Characteristics of Magaracha Citron Grape

Among the most popular grape varieties of Russian selection, Citron Magaracha grapes deserve special attention. It is cultivated on an industrial scale in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

Characteristics of Magaracha Citron Grape

Grape characteristics

The Citron Magaracha grape variety is an industrial-table variety. Most often they make wine out of it, sometimes juices.

Vinorgad has a mid-early ripening period - they are removed from the bushes in early autumn, in the last days of August or in the first ten days of September.

Features of Citron Grape:

  • bisexual flowering (does not require additional pollination);
  • fast-growing;
  • high yielding;
  • unpretentious;
  • resistant to disease.

Description of appearance

The bushes of this type of grape are tall, sparse, with strong vines and a high level of leafiness. If the plant is grown in an area with a mild warm climate, the bush reaches full growth already 3-5 years after planting.

The description of clusters and fruits differs little from most varietal species:

  1. The bunch has a conical shape; when grown in a warm climate, it acquires a more magnificent shape. Depending on the care, watering and feeding, the weight of one cluster varies in the aisles from 250 to 550 grams. The structure is often loose, but if there are many brushes on one vine, individual clusters can have a dense structure with closely spaced berries.
  2. Berries of the correct oval shape, in a temperate climate, reach the average size, with good care and in a humid climate can exceed the average size. In the period of technical ripeness, greenish-yellow, the longer the crop on the branches, the more berries lighten, in the period of biological ripeness they can acquire a bright yellow color with a slight pinkish tint.
  3. The skin is strong during the period of technical maturation, in the biological - thin easily damaged. The pulp is dense, medium-fleshy, sap-like. The taste is sweet-cloying, muscat predominates, during the period of technical ripeness there is a bitter aftertaste.

Grape growing

Citron Magaracha grape feels good in a variety of soils, but at the same time prefers a mild, moderately humid climate, without sudden changes in temperature. Transplanted in the spring, propagated by chubiks.


This variety does not require any special handling:

  1. The place is well-lit, protected from drafts.
  2. Dig a hole with a depth of at least 40 cm. Pour plenty of water and mix the lower soil with liquid until gruel.
  3. Immerse the Chubuk in the mixture. Sprinkle lightly with soil, the mixture should absorb moisture. Gently fill the rest of the earth without ramming it near the trunk.
  4. Two cuttings are planted in one pit. This is done to increase the survival rate of landings.

Bush care

For the first time after landing, it is important to protect the Chubuki from wind and draft. To maintain a stable temperature, a frame with protection is installed around the bush (5-6 pegs in a circle, wrap them with oilcloth in a circle, doing something like a bulb).

Top dressing

Fertilize plants in the spring

Fertilizing this type of grape is required 2 times a year in spring, during the period of intensive self-movement, and in autumn, after harvesting.

The plant will need complex nutrition:

  • special preparations;
  • organic matter (nitrogen top dressing).

Special chemicals:

  1. Novofert - 1 package of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of warm liquid. The mixture is used as root watering.
  2. Mortar - 20 g of the drug is diluted in 5-7 liters of water. It is used as a mixture for watering or spraying.


  1. Litter - 100 g of litter per 4 l of warm liquid. The mixture is insisted for a week, stir frequently. Then the solution is poured into 10 liters of warm liquid. It is used as a root top dressing during the flowering period of bushes and during the period of crop formation.
  2. Ash - ash solutions are used as autumn organic fertilizer. On 100 gr. ash will require 5 liters of warm, settled water. The solution is used immediately after preparation. Organics of this type are as safe as possible (unlike nitrogen litter) and therefore are used several times a season.


Grape Citron is not demanding for care and watering, it is rare to moisten the soil. The roots of the plant are deep, which allows the grapes to take good nutrition from the soil. Watering the plant requires only in the summer and in arid climates.

At least 10 liters of fluid will be required per bush. Do not pour heavily, as this leads to root decay. Watering and spraying the bush (moistening the leaves and stems) is carried out every 10 days.

Diseases and Pests

Since the citron Magaracha Muscat grape is a hybrid, it shows high resistance to most diseases and is not susceptible to pests. Depending on the care and the place of cultivation, the bush is sometimes subjected to rot, as well as attack by wasps.

Disease control

White and gray rot on grapes is a consequence of the attack of fungal organisms. A violation of the rules of irrigation or frequent rains, alternating with very hot days, can provoke the disease, even in a hybrid variety. It is important to remove diseases of this type immediately from the first days of appearance. Fungal diseases pose a threat not only to the crop, but also to the life of the bushes.

Both gray and white rot are of the same nature and the methods of dealing with them are identical:

  1. Remove from the bush all leaves and clusters damaged by the disease (destroy outside the vineyard).
  2. Treat the bushes with fungicidal preparations with copper in the composition. Use the drug in strictness with the instructions.
  3. 3 days after treatment, inspect the vineyards, check the bushes for new foci of the disease. If necessary, repeat the procedure for cleaning and processing the plant.

Pest control

Wasp control begins with preventative measures. As soon as the activity of this insect is noticed on the site, you need to inspect the territory for the presence of wasp nests. Nests are advised to immediately destroy - burn.

They burn the nests in the evening at sunset, at which time the insects return "home" and this way you can destroy the entire swarm population.

Protect Citron bushes from attack with wire mesh. But this method is useful only in home growing conditions, it does not work on an industrial scale, or installation of industrial frame coatings will be required.


To grow grapes of Citron Magaracha variety is not difficult. According to the description, this hybrid does not require much attention and gives a good harvest even in difficult climatic conditions.


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