Characteristics of the abbot Vettel pear

Pear Abbot Vettel refers to the French autumn fruits. Gardeners prefer this variety because of its excellent yield, sweet taste and frost resistance.

Characteristics of the abbot Vettel pear

Grade characteristics

Pear variety Abbot Vettel is usually grown in the southern regions. It bears fruit better if grown in a warm, humid climate.

Pear Abbot tolerates the cold pretty well. But in severe frosts (up to - 17 ° C), tree damage is observed. Therefore, it must be prepared in advance for wintering.

According to the description, this variety is resistant to:

  • the influence of pests;
  • diseases;
  • cold temperature conditions;
  • low humidity
  • over-dried soil.

Landing is carried out in the spring or in the fall. Harvested two weeks before full maturity. The fruits become ripe in early September. You need to collect daily, depending on ripeness. This is determined by external signs - the fruit becomes slightly soft, has a bright yellow-green color and easily breaks off a branch.

Store the fruits in a cold room - basement, freezer, pantry. Before this, they are left for several days in a dry place where there is no draft.

Tree description

The tree of the Abbot variety is not tall. The average height is 8-10 m. It has a dense crown that resembles a pyramid.

Fruit Description

During transportation, the fruits do not lose their presentation. Thanks to the correct cultivation technology, in 3-4 years the first large fruits will appear.

The fruits of the Abbot variety are distinguished by their taste. The average weight of the fetus reaches 250 g.

The description of the fruit lies in the following features:

  • thin skin;
  • yellow-green color;
  • pulp of a white, creamy hue;
  • good aroma.

Fruits are yellow-green in color, the average weight of the fruit reaches 250 g

The fruits have a very sweet spicy taste. Due to which they can be consumed fresh and processed. Great for jam and jams. Abbot pears are often used for fruit slices or sweet salads.

They can be stored for 4–5 months. The main condition is that the storage temperature should not exceed 5 ° C.


Proper and timely care is the key to excellent productivity. In order to get a stable annual crop of this variety, you need to perform the following agricultural measures:

  • frost protection;
  • constant loosening of the earth;
  • inset circle near the culture;
  • fertilizer application;
  • removal of weeds and different shoots;
  • average measured watering;
  • mulching the earth near the plant;
  • proper crown formation.

It is important to acquire a healthy seedling. The main requirements for it are a powerful root system, a high-quality graft and an even trunk. If the root system is dense, the seedling will grow rapidly.

Having prepared the tree for planting, you need to pour a little earth into the hole to form a hill. Then we put a seedling on a hill. In it, the roots should be spread, which later are covered with soil. Having completely covered the right place with clay, carefully press the soil near the seedling with your foot.

After planting near the seedling, you need to make a circle with a radius of up to 30 cm and pour it with water. Put dry earth on top.


Throughout the summer, watering is necessary. Watering is carried out using sprayers.

You can also make a ditch near the tree and put water in it. Care must be taken to ensure that the flow of water is gradual. After watering, be sure to loosen. This will help enrich the soil with oxygen and stimulate seedling growth.

The norm of water per 1m2 is 3 buckets. So that the evaporation of water is not too fast, you can sprinkle the place of irrigation with dry grass.

Top dressing

For normal fruiting and development, the plant needs to be fed. The calculation of the amount and composition of feed should be done, paying attention to the following parameters:

  • plant age;
  • season;
  • soil type;
  • seedling development rate.

Proper and timely care is the key to excellent yield

In the fall, a circle near the seedling is dug up. Inside make manure, peat. This is necessary to increase the level of resistance to low temperatures. In the spring, melt water saturates this soil layer and all the beneficial substances go to the roots of the seedling.

In spring, Abbot Vettel pear is fed with nitrogen fertilizers, because they are well retained in the soil. Ammophos is considered the most common. This fertilizer has a good effect on the plant during the growing season.

Also, potassium and phosphorus are used together with nitrogen in the ratio of 3: 1: 4.

Particular attention should be paid to dressing after 2 years of planting. The tree grows and requires more nutrients and nutrients that are found in fertilizers.

Branch pruning

Unlike other garden crops, in pears, the crown is formed naturally. The purpose of pruning branches is to rid the tree of dried, barren branches. The cut should be treated with garden var.

Healthy branches need to be given a horizontal direction.

Once every 2 or 3 years, anti-aging pruning is performed. This will allow you to control the growth of the crown.

Diseases and Pests

The big advantage of this pear variety is its resistance to various diseases. But due to improper care, the seedling can be affected by pests. The most common among them are:

  1. Scab. Leaves are damaged first. Olive spots appear on the back of the leaves with a velvet coating. As a preventive measure, you need to constantly ventilate the room. Already infected seedlings must be treated with Dnok or Nitrafen paste.
  2. Sooty fungus. This disease damages leaves and fruits. A black coating appears on them that resembles soot. This disease damages weak seedlings and those that lack minerals. The main carriers of the sooty fungus are insects. To prevent the disease, you need to use the insecticide "Calypso", and for treatment - the fungicide "Fitoferm".
  3. Powdery Mildew On inflorescences and leaves of the tree you can see a powdery-white coating, which after a while becomes a reddish hue. Damaged parts dry out and fall away. Prevention of this disease is the removal of damaged leaves with their subsequent burning. Also, gardeners use folk remedies - they spray the plants with a 1% potassium permanganate solution.


Pears Abbot Vettel gained popularity due to its marketability and taste. The only drawback is the average yield. But this minus is offset by the stability of fruiting.

If you water, feed the tree in time, then it will always delight with its fruits. It is important to do pruning on time, to carry out disease prevention and pest control.


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