Characteristics of the variety cucumbers

The cucumber variety Uhazher was developed by Zedek in 2007. Among its advantages, early maturity is primarily noted, due to which Ukhazher matures before the period of the spread of diseases.

Characteristics of cucumbers varieties Uhazher

Grade description

The plant belongs to early ripening. From sowing to harvesting, an average of 42-45 days pass. The bushes are powerful, medium in size, have a female type of flowering. The mass of the fruit is 70-95 g. Length is about 12 cm. The surface of the cucumbers is tuberous, the shape is cylindrical.

It is not necessary to wait until the cucumber grows to its maximum size: the gherkin is no less tasty.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cucumbers Uhazher are distinguished by crisp flesh with a delicate taste. However, in addition to excellent taste characteristics, the description highlights a number of other advantages of the variety:

  • long fruiting period;
  • high yields;
  • attractive presentation of the fruit;
  • long storage period;
  • high level of resistance to disease.

Fruits have a feature that can be considered a disadvantage: before eating, they are thoroughly washed with a brush to get rid of the prickly thorns on the skin.

Planting varieties

Cucumber Uhazher, like other varieties, is highly sensitive to cold, so during planting, the soil temperature should reach 17-18 ° C. In the fall, the site is dug up and all residual vegetation is removed. Sour soil is lime.

Sowing method

In the spring, around mid-April, the earth was again dug up and leveled with a rake. Waiting in mid-May, humus is added, as well as mineral fertilizers and wood ash. The soil is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate (so Seeds, and later sprouts, will be protected from diseases), then cover with a dark film.

For sowing seeds, choose a warm day. Seeds are sown to a depth of not more than 1.5-2 cm. After emergence, the beds are thinned out, leaving the strongest plants. The distance between them should be about 20-25 cm.

Seedling method

Seedling method allows for a couple of weeks to accelerate the fruiting process.

Cucumber Uhazher f1 sown on seedlings and a month later planted on the site, following a number of rules:

  • cups with a depth of about 9 cm are filled with light and fertile soil, sowing is carried out at a distance of about 1.5-2 cm from the surface;
  • landings are made when at night the temperature is set at not lower than 14 ° C, in the daytime - 18-20 ° C;
  • the earth is watered 2 times a week, in the morning, with warm, settled water;
  • Do not forget to use fertilizers;
  • 10 days before planting on the site begin hardening seedlings.


Good care improves yields

In order to obtain the desired result and achieve high yield of cucumbers Uhazher f1, it is necessary to properly care for the plants. Key recommendations:

  • in the summer, feed cucumbers 4-5 times with mineral and organic fertilizer options;
  • initially moderate watering: 4 liters of water per 1 sq. km. m every 5 days;
  • when flowering, and then fruiting, use 10 liters of water per 1 square. m every 3 days;
  • to form a plant in one stem, as well as leave side shoots.

Pest treatment

The variety of cucumbers Uhazher f1, like any other, can be affected by pests, namely:

  • spider mite;
  • melon aphid;
  • whitefly;
  • slugs.

Spider mite

If dots of yellow hue and a barely distinguishable cobweb became visible on the leaves, a spider mite got into the plant. Since he loves low humidity, the first remedy against the pest will be spraying the leaves in hot weather up to several times a day.

An infusion of onions or garlic also comes to the rescue. It is used several times during the summer. Dill is planted next to cucumbers: it attracts ladybugs, which are enemies of ticks. Planting seedlings as early as possible reduces the risk of infection. Another option is the treatment of plants with insecticides.

Gourd aphids

To combat melon aphids, first of all, it is necessary to keep the beds clean and remove the remains of vegetation for the winter. Plants are treated with infusions of celandine, onions, potatoes. Also helps infusion of wood tar. Sometimes pesticides are used.


In the fight against whiteflies, glue traps help. Also use garlic or onion infusion. If necessary, use pesticides.


To get rid of slugs, use hot pepper infusion. Spruce and pine needles, which are added to the soil around cucumbers, also help well. Another option is a solution of ammonia. In some cases, chemicals are used.


Variety Uhazher f1 will delight you with a high yield, if you provide the plants with proper care. Crispy gherkin is an excellent component of the summer menu, and also serves as a delicious ingredient in winter harvesting.


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