Characteristics of Tomato Intuition

There are varieties of Tomatoes that differ not only in appearance and taste, but also in growing conditions, ripening dates, and the complexity of planting. Tomato Intuition is a common variety in our area.

Characteristics of Tomato Intuition

Distribution history

Tomato Intuition f1 belongs to the hybrid type of the first generation. This is one of the first varieties that you can collect by brush. It was bred by Russian breeders for the prospect of planting in the autumn-summer period and officially registered in 1998.

Tomato is a universal hybrid variety of the vegetative type, tall in type of germination, which is not suitable for every area.

Grade description

The plant has a tall and powerful stem 1.7-2 m long, a moderate number of brushes and dark green rough leaves on which the fruits are firmly held. It is formed in 1 or 2 stems (through the use of a stepson as a second trunk). The rhizome is developed and deep, the strong axis is able to support the weight of germinating vegetables, the inflorescence is standard, the peduncle is articulated.

Harvested 3-4 months after the first seedlings - you cannot name a precocious variety: it is mid-season. The fruits are harvested from mid-July to late September.


The tomato variety Intuition has a number of advantages:

  • High productivity - from 25 to 33 kg from 1 m² (from 4 plants). This is 10% more than the average from ordinary tomato bushes. In a greenhouse, when applying a seedling method of cultivation, they give the most fruitful results. Seeds have a large percentage of germination.
  • Resistance to fungal diseases such as tobacco mosaic, various sporioses, as well as parasites. Chemical treatment should be minimal, which allows you to grow a healthy plant and reduce waste.
  • Excellent taste, sweet with sourness.
  • Long shelf life and transportability. Fruits, thanks to durability, do not crack.
  • Commodity appearance of fruits.
  • Convenient brush picking.

It is better to grow tomato Intuition f1 indoors. It depends on the terrain: in the southern regions, an open one is also suitable, but the process requires a lot of effort.


Variety characteristics allow us to highlight minor negatives. The disadvantages of F1 are insignificant. These include long ripening of fruits (but due to this, green fruits have time to ripen) and poor adaptability to growing in open ground. Seeds of tomato intuition f1 can not be left for cultivation the next year.

Fruit characterization

Fruits are ideal for canning.

Tomato Intuition has an attractive appearance, thanks to a thin (but dense) and shiny skin. The elasticity of the skin allows you to keep the fruits intact during conservation.

Tomatoes are round in diameter, reach 7-8 cm, weigh an average of 100 g. The percentage of dry matter is about 4.5.

The pulp of tomatoes is rich and tender, with a sugar taste. Compact tomatoes look like twins, one on top of the other. Unripe tomatoes have a green color, redden as they ripen.

Growing rules

To achieve high yields, you need to invest a lot of effort in the process and stock up on the necessary equipment. The greenhouse should be equipped with a proper heating and lighting system, especially at the stage of planting seedlings. Seeds for seedlings are planted in late winter and early spring. When the sprouts age reaches more than 50 days, they are planted in the landing wells treated with manganese water. The distance between them is a quarter meter. Rows are placed 0.5 m apart.

Intuition tomatoes require compliance with a number of conditions when growing:

  • soil preparation for planting;
  • soil nutrition with a mixture of peat, turf and humus in equal proportions, plus 1 tbsp. l phosphate, 1 kg of sand and 1 tbsp. wood ash; as an alternative - a ready-made mixture from specialized stores;
  • removal of the surface soil layer 15 cm deep;
  • disinfection with a solution of vitriol (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

Before planting, harden the tomato. The age of seedlings ready for planting should be at least 50 days, it should have a mature appearance: a powerful and fairly tall stalk, bright color of the leaves. After planting, a garter is made a few days later, then pinching and pinching of the growth point.

How to care

The list of mandatory measures includes watering, periodic weeding and preventive measures to protect against diseases. In August, farmers carry out pinching - cut off the top of the plant so that the ripened fruit ripened. If you ignore this moment, the process of plant growth will slow down. Particularly relevant is the process of pinching for cold edges, where for a short period of summer bush ovaries do not have enough time to mature.

To ensure greater productivity, gardeners are advised to use loamy or sandy loam soils coated with humus or ash for planting seeds of hybrid varieties. The greenhouse method of growing seeds is the most optimal, due to the coverage of the useful territory of the closed ground.


Tomato Intuition f1 is considered picky, weather-resistant, and therefore farmers' favorite variety. The elasticity of the fruits allows them to be stored for a long time. The requirements for the conditions are fairly standard: a dry and dark place without a sharp temperature difference.

Reviews gardeners about tomato Intuition is completely positive. It is valued for its high and stable yield, ease of cultivation and excellent taste. Intuition tomatoes are popular for conservation. According to the description of tomatoes Intuition F1, the variety is universal and suitable for growing in an average household plot.


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