Characteristics of tomato varieties Doll F1

Each gardener dreams of ideal tomatoes that ripen early, are resistant to disease and bear fruit all summer, so breeders are constantly breeding more and more hybrid varieties that differ in balanced characteristics. Not the last place among them is occupied by the F1 Doll tomato, which recently appeared on the market.

Characteristics of tomato varieties Doll F1

Grade characteristics

Tomato Doll F1 can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground. Breeders took care of the high yield and plant resistance to pathogenic bacteria and harmful insects. Bushes of such a hybrid can reach a height of 70 cm, so they need to be tied up.

The first fruits on tomato beds appear early enough. With 1 sq. m plot collect up to 10 kg of tomatoes.

It looks like a classic red-pink tomato. Each fruit has a weight of 150 g, some reach a weight of 400 g. Tomatoes have a dense skin that does not crack for a long time, due to this feature, long transportation is possible.


Depending on the region, gardeners choose the most optimal place to plant the F1 hybrid. If the weather conditions are not very favorable: little sun, inappropriate temperature conditions - it is better to plant a variety in a greenhouse. If summer promises to be long and warm, hybrid seedlings can be placed in open ground.

A prerequisite for planting this variety is not to plant where potatoes, peppers or eggplants grew last year. This increases the risk of insects or diseases on plants.

When exactly to plant seedlings on a bed depends on the climatic conditions of the region. One of the guidelines for starting the transfer of tomato sprouts to the greenhouse is the established air temperature not lower than 12 ° С.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hybrid Doll F1 was bred by breeders in laboratories, so seeds collected from ripened fruits differ in properties and characteristics from the mother plant. Another feature of the variety, like the seeds of Masha, is determinism. This is manifested in the fact that after the formation of the ovaries, the bushes cease to grow in height and give new ovaries.

Such disadvantages of the hybrid overlap with a number of advantages:

  • compact bushes;
  • simplicity in leaving;
  • rapid ripening of fruits;
  • high percentage of seed germination.

Planting seeds

Extra sprouts need to be removed

Cultivation of hybrid tomatoes Doll F1, Doll Masha and other varieties F1 begins with the purchase of seeds. Sowing is carried out 40–45 days before the proposed planting of seedlings in a permanent place. According to the description on the package, it is recommended to start this procedure in March-April.

Tomato seeds must be soaked before planting in clean, warm water, wrapped in a cloth. After biting, they are laid out in a special soil for seedlings to a depth of 1 cm and at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. Then seeds are sprinkled with earth, watered and covered with a film. This mini greenhouse is aired from time to time. Active watering of emerged seedlings begins after the appearance of the second leaf.


Dive seedlings in separate pots. It is important to remember some rules:

  • use rag gloves;
  • take a root lump of earth;
  • Do not feed seedlings the first 5-7 days after transplanting;
  • disinfect the root system of the sprouts;
  • do not deepen the plant.

When the plant is stretched to a height of 30 cm, it should be transplanted to a permanent place in the greenhouse. The distance between the shoots should be about 1.5 m, so the plants will not interfere with each other, watering, fertilizing and harvesting will be quite simple.


10-12 days after transplanting tomato seedlings, you can start traditional activities to care for them:

  • watering under the root;
  • fertilizer application;
  • loosening the soil;
  • airing the greenhouse;
  • carrying out preventive measures against pests.

Water the plants as needed and preferably in the afternoon. To avoid drying out the soil, it is better to mulch with sawdust, straw or peat. When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is imperative to periodically ventilate it to prevent excess moisture. In this case, you can not create drafts.

When loosening the beds, you can not go deeper than 10 cm, so as not to damage the root system of young tomatoes. Be sure to get rid of weeds.

After the seventh leaf, the first inflorescence usually develops. At this time, stepsoning should be carried out so that the plant does not expend energy on the formation of excess processes. The ripening of fruits due to this will be faster.


The official description states that this hybrid variety gratefully responds to fertilizers. Foliar and root top dressing with nitrogen-containing and other drugs should be carried out in a timely manner, but not to allow an excess of fertilizers.

Since breeders have taken care of the stability of Doll F1 tomatoes to all kinds of bacteria, fungi and insects, there will be no problems in this direction. But preventive measures cannot be neglected.

This hybrid variety is versatile, productive and has excellent taste. To get a good tomato crop, you just need to create favorable conditions for their growth.


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