Characteristics of tomato varieties Easter egg

Gardeners most often choose high-yielding crops that are resistant to certain climatic conditions for planting on the site. These include Easter egg tomato, suitable for growing both in open ground and in a greenhouse.

Characteristics of tomato varieties Easter egg

The peculiarity of this tomato is the coloring of the fruits. On the bright red skin are thin strips of golden color, giving the tomato a resemblance to an Easter egg.


Easter egg is an indeterminate mid-early hybrid with high productivity. When grown in a greenhouse from one bush receive up to 6 kg of fruit. The best indicators of fruiting are observed when the bush is formed in 2 stems. The description of the variety is worth special attention.

Bush description

Tomato bush Easter egg belongs to the vigorous. When grown in open ground, it is capable of reaching 1.7 m in height. In the greenhouse, there are also two-meter specimens. Such parameters indicate the need for tying and pinching of tomato.

Fruits ripen with brushes of 6 pieces. The hybrid bears fruit until the frost.

Fruit Description

The fruits of the tomato variety Easter egg is a cocktail type. This is partly due to their small size and taste characteristics.

  • fruits grow with brushes of 5-6 pieces;
  • fruit weight - 70-90 g;
  • color is bright red with golden stripes;
  • ovoid shape;
  • sweet and sour taste;
  • the pulp is juicy, with a large number of seed chambers.

The use of Easter egg fruit depends on the preferences of the gardener. Tomatoes are perfect for both fresh consumption and for preparing various dishes. The preservation of such vegetables is especially popular.

The thick peel of the fruits does not lend itself to cracking, and therefore they perfectly tolerate transportation and are stored for a long time.

Growing Features

Unnecessary shoots must be removed

Hybrid Easter egg is mid-early. After sowing seeds, the harvest is expected from 90 to 110 days. Growing seedlings is simple. Seeds are sown in small pots or trays with fertile soil. Before emergence, the containers are covered with polyethylene and cleaned in a warm place. With the advent of seedlings, seedlings are placed in the sun.

Transplantation into the greenhouse is carried out in May, and into the open ground - not earlier than the first decade of June. The earth, like air, should be well warmed up: sharp cooling can destroy plants.

  • For planting, light types of soil with preliminary drainage are used.
  • Planting seedlings is made in pre-disinfected soil. To do this, use a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Bushes are grown with formed beds, the width of which is 80 cm and the height is 30 cm.

The bushes are dug in parallel or in a checkerboard pattern. For the cultivation of crops, this feature does not matter. Since the bushes are vigorous, at the same time as planting, they carry out the installation of supports for the garter. It is not recommended to do this later, since work can lead to a violation of the root system of tomatoes.

In addition to tying, they trim. Removing leaves and unnecessary shoots will allow the plant to concentrate its strength precisely on growing fruits.

Special attention deserves the care of seedlings. Watering should be moderate: excess moisture leads to root rot.

The first procedure is carried out 30 days after planting. Only warm, settled water is used, therefore, before planting, care should be taken to install an open water storage tank next to the planned cultivation site.

Regular weeding and fertilizers contribute to better yields. Fertilizing is often done with complex mineral compounds, although this variety of tomatoes is not picky about the type of fertilizer. The main thing is not to make nitrogen feeding during the flowering period.

Gardeners reviews

The Easter egg variety is one of the best for growing in the southern regions. In the middle climatic zone, in order to get a good crop, the hybrid must be grown in a greenhouse.

People familiar with such a culture speak of a change in the shape of the fruit and its taste in different periods of vegetation. The first tomatoes are larger. They are juicy, moderately sweet. Such fruits are perfect for fresh consumption. Late harvest, harvested in early autumn, smaller and sweeter. Such tomatoes are suitable for preserving and making juices.


The main advantage of tomato Easter egg is its fruits. They are small in size and have a delicate sweet taste. The golden stripes with which the peel of the tomato is endowed give it an elegant look.

Growing a variety is easy. It is great for both experienced and beginner gardeners. The main thing is to consider all the features of care.


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