Compote Fanta from apricots, oranges and lemons - an unusual treat

Without a doubt, every housewife, both on the festive table and in the daily diet in the autumn-winter period, must have her own home-made drink on the table. But what without him? After all, it is tasty and healthy - no aggressive preservatives, no dyes, no stabilizers and other muck, which can not be said about store juices.

Recently, compote has become very popular, it really resembles the well-known soda Fanta to everyone's taste. A sweet apricot drink with orange immediately captivated everyone, especially children.

Bright and sunny in appearance with a pleasantly pronounced citrus taste, compote took an active position in the arsenal of almost every housewife. And the benefits of it are obvious, because all the ingredients are natural.

There are a lot of recipes for making such a delicious compote. I’ll tell you some of them - my favorites.

Compote Fanta from apricots and oranges, a classic recipe


  • Apricots - 400 g
  • Oranges - 1 pc.
  • Sugar - 400 g


  • Sort apricots. Leave the fruit only ripe, without visible damage. Dip the fruits in cool water, let stand for a few minutes so that the dust leaves. Next, wash my apricots and set aside for a while so that the excess water is gone.

  • Prepare an orange. It must be washed well, using a non-aggressive brush to completely remove the wax coating. Next, cut citrus into circles.

  • Now let's deal with compote. We will use three-liter containers. They need to be thoroughly washed with soda and sterilized on a stove above the steam, that is, arrange a steam bath for the jar. Do not forget to boil and metal lids for seaming.

  • We put apricots on the bottom of the prepared container.

  • Following the fruits, we also send sliced ​​circles of oranges to the jar.

  • With water, previously brought to a boil, fill the contents of the can. Cover with a metal lid and leave the fruits to warm up for about 10 minutes.

  • After 10 minutes, we drain the water from the can and again send it to the stove to heat up.

  • Pour sugar into boiling water, stirring occasionally, allow it to completely dissolve. After boiling again, cook for 2 minutes. The syrup is concentrated. You can adjust the amount of sugar to your taste.

  • Pour the finished syrup into the fruit in a jar. Immediately roll up the metal cover.

  • We turn the capacity upside down. Wrap the jar and leave it to cool completely for at least 24 hours. Then the container with compote can be removed to the pantry before the winter.

  • The compote Fanta from apricots and oranges is ready according to the classic recipe! In this version, we filled twice for the reason that no seeds were removed from the apricots. You can store such a compote for no more than a year. Yes, in principle, you will not succeed anymore. Compote is light, refreshing, with a bright orange flavor.

Compote Fanta of apricots and oranges with citric acid


  • Apricots - 450 g
  • Oranges - 1 pc.
  • Sugar - 400 g
  • Citric acid - 0.5 tsp.


  • We sort apricots, remove leaves, twigs. Set aside spoiled fruits. Rinse the fruit under running water, leave it in a colander for 10 minutes, so that the excess liquid in the glass.

  • In this version of the recipe there will be only one fill. We just remove the bones.

  • Prepare an orange. Be sure to wash it, you can pour over boiling water - this will help remove the wax coating that covers the citrus fruits so that they do not deteriorate. Cut the orange into half circles.

  • Be sure to prepare the container for compote. The bank needs to be washed and sterilized. Alternatively - hold for 10 minutes in a hot oven. The method is very convenient, because you can sterilize several cans at once. We boil the metal lid for several minutes. Pour clean halves of apricots into the prepared jar.

  • Sliced ​​halves of orange slices are also sent to the jar.

  • Pour sugar and citric acid, necessary for the recipe, into the jar.

  • Pre-heat filtered water. And as soon as the water boils, pour it into a jar of apricots. We cover the jar with a metal lid, but do not roll up yet.

  • In a high pot, put a cotton towel on the bottom. We put a jar on it and fill it with water to the shoulders. After boiling, sterilize a three-liter jar with compote for 10 minutes. After sterilization, we immediately seal the jar with a metal lid. Turn the container over, wrap it up and leave it to cool at room temperature. Next, remove the compote for long-term storage.

  • Compote Fanta from apricots and oranges with citric acid is ready! Such an invigorating, refreshing and vitamin drink will give a special mood and saturate the body with vitamins, which are so necessary in the autumn-winter period.

Apricot Fanta compote with oranges and lemon


  • Apricots - 400 g
  • Oranges - 0.5 pcs.
  • Lemons - 0.5 pcs.
  • Sugar - 250 g


  • We sort apricots. It is impossible to allow rotten fruits to fall into the compote, this will spoil the taste of the drink. Or even worse - we won’t even be able to try it, because the lid will swell and explode. Rinse the fruits well in water. Pure fruits give some time to dry.

  • From dried apricots, it is necessary to extract the seeds. Again, check carefully for damaged places. Throw away, even if the fruit is a little bad.

  • Lemon and orange are thoroughly washed from wax coating. Cut the citruses in half circles. We leave juice too.

  • We pre-prepare a three-liter jar for preserving the compote - wash it well with soda, rinse with clean water and sterilize. We sterilize in any way possible .. It is best to keep large volumes of steam over steam. We transfer the apricot halves to a sterilized jar.

  • Following the apricots, we send half circles of orange and lemon. Important! To prepare compote with citruses, it is advisable to choose thin-bodied fruits, they will not give bitterness in the drink.

  • Put sugar in a jar. You can adjust its quantity to your taste. Compote can be made more concentrated.

  • Pre-set boil clean filtered water. Pour the contents of the jar with boiling water. Immediately cover and roll up.

  • Turn the sealed container upside down to check the quality of the capping. Wrap it up well, and leave it until the compote is completely cool. Next, we hide the jar in the cellar until winter.

  • Apricot Fanta compote with oranges and lemon is ready! The result was not only a tasty and healthy drink, but also a great alternative to store products. And if you take into account its 100% naturalness, then children can safely drink it.

Apricot Fanta Compote with Orange and Mint


  • Apricots - 250 g
  • Oranges - 0.5 pcs.
  • Sugar - 200 g
  • Citric acid - 0.5 tsp.
  • Mint - 1 pc (sprig)


  • Fruits are carefully sorted, wash, remove excess moisture (you can even use a paper towel). Next, divide the apricots into halves and remove the seeds.

  • To remove the wax coating, which is covered with citrus fruits for storage, you need to pour boiling water over the fruit. Then rinse under warm running water.

  • Prepared orange cut into quarters of circles.

  • To prepare the compote with mint, we will use a one and a half liter capacity. But if you want to prepare a three-liter can of the drink, just double the number of ingredients. We wash the container with soda, rinse with clean water and sterilize. Small cans can be microwave sterilized. It is enough to put a jar in the oven for 5 minutes. Boil metal lids.

  • Pour halves of apricots into a sterilized jar.

  • Sliced ​​citrus is also sent to apricots.

  • We rinse a sprig of mint under running water and also lower it into a container.

  • The contents of the cans are covered with sugar. Add citric acid.

  • We put filtered water on the stove. As soon as it boils, pour it into a container. Immediately roll up the prepared metal cover.

  • So that sugar does not dissolve at the bottom of the can, it is enough to put the container on its side on a flat surface and roll it a little from side to side. Then we turn the container upside down, wrap it up and leave it to cool at room temperature. After this, the compote can be removed in a cool place until winter.

  • Apricot Fanta compote with orange and mint is ready! The rich apricot flavor is just perfect in combination with the freshness of an orange and a subtle mint aroma. Such a compote will remind you of summer days and cheer you up.


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