Characteristics of tomato variety Ural Giant

Before growing tomatoes, the gardener wonders what kind of variety to choose. Tomato Ural Giant is perfect for people who want to grow huge fruits with excellent taste and aroma. Growing it does not require much effort than other varieties, and the result will please everyone.

Characteristics of tomato variety Ural Giant


This is a large-fruited variety of the new generation, which combines 4 species. They differ among themselves only in fruits, which can be of different colors. You can grow tomatoes in red, pink, yellow (lemon) and orange.

Each has its own taste, aroma and its advantages. The giant red contains a very useful lycopene in large quantities. Pink - has a fairly sweet fruit. Yellow - has a piquant taste, and orange - delicate, with a high content of carotene.

Bush description

Relative to other representatives of large-fruited varieties, the Ural Giant is considered to be ripe. The bush is lianoid, indeterminate, therefore, reaches large sizes. During the season, grows in height by 1.5 m. If not tied in time, the culture will grow horizontally or break. They are grown both in greenhouses, in greenhouses, and in open areas of soil.

Fruit Description

The fruits are fleshy, juicy and sweet. In the description of the tomato, the Ural giant stated that their mass reaches 600-800 g. But there are vegetables and large sizes. Their top will be flattened, the shape is round. They have many cameras. The skin is thin. Use fresh for salads. Perfect for making sauces, ketchups and juices.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive characteristics:

  1. High productivity - from 1 square. m. per season, with proper care in the greenhouse, you can collect 12-15 kg of tomato. Since the plant is large, one brush can carry 3-5 ovaries. Therefore, the area allocated for cultivation is used as efficiently as possible.
  2. High taste and pleasant aroma.
  3. Resistance to cracking.
  4. Usefulness - fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
  5. Excellent tolerance of cold and heat - thanks to this property, tomatoes are grown in regions with harsh climates and in more southern regions.

The disadvantage of this variety is its susceptibility to disease and pests. Often, a culture cannot resist late blight and other fungal infections. In addition, it is difficult to deliver fruits to other places, for example, for sale. After all, they are large, and the skin is thin. Therefore, during transportation, they lose their presentation.


Before planting a tomato the Ural giant, it is worth fertilizing the soil. This is done in the fall, in the third decade of November. Contribute to wood ash, chicken droppings or other organic substances. After that, they dig the soil.

Seedlings should be transplanted when two true leaves appear

Plant a planting method:

Seeds are sown in March-early April. Deepen by 1 cm. Sprouted seedlings are transplanted when they have 1-2 real leaves. Before landing at a permanent place, they temper 7-10 days. If the greenhouse method of cultivation is chosen, then it is worth planting seedlings in April-May. Her age should be about 60-65 days. They are planted in open ground after the end of spring frost, when there are already 6-7 real leaves and at least one flower brush. Fertilizers are added to the wells. The landing pattern should be 30 × 50 cm.


To get a high yield, you need to make an effort that includes:

  • the formation of bushes;
  • garter
  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • pest treatment.

Bush formation

Since the plant has the property of uncontrolled growth, it is necessary to control its size. Otherwise, the harvest will not be good. For the proper formation of the bush, stepsoning and tracing are done. Throughout the growth of the culture, side shoots are removed. So that in their place new branches do not grow again, it is necessary to leave a stump of 1.5-2 cm in size when breaking off.

With sufficient nutrition, you can leave only one stepson - above the first brush. When the plant reaches the desired height (1.5-2 m), pinch its top. In this case, leave 2-3 sheets over the brush. Thanks to such manipulations, the plant will direct all its forces to the formation and poured fruit. To grow huge vegetables in the cyst leave one ovary.


In order for the tomatoes not to fall and not break due to the severity of the fruits, it is worth tying them up. For this purpose, you can make vertical trellis. Plants wrap around them, and tassels with fruits are tied separately.


Water the tomatoes with warm water after sunset. Watering is carried out regularly every 2 days, but in moderation.

Top dressing

Fertilizers are applied throughout the entire growth period, at least 2 times a month. Feeding is carried out both by organic and mineral substances. It is worth considering your capabilities before planting the Ural giant, since without fertilizers it is impossible to build fleshy fruits.

Disease prevention

For the prevention of fungal diseases, spraying with the environmentally friendly drug Fitosporin is carried out. If the culture is already infected, use chemicals that can be bought in specialized stores.


To obtain a high yield, you need to properly care for the plant. Then the tomatoes will please with large, sweet and fleshy fruits. The growing process and the entire application of the effort will not be in vain.


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