Characteristics of white cabbage

How useful cabbage is known to many. But it can also harm the body of those who are allergic, there are problems with the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. Consider what benefits cabbage is observed in medicine and what harm the culture can bring.

Characteristics of white cabbage

General information

White cabbage is a sweet vegetable that can be consumed fresh or processed. It has a spherical shape. Now the vegetable has become one of the most popular among people who monitor their health and figure.

Belongs to the Crucifer family, the Angiosperms department. Basically it has a powerful root system, good branching. Consider what benefits cabbage is observed in medicine and what harm the culture.

Other information:

  • glycemic index (GI) of a vegetable in fresh and processed form - 15;
  • OKPD of middle and late ripe vegetable -;
  • 2 merchandising grades - selective and ordinary;
  • Latin (scientific name in Latin) name - Brassica oleracea.

To sell this vegetable crop, a certificate of conformity of the vegetable to the standards of the Russian Federation is required. It is made in public and private companies. White cabbage can bring both benefit and harm. Its chemical composition directly depends on the characteristics of the cultivation of this vegetable.

Cabbage composition

The chemical composition of white cabbage allows it to be a complete food product. 100 g of vegetable contains 90 g of water, 1 g of ash, 1 g of fiber. But this is not all that the consumer needs to know about white cabbage.

The composition of white cabbage looks like this:

ComponentSubspeciesAmount mg
VitaminsVitamin B1 (Thiamine)0.03
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.04
Niacin (Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP)0.7
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)10 mcg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)45
Vitamin E (tocopherol)0.06
Trace elementsIron0.6
Iodine3 mcg
Cobalt3 mcg
Manganese170 mcg
Copper70 mcg
Molybdenum10 mcg
Fluorine10 mcg

The useful properties of lettuce cabbage depend on the conditions of its cultivation, storage and heat treatment. The most healthy one is fresh white cabbage, it is most often used as the main ingredient in salads.

Calorie cabbage

Cabbage has few calories

Calorie cabbage is quite low - 25 kcal per 100 g. It contains only 0.1 mg of fat, 18 mg of nitrates, 170 mg of potassium. In 6 g of carbohydrates, sugar accounts for most of it - 3.2 g, the smaller - dietary fiber (2.8 g). Low calorie cabbage is also due to the content of only 1.3 g of protein.

You must also know KBZhU not only white cabbage, but also other types of this vegetable crop:

The name of the variety of cabbageCalorie content, kcal.Fats, gProteins, gCarbohydrates, g
Brussels4404, 587.82
Kohlrabi4102, 5710.51
Color29th0.282, 325.23
Chinese (chamcha, chimcha)fourteen0.151.212.25

If we compare different methods of cooking white cabbage, then the usual cooking is in pieces, so that the beneficial properties of homemade white cabbage are preserved as much as possible. The calorie content of boiled white cabbage is 26 g. Fat is only 0.1 g, protein is 1.6 g, carbohydrates are 6.7 g. Sugar leaves the cabbage during the cooking process, therefore, it is recommended to use it in such a way for people with diabetes. It is also eaten by people who monitor their nutrition.

Sauerkraut also has a low energy value of 20 kcal. It is especially rich in carbohydrates - 54.2 g. Fried vegetables are harmless. Its calorie content is 40 kcal, protein concentration - 1.8 g, carbohydrates - 4.2 g, fats - 2.8 g.

The nutritional value of braised white cabbage is very small. She has such a BZHU on 100 gr:

  • calorie content - 76 kcal;
  • fats - 2.9 g;
  • proteins - 1.98 g;
  • carbohydrates - 10 g.

Calorie pickled cabbage reaches 90 calories. In comparison with other types of vegetables, it has an increased capacity of fats (5.4 g) and carbohydrates (9.5 g). Not particularly rich in proteins, the amount of which is equal to the average value - 1.45 g. Therefore, pickled cabbage is not recommended to eat at night.

Beneficial features

Fresh Vegetable

White cabbage is a rather useful product if consumed in an amount of 200 grams per day. The most beneficial vegetable brings fresh.

