Characteristics of Gala Potatoes

When choosing potatoes for planting on their site, gardeners pay attention to many qualities that help determine the profitability of cultivation. Among them, not only the taste, the rate of ripening of tubers, but also the rules for caring for a growing plant. The relatively young variety of potatoes Gala gained wide popularity among gardeners.

Characteristics of Gala Potatoes

The choice is influenced by high productivity, unpretentiousness in leaving, tastes and dietary properties of potatoes. Undoubtedly, the fastest ripening dates also play a role.

What are the features of the variety

Potatoes Gala belong to the class of early ripe. The tubers of the crop can be considered fully ripe after two months from the moment of potato planting in the soil. Bushes reach a level of medium height. The description also suggests that the bushes are usually medium spread. The stems differ in power, uniform development. Also, the characteristic of the varietal variety notes that the stems of the culture are erect. The color of the surface of the Gala potato is deep green. The foliage has a large size and small undulation. The corolla is of medium size, the color of the corolla is white.

Gala potato tubers are usually oval or round in shape, covered with yellowish skin on top. On average, fruits reach a mass of 100-120 grams. Their description also suggests that the dimensions do not exceed 7-8 cm in length and 5 cm in width. Potatoes of the Gala variety yield up to 25 fruits from one bush. The pulp of the tubers is fibrous, dense, light yellow or yellow in color, as the characteristic says.

Varietal analogues

Like any other Varietal variety, Galla has its own analogues, which are similar in their basic characteristics. To date, the following have become widespread:

  1. Elite.
  2. Oredezh.

The reviews of those people who ate this variety as food are extremely positive. Taste properties were rated 9 out of 10. In addition, the following positive qualities of the varietal variety are distinguished:

  1. Minimum starch content in tubers.
  2. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, which allows you to make culture in dietary diets.
  3. Preservation of the structure and color of the fetus after heat treatment.
  4. The facilitated peeling procedure due to the correct form of potatoes.

However, gardeners note not only the above qualities and high productivity of varietal varieties. They do not lose sight of such a property as the keeping quality of fruits. A high level of this characteristic provides longer storage of the crop.

Strengths and weaknesses of culture

The variety has many advantages.

A full-fledged characteristic of varietal varieties includes not only a list of the main properties of a particular crop, but also a list of the main advantages and disadvantages. They will help the gardener to fully establish the difference between this variety and other types of potatoes. This is the only way to make a fully informed choice of which potatoes to plant on their plot.

To date, the following advantages have been highlighted in this variety:

  1. Early harvest ripening.
  2. The crop is well stored, the fruits are resistant to transportation.
  3. The variety is unpretentious to the soil.
  4. The possibility of using potatoes in the diets of diet food.
  5. Gala is resistant to root cancer.
  6. The plant is resistant to damage by a golden cyst-forming nematode.
  7. This potato variety is able to tolerate a lack of moisture without a significant reduction in yield.
  8. Grade Gala is appreciated in the market for high product characteristics and performance.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then they are few. Gardeners note that the main weaknesses that the variety has are poor resistance to diseases such as late blight and rhizoctonia.

Summing up the brief results, we can say that the key description of the product Gala is a potato variety that will soon justify its cultivation in the garden. And not only a set of basic properties will help in this, but also a wonderful rich taste and wide application possibilities of potatoes.

How to plant a crop

Typically, a potato is a crop that is demanding on the composition of the soil and its level of fertility. For this reason, gardeners unanimously recommend taking the time to prepare the planting site. This will allow the crop to show maximum yield.

In order for the culture to bring a good harvest, it is worth remembering not only the rules by which the landing site is prepared. It is equally important to pay attention to the location of the site and the basic qualities that are endowed with the soil.

If the gardener wants to successfully grow a variety of potatoes Gala, then it is recommended to plant it in the following place:

  1. The place for planting the crop should be on a flat area that is well lit.
  2. Groundwater should pass at a depth of at least 1.5 meters.
  3. It is permissible to grow potato bushes in clay or sandy soil, which has undergone preliminary preparation.
  4. The level of acidity of the soil should be low for greater resistance of the culture to pathogenic processes.

However, high-quality and timely soil preparation will help solve problems with acidity or fertility. The main thing is to clearly know what needs to be done in order for the variety to bring the maximum possible yield.

Landing site preparation measures

The soil needs to be prepared

In order for the Gala variety to grow on the site and show maximum yield indicators, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil. First of all, the gardener needs to determine the level of soil acidity on the site. This is done quite simply.

To check the acidity, you need to take 4 leaves of bird cherry, which are filled with 200 ml of boiling water. After cooling the resulting solution, a small lump of soil from the growing area is added to it. The color of the liquid obtained as a result of the reaction will show the acidity of the soil. The red solution is an indication of high acidity. Blue liquid indicates a neutral level, and green indicates a low level of acidity.

