right variety. It is the Miracle Lazybird tomato that belongs to the category when special care efforts are not required from the gardener.

Description and characteristics of tomato Miracle Lazybones

Grade characteristics

Tomato Miracle lazy was bred on the territory of the Russian Federation in Siberia. It was developed by a large breeding company, called SIBNIIRS. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Miracle Lazybird tomato was added to the National Register of the Russian Federation.

The characterization and description of the variety suggests that it is suitable for cultivation in all regions of a large country, even under adverse climatic conditions. Tomato miracle lazybones can be planted even in cold climates in Siberia.

Plant description

This type of plant matures in a relatively short time. The growing season of this variety is about 90 days. A bush, mainly of a determinant type of development. Shows excellent results, both when planting in open soil, and when planting in a greenhouse.

Casting a dark green hue, with small patterns on the end. The bush has a small growth and reaches only 50-60 cm in height. This bush does not need to be stepson.

Description of the fetus

The fruits of the tomato Miracle lazybones are elongated. Their surface is smooth and has a red tint. The weight of the fruit is about 60 g. The length of the fruit does not exceed 5 cm. The pulp is rather fleshy, without excess water. The taste is quite sweet, with a small proportion of acidity. The pulp contains about 5% solids and about 4% starch.

Tomatoes Miracle lazy are perfectly suitable for fresh consumption. They can also be used for salads, preserves or pickles. It is important to note that it is during conservation and salting that they show all their taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

When carefully considering the description and characteristics of the tomato Miracle lazybone, the following set of positive qualities should be highlighted:

  • universality in application and preparation;
  • unique taste qualities that are not similar to other varieties: the thing is that these tomatoes have a small peppercorn, which attracts gardeners even more;
  • high yield indicators: from 1 m2 the yield reaches about 8 kg;
  • the possibility of transportation over long distances;
  • well kept and do not crack;
  • resistance to cold.

This type of tomato has no drawbacks. But, each gardener has the right to independently select those qualities that do not suit him.

Growing rules

Before planting seedlings must be hardened

Planting bushes occurs according to the basic rules that apply to any kind of vegetables. The main thing is that the soil is heated to a temperature of 15 ° C. Usually the seeds are planted in the greenhouse a few months before the seedlings are transplanted into the open ground. It is important to dive seedlings at a time when several leaves have formed on it.

As soon as the seedlings become suitable for planting, it should be hardened. To do this, it is important to open the windows in the greenhouse for several hours, during the week. Landing is carried out according to the following scheme. Between the rows it is necessary to adhere to a distance of 30 cm. But between the holes it should be about 50 cm. This will allow the bushes not to mix with each other and will greatly facilitate harvesting.


The characteristic and description of care for this type is standard. It is important to regularly loosen the soil and remove weeds and other vegetation. It is important to remove all excess objects that fall into the soil. Watering should be done as the soil is arid. It is best to use drip irrigation, because in this case the risk of excess moisture is reduced. If water to the root system is not enough, then this will not greatly affect the final yield. The main thing is that there is no stagnation of water, because this can lead to rotting of the root system.

You also need to make sure that the plant gets more sunlight. This will increase the sweet taste. Do not forget about top dressing. It consists in the use of organic substances, such as litter, humus or wood ash. It is also recommended to use phosphoric or potassium substances.

Prevention and treatment

Characterization and description say that this type of tomato has a high immunity to diseases. Breeders say that even preventive measures are optional. The only problem is the impact of the Colorado potato beetle.

In order to fight the Colorado potato beetle, a lot of time and effort will not be needed. You just need to buy any insecticide and process the plant. It is important to spray only a few days before watering. This will allow all substances to act faster on parasites and destroy them.


Tomato Miracle idler tomatoes have a fairly large number of advantages. The main advantage is that they do not require special care. This is just a dream for those who do not really like farming and gardening. That is, you make the minimum amount of effort, and you harvest better than your neighbors or acquaintances.


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