Table describing the beneficial properties of white cabbage:

Useful substanceHis description
Folic acidImproves blood circulation and metabolism. It is a prevention of atherosclerosis. It is useful for women for a normal, easy pregnancy.
Tartonic acidSlows down the process of turning carbohydrates into fats. Prevents subsidence of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. Thins, thickens blood.
PotassiumHelps to remove excess fluid from the body. Helps establish the digestive process, especially in men.
CelluloseRemoves excess cholesterol. It prevents the development of dysbiosis, that is, it normalizes the microflora in the stomach. It has a diuretic effect. Helps in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Application in traditional medicine

White cabbage is often used for medicinal purposes. It is usually prescribed for gout. This is due to the fact that there are no purines in the vegetable, due to which gouty deposits are usually formed and this disease develops. The beneficial properties of white cabbage spread to the choleretic system. White cabbage leaves are composed of dietary fiber, which prevents the absorption of bile acids and the development of cholelithiasis.

The benefits of white cabbage are used in the treatment of other diseases:

  • renal failure;
  • ulcers (mild stage);
  • gastritis (initial stage);
  • hemorrhoids (especially in men);
  • gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

Cabbage leaf will help with thrombophlebitis (varicose veins). In order for such useful properties of white cabbage to help in the treatment, it is necessary to roll the sheet with a rolling pin, grease it with oil (preferably olive) and attach it to the place where varicose enlargements are most often formed. Leaves need to be strengthened with a bandage and left for a day. The duration of such treatment is a month.

White cabbage, and especially its leaves, help to relieve pain and cramps. To do this, attach any part of the vegetable to the inflamed area. White cabbage effectively helps if headache. To do this, the vegetable needs to be slightly beaten off (so that the leaves let juice out) and applied to the temples or other part of the head for 30 minutes. Another option is to drink 300 ml of cabbage juice per day.

Fresh white cabbage is useful for atherosclerosis. You need to drink 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice just 15 minutes before eating.

With angina, such juice should be mixed with warm, boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1. The solution rinses the throat and oral cavity.

With low acidity, you should drink 50-100 ml of juice on an empty stomach. The same remedy will help with an ulcer, if it is at an initial stage. Gradually, the dose should be increased to 1 cup per day. The duration of such treatment is 2-3 months.

Cooking Application

White cabbage contains many useful substances, but improper cooking can destroy them and make the vegetable harmful to health. Remember, people with acute stomach diseases should not eat fresh vegetables.

White cabbage or other varieties of vegetables like to eat boiled. They can also be added to pastries.

From cabbage you can cook many dishes

Low-calorie cream soups are often made from vegetables. Often, dishes from this product are included on fasting days due to the high content of fiber (dietary fiber).

Healthy white cabbage dishes:

  • fritters;
  • cold vegetable salads;
  • pancakes;
  • cabbage rolls;
  • borscht;
  • chimcha;
  • jamcha;
  • homemade shawarma;
  • casseroles etc.

For people with gout, stewed cabbage dishes will be beneficial. in the process of extinguishing, all harmful components are eliminated, and only useful minerals remain. Also white cabbage can be fermented. During processing, it is saturated with useful mineral components and can be used even by children.


In certain situations, white cabbage can be harmful to the body. It is harmful to the thyroid gland. It can not be used by those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, especially with irritable bowel syndrome. People with liver disease should also limit their use to this type of vegetable.

White cabbage is a forbidden product for those who are allergic to it. In adults, it rarely manifests itself, but infants experience extremely unpleasant sensations. If the first signs of an allergy have been identified, you need to urgently give the child a medicine, because the effects of individual intolerance can be dangerous.


The harm of white cabbage is mainly in the presence of goitrogens. These trace elements contain only fresh cabbage. These substances form in the stomach during the etching of food. Their harm is as follows:

  1. Iodine deficiency. This is dangerous for people who have problems with the thyroid gland, as after consuming fresh cabbage, it begins to function even worse.
  2. The concentration of iodine in breast milk increases. This can cause cretinism and hypothyroidism, as there will be a shortage of necessary hormones.
  3. Thyroid cancer is actively developing. Initially, an excessive amount of goitrogens leads to iodine deficiency, and later to cancer.

It is important to consider that goitrogens are found only in fresh cabbage. In sauerkraut and stew they are not due to heat treatment.

The harm of cabbage juice

If the juice was made from cabbage with a high nitrate content, then it can be very dangerous for human health and life.