Soil preparation

After all the necessary indicators of land are determined, you can proceed to the direct preparation of the soil. It begins in the autumn. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. First, the site is worth digging or plowing. Digging depth should be from 10 to 30 cm. This is the size of the layer of fertile soil. After that, a layer of compacted podzol begins, which is not recommended to be affected.
  2. During this process, the soil is also worth fertilizing. The material used is compost or humus. For best results, use 5-7 kg of substance per 1 sq. Superphosphate and potassium sulfate are also added to the fertilizer. The proportions are 35-40 g and 15 g, respectively. If the plot has acidic soil, chalk or dolomite flour is additionally used per 500-600 g of substance per 1 square meter of soil. The procedure is performed once every five years.
  3. In the spring, a land plot selected for planting a potato crop is re-excavated. Depth is one bayonet shovel. The procedure is carried out after the soil dries and begins to break well into lumps.
  4. In the spring, the soil is also enriched. To do this, use ammonium nitrate. The calculation of the proportion is 20 grams of matter per square meter of land. Clay soil is also enriched by adding humus or peat to it. Add one bucket per 1 sq.m. Sandy soil is mixed with clay type soil, taken in the same proportion.

Potatoes are planted in the soil no earlier than the end of April or during the first decade of May. The main indicator is soil temperature. If it does not stably fall below a mark of 10 degrees, the culture can be planted in the soil.

Measures for the preparation of planting material

When planting potato tubers, not only land preparation is important. Experienced gardeners say that seed material should also be prepared accordingly.

First of all, it is worth selecting such material for planting, the quality of which will leave no doubt. Ideal is the choice of tubers weighing up to 100 g, on which there is no mechanical damage or traces indicating rot. An additional recommendation to the gardener is also to take tubers from the most productive bushes for subsequent planting in the soil.

If an insufficient amount of material was found for planting, it is permissible to divide the tubers into several parts. But in order to maximize the gala potatoes, you must adhere to a number of simple rules, namely:

  1. The knife with which the tubers will be separated is pre-treated with a 5% solution of copper sulfate. This allows you to increase the resistance of planting material to disease.
  2. The fruits are cut exclusively in the longitudinal direction. A half cut in a transverse way will not bring a crop.
  3. On each piece of root vegetables should be at least 2-3 eyes.

Those gardeners who planted potatoes Gala, also argue that it is important to pay attention to the germination of planting material. To date, two methods of preparing material for planting in the most effective way have been identified, namely dry and wet germination.

Methods of germination of tubers

Seeds can be protected from fungal infection

In the first method, the tubers are placed in plastic bags with holes. In such conditions, tubers are stored at a temperature of 20 degrees for 30-40 days. Preparation is considered complete when root vegetables acquire a green color.

The main essence of the second method is somewhat different. Seeds are placed in boxes, filling it with dry sawdust, humus or moistened peat. Tubers lie in such conditions for 25-30 days. The temperature regime is maintained at 15 degrees Celsius.

In order to complete the preparation process, the seeds are kept in a solution of special preparations that can prevent the development of fungal infections. Most often they use Tabu and Maxim funds.


For maximum productivity, the correct planting of Gala potatoes on the site is important. Usually it is made into pre-prepared recesses, the depth of which is not more than 10 cm. The distance between two adjacent recesses is 50 cm. The rows are placed at a distance of 80-90 cm from each other.

One root crop is placed in each depression, directing the sprouts up. Cut tubers are placed in the soil immediately.

After placing the planting material, the pits are covered with soil, and then watered using 1 liter of water per bush. The final stage is the leveling of the land with planted culture.

How to care for culture

It’s easy to take care of potato sprouting on the plot. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of gardeners. Adequate measures are proper watering, hilling bushes and loosening the soil.

Rules for soil and bushes care

For the proper growth of the culture, air must flow to the roots of each bush. To do this, it is important to loosen the soil 5 days after the Gala potatoes are planted on the site. After that, the procedure is repeated after the crust is formed.

Hilling is done in order to strengthen the bush and enhance its growth. Another goal of hilling is to protect the plant from temperature changes. The first hilling is carried out at the time when the seedlings reach a size of 10 cm. The procedure is repeated when the Gala potato reaches a height of 40 cm. Hilling must be done exclusively in the evening or in the morning after watering the crop. Sprouts caught in hot soil will bake from overheating.

How to water a crop

According to the product description Gala - the variety must be watered three times during the season, namely:

  1. When shoots appear.
  2. During flowering culture.
  3. During the formation of the buds.

However, it is equally important to monitor the regularity of rainfall and their amount. For watering, a watering can with a spray is used. The norm is approximately 1.5-2 liters of water per bush.


If a gardener decided to grow a variety variety Gala on his plot, the description of the variety will become a godsend with all the necessary information. Facts about all the properties and characteristics of the culture will show that this varietal variety is perfect for cultivation. Good taste, long-term storage without damage to tubers, the versatility of root crops - all this has a positive effect on the choice of varietal variety. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews of other gardeners, which speak of early ripening, good marketability and other benefits that Gala potatoes have.


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