Characteristics of the potato variety Alladin

Potato Alladin is one of the modern discoveries in the agricultural business.

Characteristics of the potato variety Alladin

Advantages and disadvantages of the grade Aladdin

According to the description, the grade Aladdin has a number of positive characteristics:

  • mid-ripening (ripening period - 90-100 days);
  • high productivity;
  • keeping up;
  • universality;
  • disease resistance.

The disadvantages include susceptibility to attack by Colorado beetles.

Planting Aladdin potatoes

Landing is carried out when the earth warms up to at least 7 ° C.

The bush grows not wide, therefore, between plantings observe a distance of 30–35 cm. The species is planted to a depth of 10 cm due to moderate stolons.

The soil must be warm

Before planting, the seed material is sorted and germinated.

Potato care

Caring for Aladdin potatoes involves hilling and weeding. Hilling is usually carried out 2 times a season, weeding - as necessary.


Potatoes are watered especially carefully during periods of drought or at a temperature of 27 ° C. Moisturizing accelerates growth and prevents disease.


According to the description, the Alladin potato variety can be fertilized with the following means:

  • Kemira potato;
  • organics;
  • minerals;
  • nitrogen substances.


Aladin is a modernized type of tuberous, resistant to viruses, for which he won popular love.


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