Dark mushrooms

Dark honey agaric is the largest edible mushroom, which is located in a semicircle near the stumps. Dark mushrooms have such a name, due to their location, since the Latin word translates as “bracelet”.

Dark mushrooms

The appearance of the mushroom

Dark honey agaric has a long brown-yellow leg with a smooth surface. Autumn mushrooms in the middle of the legs have a "skirt", which not all honey mushrooms have. Its presence depends on the age of the fungus and on its place of growth. The color of the fungus depends on the following factors:

  • a place;
  • humidity;
  • shine;
  • stump quality.

Near the old and rotten stump there will be mushrooms with a darker hat. Young mushrooms have a spherical hat, and with age they take the form of an umbrella.

Mushroom species

Dark mushrooms are divided into several types:

  1. Summer It is an edible mushroom that grows near deciduous trees. Alone, summer honey agarics do not survive, therefore they are located only in a large group. It has brown-red caps and a dark leg.
  2. Autumn. The edible appearance of mushrooms, but because of its shape, can easily be confused with a poisonous gallery. When collecting autumn mushrooms, you should always pay attention to the color of the pulp at the bottom of the cap - it should not be lighter than the leg. The bottom of the cap is black.
  3. Winter. The rarest species used in medicine as an antiseptic. There is no recipe for cooking it. This fungus causes severe indigestion, therefore, does not apply to edible products.
  4. Lugovoi. This species is found in clearings, deep in the forest, near small stumps or near deciduous trees. It is worth paying attention to the leg - it has a dark, brown-red color. Unlike the usual dark one, this species does not grow in arched, but in straight rows.

When picking mushrooms, you should carefully look at the color of the cap and its wrong side. The red color of the cap should scare away mushroom pickers. The dark mushroom stands out from all its species with a light hat with a dark bottom.

Beneficial features

Dark honey agaric is a popular dish in any kitchen. They are also often used for weight loss, as they have a small amount of calories.

The dark mushroom has in its composition vitamins, beneficial amino acids, a large amount of fiber.


Children under 12 years old cannot eat mushrooms

Despite the beneficial properties of these mushrooms, they have some contraindications for use. They can harm children under 12 years of age, since there are no enzymes in their body that can absorb fungi.

People with gastrointestinal problems should also use dark mushrooms with caution. During pregnancy and lactation, it is worth consulting with a specialist before consuming mushrooms, since during this period the body's perception of certain products is complicated.


Dark mushrooms are used both in cooking and in medicine. When eating them, you need to be careful to carefully study the recipe so as not to harm your body. There is a huge list of recipes in which it is permissible to use mushrooms of a dark color.

In cooking

When cooking mushrooms it is required to take into account that the mushroom leg is stiff and not always suitable for consumption. Therefore, they use only a cap of honey mushrooms. After harvesting, the mushrooms are soaked in water for 30-40 minutes, after which they must be thoroughly washed and the leg separated from the cap.

Honey mushrooms are fried, boiled, pickled and salted. Mushrooms are also stored frozen until the next cooking.

Undercooked mushrooms can be dangerous: there is a risk of poisoning the body after eating. Better to cook them as long as possible.

In medicine

Dark honey mushrooms can be used in medicine as an antiseptic. Do not self-medicate, as an improperly prepared product will cause poisoning and intoxication of the body.

Cultivation methods

It is almost impossible to grow honey mushrooms on your own, as these are wild mushrooms that themselves choose a place of growth. For their appearance, the stump they eat is needed. Also near their growth must be present deciduous trees.


When picking mushrooms, it is worth considering their place of growth and shape. The light color under the cap indicates toxicity, and such mushrooms cannot be collected and used for food. Cooking dark mushrooms will not take much time, but you should make sure that the mushrooms are not raw, as this can lead to poisoning.


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