Characteristics of the tomato variety Andreevsky surprise

Tomato Andreevsky surprise gives beautiful and large pink tomatoes. This variety is loved by farmers for the taste of fruits and disease resistance. Tomato is grown in open ground and in a greenhouse.

Characteristics of the tomato variety Andreevsky surprise

Tomato care Andreevsky surprise is standard, the main thing is to provide optimal conditions for seedlings.

Grade description

The variety survives well in the middle lane and northern regions, where vegetables are grown mainly in greenhouse conditions.

Varietal characteristics and description of tomato Andreevsky Surprise:

  • The bush is indeterminate. It reaches a height of about 2 m. The central stem is powerful.
  • Ripening period is medium late. Harvest can be harvested 10-120 days after sowing seeds for seedlings.
  • Productivity is low. With 1 sq. m beds collect 8 kg of fruit.
  • High resistance to late blight.

Recommended trellis cultivation of tomatoes. A powerful bush with heavy fruits needs strong support.

Fruit Description

Tomatoes Andreevsky Surprise were highly appreciated by experts in the field of vegetable growing. To understand why, the description of the tomato will help Andreevsky surprise:

  • Fruits are flat-round.
  • The color of the ripe fruit is pink-red.
  • The average weight of one tomato is 150-200 g when grown in open ground. In greenhouse conditions, it is possible to obtain fruits weighing up to 500 g.
  • The pulp is fleshy, juicy.
  • The taste of fruits is sweet and sour, pleasant.

The fruits are eaten mainly fresh. They go well with other vegetables in fresh summer salads. Also, pasta, juices, adjika and other sauces are prepared from tomatoes.

A lack of tomatoes is called a tendency to crack. This significantly reduces the assessment of commercial qualities. Fruits do not tolerate transportation very well.

Growing seedlings

It’s easy to take care of the plant

Seeds of tomato variety Andreevsky surprise is not difficult to find.

Planting seeds

Seeds for seedlings are sown in mid-March or early April. For good survival, the seeds are hardened. A week before sowing, they are placed in a tub of sand and put in a refrigerator or cellar.

Planting seedlings consists of the following steps:

  • The bottom of the tub is lined with drainage material (river sand, broken brick).
  • A mixture of garden soil, sand, neutral peat and manure is filled up (ratio - 3: 1: 1: 1).
  • Make a few parallel grooves 2 cm deep in the surface soil layer. The distance between the grooves is 3-4 cm.
  • Seeds are placed in the grooves at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, covered with earth.

On top of the landing container is covered with transparent polyethylene or glass. This provides the seeds with the right microclimate. Once a day, the shelter is aired.

Seedling Care

Soil with crops is watered as it dries. Drought must not be tolerated. Spike picking is carried out when the first real 2-3 leaves appear.

What is important to consider when caring for seedlings:

  • plentiful watering;
  • fertilizing with manure 2-3 weeks after the appearance of sprouts;
  • optional additional illumination.

The sprouts of the variety have enough natural light that enters the room from the street through the windows. A week before the planned planting on the bed, the irrigation intensity is increased.

Planting seedlings

Planting in the greenhouse seedlings of St. Andrew's variety produced in late May. Two-month plants are planted in open soil.

Features of planting seedlings in the ground:

  • landing scheme - 70 x 30 cm;
  • per 1 square. m beds planted no more than 4 bushes.

A bed for planting is prepared in the fall. Dig the earth half a meter, make compost. Before planting a seedling, a planting hole is well watered. When the earth dries, the roots of the seedling are placed in the groove. The root neck is buried by 5 cm, the plant is sprinkled with earth, trampled, mulched with dry straw. The bottom 2 leaves are carefully removed.

Tomato Care

You can take care of plants by the Andreevsky surprise according to the standard rules for large-fruited tomatoes.

The variety needs good soil moisture, regular top dressing and sunlight to ripen the fruit.

Plant Care Rules:

  • Stepsoning. The bush is best formed in 1-2 stems.
  • Watering. Water the tomatoes under the root, the intensity of watering is 1 bucket under the bush 1 time per week.
  • Top dressing. Fertilizers are applied every 3 weeks. Organics are alternated with mineral fertilizers. To ripen the fruit you need potash top dressing.

Too tightly tie the plant to the trellis is impossible: it will die. After each watering, the greenhouse is aired. The culture is grown in greenhouses with high arches.


Yield of tomatoes Andreevsky surprise is high, but they take root well, almost never get sick, and bear large fruits.


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