Characteristics of Gunnar f1 cucumbers

Gunnar F1 is a hybrid variety bred in Holland. The Gunnar cucumber variety is a very early variety and is in demand among vegetable growers, as it is grown mainly in greenhouses. Gunnar, due to its density, diameter and length, will be an excellent option for canning and pickling. It is a great option for novice cultivation, as the cost of care is reduced and the plants are not picky.

Characteristics of Gunnar f1 cucumbers

Grade Features

The official description of this vegetable shows that Gunnar is a promising variety for growing at home and on a large scale. The plant itself grows in one stem, which is very convenient when harvesting. The yield is plentiful, pick cucumbers every day or every three days. The fruits of this type of cucumber have an aesthetic shape, 10-15 centimeters long, bright green


Great taste, light crunch and aroma are not the only advantages that this type of cucumber has:

  • the vegetable has a strong skin, which facilitates its transportation;
  • very early, matures in 38-42 days;
  • can be grown as a greenhouse variety;
  • high productivity in the open ground;
  • not demanding;
  • resistant to disease.

Another feature of Gunnar f1 cucumbers is that when overgrown, the cucumber does not lose its external characteristics, it lengthens, but the diameter does not change and does not acquire the bitter aftertaste characteristic of other varieties of cucumbers.


As elsewhere, virtues do not exist without flaws. The main disadvantage of the Gunnar cucumber variety is the high price of the seed

Growing rules

In order for the cucumbers of the gunnar f1 to bring a large number of crops, the following technology must be observed when planting:

  1. They begin to prepare the soil for planting in the winter, which is very important for a quality product.
  2. In the spring, in the month of May, when the soil warms up, it is worth fertilizing the soil and making efforts to collect small weed.
  3. Seeds should be planted only in warm (16 ° C) soil, to a depth of 1.5-2.0 cm.
  4. For productivity, from the time of sowing to the appearance of the first leaves it is important to maintain a temperature regime of 26-27 C.
  5. After the sprouts hatch, the temperature needs to be gradually reduced.

The temperature of the open ground, in which seedlings will be planted, should be about 21 ° C.

Bush care

Bushes need to be fertilized regularly

Gunnar f 1 is very convenient, since its leaves and stalks are compactly arranged, which greatly facilitates the cultivation of the plant, its care and harvest.

For productivity, the first 6 shoots and ovaries are removed. After which you should leave only the ovary, shoots need to be removed. For further convenience, it is worth putting a cucumber on a trellis, about 2 m high. A pinpoint growth stands behind a 3-5 sheet.

In addition to controlling the ovaries, it is worth paying attention to aging leaves. You need to remove them in the morning, gently pinching

Gunnar cucumber f1 is characterized by high productivity, but for this you certainly need to fertilize the plant. The use of Radifarm, Calcinite, Magnisal and Gumat is very effective.

Pest treatment

One of the main reasons for the loss of crop is pests that affect the development of the plant. Often, Gunnar f1 cucumbers are attacked by aphids, spider mites and whiteflies.


This pest damages the leaf and carries over 50 different types of virus. Aphid colonies are often found under the leaf, in ovaries and flowers. Aphids live due to the juice that sucks from the plant. In this regard, the leaves and stem dry and turn yellow. Aphids are distinguished by their tendency to rapidly reproduce, as well as spread. To destroy these pests, for cucumbers, they use the highly effective Aktelliek 500 EU device (0.20-0.25%)

Spider mite

Spider mites settle on the walls of the greenhouse and are carried on people's clothing. Food for this type of pest is plant cells. The appearance of ticks can be seen by white dots on the leaves, cobwebs under the leaves, spotty-marble color. From such damage, the leaves dry up and fall away, the crop becomes less abundant.

In order to prevent such a nuisance, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures aimed at improving productivity and reducing the risk of infection with diseases and pests. If you still can’t save the plant, you need to spray the cucumbers with a 0.05-0.1% solution of Vertimec 018.

Greenhouse Whitefly

A very common pest that causes significant harm to cucumbers. Whitefly, like aphids, sucks juice from a plant, and also contributes to the development of smut fungi. As symptoms can indicate a decrease in the productivity of photosynthesis, the surface of the leaves is initially covered with a white film, and then blackens and disappears. Whiteflies attract fruit trees, so you should not plant Gunnar F1 near such trees.

For destruction, greenhouse whiteflies use 0.20-0.25 5 Actelik's solution.


Cucumber Gunnar f1 has become a foward among vegetable growers and has many positive reviews from consumers. 86% of the seeds certainly emerge, which is good news.

But in order for your Gunnar F1 cucumbers to enjoy high yields, you need to buy seeds from trusted companies that have certificates and positive reviews. Good luck and a big harvest!


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