Gently drink freeze-dried cabbage juice for people with gastritis. It is better to breed it with other juices or plain water to reduce the acidity of the product.

It is completely necessary for people with such diseases to abandon the use of such juice:

  • pancreatitis
  • acute form of an ulcer;
  • various liver diseases.

White cabbage is harmful to nursing mothers. On HB, you should drink cabbage juice very carefully, because it causes increased gas formation, which will negatively affect the quality of milk. As a result, infants may experience flatulence, colic.

Useful and harmful properties of different varieties of white cabbage

Different types and varieties of cabbage differ in properties. To date, there is such a classification of white cabbage:

Variety name, hybridUsefulness and advantagesHarm and disadvantages
Mother-in-lawVery useful if eaten in dried form. She is not bitter, so it tastes good. It contains a lot of vitamin and minerals.Mother-in-law is not subject to long-term storage. As a result, it loses its useful properties, cracking. If you use it 2-3 weeks after collection, there is a risk of poisoning.
Early maturingIt can be stored in an apartment in a dark place, but it is better to use it fresh. So it goes well with rice, so it is used to make cabbage rolls.The precocity is demanding in leaving. If you use it in a pickled form, it can harm the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

If planted early, it will bloom and will not give a quality crop.

Menza F1Belongs to Dutch breeding. Rich in calcium and fiber. It is quickly digested and does not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.Pickled or fried can cause vomiting or severe burning sensation.
Swan f1Great for freezing. It can be consumed by young children of any age due to the large amount of fiber.The weight of this white cabbage is small - up to 1 kg, which is why it is suitable only for the preparation of salads. Juice from it will be bitter, which can provoke heartburn.
Crumont F1Sweet cabbage, no bitterness. Suitable for storage in the cellar, basement. It can be frozen and left for 2-3 months of storage.There is a contraindication - Menza is not allowed to those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or an acute form of an ulcer.
Magnus f1It can be stored in an apartment in a cool place (even a refrigerator is suitable). Helps in the treatment of cholelithiasis.Due to the high content of nitrates, it should be introduced into the diet gradually.
Kolya F1A variety bred by Russian breeders. Suitable for storage at home at a temperature of -1 to 2 ° C. Kolya is an excellent base for a headache compress. It can be processed into juice.The cost of the variety starts from 1700 rubles for 2000 seeds. A large concentration of freshly squeezed juice can significantly increase the acidity in the stomach.
Number One Gribovsky 147Such frozen cabbage favorably affects the reproductive function in men.

This is the best cultivar in Siberia. It is steady against typical Russian winter.

Unlike other varieties, it has a contraindication regarding storage. This variety is best consumed fresh, as during processing, this white cabbage loses useful qualities.
Dietmarscher fryerHer homeland is Holland. When eaten fresh, it is very crunchy, which is why it is often an ingredient in cold salads.It has a small head size - about 800 g.

When consumed in a stew, it provokes iodine deficiency

Snowflake F1Origin - Russia. This hybrid variety is valued for its high yield - up to 90 tons per 1 ha. Used for fermentation.It requires careful heading and plentiful watering. It has weak and short roots. If it is added to dishes fresh, it can cause heartburn.
VictoryThe main feature of the variety is the saturated red color of the leaves.

The variety is productive. From 1 ha, you can collect 100-120 tons. It also has a pleasant crunch when consumed fresh.

Victory is regularly cultivated to get an excellent harvest. Grow only seeds, t. To. otherwise it will produce a bad crop.
Copenhagen MarketIts distinguishing characteristic is part of the diet of hamsters. Helps to remove digestion problems for dogs. The benefit to humans is their high fiber content.It needs to be earthed up during the growing process. If it is consumed by people with gout, not stewed, but fresh, it helps to progress the disease.
Malachite F1Recommended for use in raw, natural form. If you want, it can be stewed or cooked.Not suitable for frying, as then it will be high-calorie. She has a poorly developed root system, so you should do various dressings.


White cabbage is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains vitamins, macro- and microelements. Valued for its ability to prevent the development of gout, ulcers, gastritis, if you know. But besides good white cabbage is harmful. Among the harmful properties of a vegetable is an allergic reaction, aggravation of liver diseases, and the formation of bloating in babies from mother’s milk.


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