Characteristics of cucumber Fast and the Furious

As soon as farmers are going to plant cucumbers in their garden, they prefer to use hybrid seeds, which have an early ripening time. It is to such cultures that the cucumber Forsage f1 belongs. It has not only early ripening, but also high levels of taste and quality of the fruit.

Characteristics of cucumber Fast and the Furious

Grade characteristics

Fast and the Furious F1 was brought out by breeders of the Russian Federation in 2004. Literally after 3 years, this type of cucumber was added to the national registry of Russia. Breeders made sure that this variety showed high resistance to diseases and pests.

The fast and the furious f1 is ideally suited for cultivation in all regions of the country. Regardless of climatic conditions and soil conditions, productivity is always at a high level.

This hybrid variety is early ripe. Its growing season is about 40 days. For this reason, it can be grown not only in greenhouses, but also in open areas. This type of cucumber can self-pollinate, so it does not need the help of bees or other insects. Farmers can harvest all the time that cucumbers form and ripen. The entire growing season allows you to harvest. This year's seeds are not intended for planting next year. The Fast and the Furious variety f1 is highly resistant to diseases and pests. It has high immunity rates.

Plant description

In one ovary, several cucumbers can form. Leaves, mainly of a dark green hue. But, in some parts of the leaf, a light green color is observed. The height of the bush can reach 2 m. This variety is marked by an open type of flowering, mainly female.

Description of the fetus

Fast and the Furious cucumbers have the shape of a cylinder. Small pimples are formed on their surface, which are distributed evenly over the entire surface. The characteristic of their color is mainly white. The length of one fruit can reach 14 cm. But their weight reaches a mark of 150 g.

This variety of cucumbers is marked by high yields. If they were planted in open ground, then the yield from 1 m2 is 12-15 kg. If they were planted in a greenhouse, then the yield is about 17 kg.

This is a universal variety that is used in all activities of human life. It can be eaten raw or cook salads. It is also perfectly subject to canning and salting. But the gherkins are crispy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fruits can be consumed in any form.

If you turn to the description of this type for help, you can distinguish the following positive qualities of Fast and the Furious:

  • high palatability of the fetus;
  • universality of application;
  • resistance to various viruses and fungal infections;
  • early ripening;
  • high yield characteristic.

The disadvantages include the facts that are the exactingness of the soil and proper top dressing.

How to plant

The description of the variety indicates that the time and method of planting depends on the place of planting. If you will grow a plant in a greenhouse, you should do this in early March. Seeds are located to a depth of 3 cm. Each seed must have a separate container. Immediately after planting, seeds should be watered with warm water. A distance of 40-50 cm should be maintained between the containers.

Landing in the open ground is carried out only in the early days of May, because the root system of this species needs already heated soil. During planting, care should be taken to ensure that the root system is not disturbed. Otherwise, the plant will not be able to develop correctly and the yield may approach zero. In advance, the soil needs to be cleared of the weeds that are present, and the soil should be slightly fertilized. It is best to use minerals with a high phosphorus content. Watering should be moderate.

When planting cucumbers in open ground, you should consider the distance between the bushes and rows. Between the holes it should be 40-45 cm. Thanks to this, the bushes will not be able to get mixed up with each other and fertility will only increase. But between the rows the distance should be at least 60 cm. This is done for the convenience of harvesting and caring for the plant.

How to care

Care consists of several stages. Carefully loosen the soil and apply a large amount of mineral and organic fertilizers to it. It is possible to carry out both root top dressing and foliar. The first is to fertilize the root system for its proper development. The second top dressing is applied to the surface of the soil so that the stem of the bush absorbs all the beneficial substances.

Keep in mind watering. It should be carried out only in the evening and immediately after loosening the soil. This is done so that the water penetrates into the soil and soaks into the root system. This will speed up the process of growth and ripening of fruits. Evening time, as well as possible, is suitable for watering, because the sun will not be able to dry the soil and pick up all the moisture.


The breeders who bred this variety made sure that it was resistant to the most common diseases. No varieties of mosaics do not affect the Fast and the Furious cucumber. It perfectly tolerates all changes in the temperature background, so it feels great in various climatic conditions. Also, it is not exposed to insects and ground pests. But, proper prevention, will only increase the safety of this plant.

  1. Should pay attention to the variety of soil. If it contains a large amount of acid, then all fertilizers and chemical immunity stimulants should contain a large amount of lime or phosphorus. They neutralize negative factors and only increase the resistance of the cucumber to environmental factors.
  2. Spraying with chemicals should be carried out several days before heavy watering. This will allow all poisons to penetrate deeper into the structure of the stem.


Fast and the Furious is a unique type of cucumber that is ideal for those who are just starting to farm. After all, it does not require special care and still gives high yields.


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