Causes of white spots on the leaves of cucumbers

It often happens that cucumbers begin to be exposed to various viral or fungal infections. The reason is improper care. In order to understand why white spots form on the leaves of cucumbers and what to do to help the culture, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its cultivation. Breeders have deduced the basic rules that allow you to cope with such unpleasant situations.

Causes of white spots on the leaves of cucumbers

Main reasons

Experts identify the most common causes of white plaque formation:

  1. powdery mildew is the main source of white plaque formation on leaves;
  2. white mosaic;
  3. spider mite;
  4. Ascochitosis or Anthracnose.

For each reason, there are different ways of fighting. Experts are convinced that it is better to carry out preventive measures. The treatment will require great strength and material resources from you.

Powdery mildew

If you notice that white spots appeared on the leaves of the cucumber, then most likely the reason lies in the powdery mildew. The leaves do not whiten in a certain part, but spread throughout the surface. Harm is caused not only to the leaves, but to all the shoots.

To preserve the plant and the crop, you need to do the following: prepare a special solution from topaz. It is prepared simply: 1 ampoule should be diluted in a 10-liter bucket of water. Spraying cucumbers should be carried out through a special device, which is characterized by a small spray. Before spraying, make sure that there is no wind. It will not allow all substances of the solution to get on the bush, respectively, the disease will not be removed.

A folk recipe based on a solution of cow humus is especially popular. When the leaves began to become covered with white coating, take 1 kg of manure and mix it in 5 liters of water. The prepared solution should be infused for 3 days. After that, they can process infected bushes.

White mosaic

Sick plants urgently need to be removed

If your cucumbers are covered with white spots, the influence of a white mosaic is possible. This fungal disease is characterized by the fact that each neoplasm has a star shape. If development is not immediately prevented, then the sheet completely begins to become covered with white coating.

Solution: urgently need to remove the damaged bush. After that, all garden tools that relate to this plant are disinfected. For these purposes, manganese should be used. As a preventive measure, do not plant the plant for 2 years in a row in the same place. You should also worry about soil cultivation with a solution of manganese.


White spots on the leaves of cucumbers can also appear due to a disease called ascositosis. White plaque is characterized by the fact that they crack. The hue of such formations may be brown. This disease occurs due to high humidity.

To get rid of the initial signs of the disease, experts recommend using Bordeaux fluid. She needs to spray every bush. If you did not determine the presence of the disease in time, and it is not removed during treatment with Bordeaux liquid, such plants should be burned away from the garden.


Anthracnose is characterized by the fact that it affects not only the leaves or stem. It can damage the fruit. The peculiarity of the disease is that the initial white spots gradually begin to acquire a brownish tint. Brownish indentations begin to form on the fruits.

The main cause of this disease is poor-quality seeds. All planting material must be properly disinfected. You can get rid of this disease with the help of Bordeaux liquid or sulfur solution.

Spider mite

Often, white spots on the leaves of a cucumber or its fruits are formed due to exposure to a spider mite. Initially, white spots form on the surface of the sheet, and then it completely begins to dry out.

To combat this parasite, it is necessary, first of all, to remove the affected areas and burn them away from their site. After that, do not forget to regularly pick up weeds and other plants that sprout in the vicinity of cucumbers. Otherwise, a spider mite will live in the weeds, constantly spoiling your crop.

Basic Rules

It is important to know the basic rules that will help avoid the occurrence of such a nuisance as white plaque:

  1. It should be noted that plant debris must be disposed of.
  2. An important point is to carry out preventive spraying, even in the absence of a disease or parasite.
  3. The greenhouse must be completely decontaminated, including the walls and ceiling.
  4. The right conditions for greenhouse plants.
  5. Seeds need proper handling. Disinfection should be carried out using a solution of manganese or potassium permanganate.


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