Characteristics of pear variety Chizhovskaya

Pear Chizhovskaya is a hybrid of varieties Olga and Forest Beauty. Bred by Russian breeders Potapov and Chizhov. Today is one of the most common. The variety gained popularity due to its good yield and resistance to bad weather conditions. The great taste of fruits pleases gardeners.

Characteristics of pear variety Chizhovskaya

Grade characteristics

The variety is mid-ripening - the pear ripening dates fall at the end of August. Fruiting begins 3-4 years after planting.

It is a self-fertile species. But for high productivity pollinators are required, which can be such varieties: Severyanka, Rogneda and Lada.

The pear variety Chizhovskaya has the following characteristics:

  1. It tolerates a drop in temperature, but not as good as the Lada variety.
  2. It is resistant to scab than such varieties as Honey, Somovskaya cannot boast.
  3. It does not tolerate drought (especially at the stage of early development), which can not be said about Lada. Therefore, it requires timely good watering.

Tree description

Mid-layer - the height is 1.8-2.5 m. Semi-ram. The young plant has a narrow crown, which in an older tree takes the form of a cone. The bark is dark gray. Shoots are red or dark brown, slightly curved.

Midwifery is average. The leaves are oblong, curved in the center. There are notches along the edges. The color is saturated green. The surface is smooth. The buds are dark brown, conical in shape. On branches are placed with a deviation. Inflorescences are corymbose, include 5-6 flowers of white color. Petals in the form of a cup.

Description of the fetus

Description of the fruit: weight 150-180 g. The skin is thin, smooth, matte. The color of pears is yellow-green, some have a slight blush. There are black dots under the skin. Ripe brown seeds. Their fruit can be 5-10 pieces.

Pear Chizhovskaya has a pulp of medium juiciness. Its shade is light yellow, closer to white. The structure is semi-oily, melting. The taste is sweet-sour, pleasant. The aroma is fresh. According to expert tasting experts, the fruits received 4.1-4.2 points out of 5. Fruits do not overripe.

Fruits are yellow-green with a slight blush


Chizhovskaya pear gives good yield indicators - up to 55 kg of fruits from one tree. Dry wooden containers with ventilation holes can last up to 3 months. The temperature in the room where the crop is located should be 3 ° C. They perfectly tolerate transportation, have a presentation and are well stored.

Pear Chizhovskaya winter-hardy. Cases of freezing in the middle lane are not described. It can withstand temperatures of -30 ° C. It also tolerates summer heat.

The disadvantages include the fact that the fruits of the variety decrease as the plants grow older. A tree at the age of 15 yields fruits weighing 70-80 g. This is due to the fact that the vegetative mass is growing and it lacks fertilizers. Regular top dressing can only partially help.


Prefers slightly acidic soils. High pH can be neutralized by liming. If you need to acidify the soil, use superphosphate and potassium salt. They will also give minerals. Funds are paid a few months before planting. During this period they will dissolve. For cultivation, chernozem and loamy soil are better suited.

Planting dates can fall on the spring or autumn period (depending on the region). In the south planted around October (a month before the cold), in the north - from late March to mid-May.

Soil preparation

To prepare a landing pit, in the autumn they dig earth to a depth of 1 m and a width of 60 cm. 2 buckets of humus and sand are added to the soil that has been removed. Depending on the pH level, 1/3 cup of potassium sulfate and 200 g of superphosphate or 2-3 kg of slaked lime (dolomite flour) are added. The soil mixture is poured into the pit and watered with 2 buckets of water. A peg is driven in from its southern side. A seedling will be tied to it in the future.

If planting is carried out in the spring, then make sure that the soil warms up to a depth of 10-15 cm. For planting, take a seedling, whose age is 1-2 years. The buds should not have bloomed by this time. Dead branches are removed from it.

The roots in the pit should be loose. They are sprinkled a little with earth and watered with 2 buckets of water. Then they completely fall asleep, compact the soil and water again with the same amount of water.

If Pear Chizhovskaya sits in the fall, then the pit is not prepared in advance. It is dug up immediately before landing. The actions are the same as with these events in the spring. Only the soil is fertilized in this way: a bucket of humus and 1 glass of ash are brought to the bottom. Experienced gardeners recommend planting in the autumn. So the culture takes root better.

It is necessary to maintain a distance with other trees. Pollinators are planted 3-4 m from this variety.

Planting dates may fall in the spring or autumn period (depending on the region


In order for crop yields to be at their best, you need to follow some rules, caring for the plant ensures the health of the tree and its fertility. It is worth creating optimal conditions for the plant, namely:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • pruning.


For the good development of the tree, it is necessary to moisten the soil under it. After planting, the first month of seedling is watered after 7-8 days. One watering is carried out in two stages per day, 10-12 liters of water are added. Then they carry out 3-4 soil moisturizing with the expectation that a plant should receive 2-3 buckets of liquid per year of life. Under hot climatic conditions, the number of irrigation increases.

Top dressing

Pear Chizhovskogo needs regular feeding. This is the key to a high yield. During flowering, saltpeter is used (30 g per 1 sq. M.). To prepare the solution, it is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:50. Liquid is introduced around the plant. At this stage of development, other nitrogen-containing substances are also useful. Such top dressing is also carried out in the twentieth of July (stage 3 of fertilizing).

After flowering, the tree is fertilized with a solution of nitroammophoski. One pear requires three buckets of remedy. It is prepared as follows: 1 kg of the drug per 200 liters of water.

In order for the culture to tolerate winter well, it is worth feeding it in the fall. For 1 square. m. of soil they prepare such a fertilizer:

  • superphosphate - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • potassium chloride - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • water - 10 l.

The solution is applied around the tree trunk. This will provide the soil with minerals.


Care is also pruning. It is carried out in spring or autumn, but not in summer. In spring, this procedure is done at a temperature of at least 8 ° C. The shoots parallel and perpendicular to the central trunk, as well as those that grow in the inner part, are removed. This will provide the leaves with access to light and the formation of a cone-shaped crown type.

In October, the pear is cleaned of sick and old branches - so called sanitary pruning. To treat the affected areas on fire, such a preparation is prepared: 50 g of pine resin, 250 g of solidol and 200 g of wax.


Pear Chizhevsky is resistant to certain types of diseases. But some still hit her. Among them are fungal diseases such as rust and black cancer.

At the first sign of illness, treatment should be started to maintain yield.


The first disease has the following symptoms: pads of red or orange on the outside of the leaves. To combat the disease, Khom treatment is used. To prepare the solution, 80 g of the product is taken per 10 liters of water. On one tree, 4 liters of funds are required. After harvesting, spraying with 1% Bordeaux liquid is used.

Black cancer

In a disease of black cancer, characteristic dents of a brown-violet color appear on the cortex. Over time, the bark blackens and cracks. A tree may even die. The affected areas are cut off immediately with two centimeters of healthy bark. After that, they are treated with 1% solution of copper sulfate. Then they cover it with garden var.


Pests of this variety are:

  • hawthorn;
  • goldfish;
  • ringed silkworm.

Description of the variety advises to use Entobacterin in the fight against hawthorn and ringed silkworm. 100 g of the drug are taken per 10 l of water. Dosage for 1 tree - up to 4 l of solution. Insecticides will be effective against goldfish. Use an Aktar remedy. A package of this substance is diluted in 10 liters of water. Consumption - 3 liters per 1 tree.


Pear Chizhovskaya is a variety that even beginner gardeners can grow. After all, she is unpretentious in leaving. It has many positive characteristics. Endowed with excellent taste.

The fruits are consumed fresh. And also prepare jam, compotes, candied fruits.


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