Causes of pumpkin allergies

To make your body healthier, you don’t have to look for exotic foods. Such a common vegetable as pumpkin is not for nothing called a storehouse of vitamins. But sometimes even such cultures rich in useful substances cause a protective reaction of the body. Pumpkin allergy is rare, but in some cases, this product can become its provocateur.

Causes of pumpkin allergies

Main reasons

The benefit of the vegetable is undeniable: it is used not only as a food product, but also as a tool used in cosmetology and traditional medicine. The healing properties that he possesses are combined with a huge amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is not customary to classify a vegetable as an allergic product, but in some cases even it is capable of provoking the occurrence of this unpleasant reaction.

The human immune system is multifaceted and individual. Although the vegetable is a low-allergenic product, in some cases the human body is able to react quite sharply to the presence of pumpkin in the diet.

The main reasons why a pumpkin becomes allergenic to humans are as follows:

  • individual intolerance to the components present in the vegetable;
  • heredity: if one of the parents is allergic, even a pumpkin can cause the appearance of such a reaction in a child;
  • the culture (in pumpkin seeds) contains a specific protein that can be perceived by the human body as foreign and rejected;
  • carotene, which gives the vegetable an attractive and appetizing color and is contained in it in large quantities;
  • in some cases, dishonest gardeners fertilize the crop with chemicals that are harmful to humans. Their presence in the vegetable can cause negative reactions of the body.


If, after consuming a pumpkin, you notice at least one of the symptoms listed below, you should definitely consult a doctor. It is not recommended to self-medicate and independently determine the cause of the allergy.

Symptoms of a pumpkin allergy:

  • small rash on the skin, which is accompanied by itching;
  • the occurrence of swelling of the oral cavity and pharynx;
  • a sudden runny nose or cough;
  • digestive system disorder, which manifests itself in violation of the stool;
  • pain that is localized in the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • sudden onset of eczema and tearing;
  • in especially severe cases, Quincke's edema or anaphylactic shock may be observed.

To establish an accurate diagnosis, appoint tests. Their essence lies in the fact that the doctor makes several notches on the skin of the patient, on which the alleged allergen is applied. After a short time, the body of an allergic person shows a reaction.

If you have any signs of allergies, consult a doctor

A blood test can determine the diagnosis, which shows the presence of a specific microelement in the human body.

To facilitate the work of the doctor, allergy sufferers keep special food diaries in which they record all the foods that they consume during the day.

Oral allergic syndrome

The symptomatology is that a person develops an itching that is accompanied by swelling of the mouth, lips or cheeks. Burning may be observed in the oral cavity, spots appear on the cheeks. Such a rapid development of an allergic reaction can provoke the use of raw pulp of pumpkin or its juice.

As additional symptoms, nasal congestion, sneezing, and tearing may appear.

The most dangerous is the laryngeal edema, which causes the patient difficulty breathing due to the narrowing of the airway, a hoarse voice appears.

Damage to the skin and mucous membranes

This option includes an oral allergic reaction. It happens that it is supplemented by dermatitis and urticaria (blisters that disappear after a short time, without leaving any traces).

In especially difficult cases, Quincke's edema appears. The main signs of a negative reaction that manifests itself on the skin are considered itching, peeling of the skin, rash.

Digestive system

Often, allergies can cause digestive disorders in humans. If, after consuming a pumpkin, you experience nausea or vomiting, sharp pains and abdominal cramps, upset stools or flatulence, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only he can accurately diagnose.

These symptoms are a danger to human life, therefore, require an immediate reaction to them.

These disorders can also be caused by cross-allergy when they are provoked by a component of another product that is similar in structure to a pumpkin allergen.


If you notice at least one sign of an allergic reaction to a pumpkin, you should:

  • immediately exclude the product from your diet or try to use it in a thermally processed form, especially for children;
  • observe the condition of the body while dieting;
  • Do not drink pumpkin juice fresh;
  • without fail to consult with a specialist.

If you are allergic to it, you can return the pumpkin only with the permission of the doctor and under his supervision, otherwise it can lead to unpredictable negative consequences.

In adults

Heat treatment will reduce allergens.

In addition to medical treatment, which consists in taking special anti-allergenic drugs, adults often resort to non-traditional, which if it does not help, it certainly will not do much harm. It consists in taking decoctions of herbs:

  • rose hips. It helps to restore the digestive tract, relieves inflammation and swelling, and also reduces the production of histamine, which affects hypersensitivity to allergens. Dry berries (100 g) must be poured with boiling water (1 l). The tool is insisted and taken at ½ tbsp. l before eating;
  • chamomile, as an antibacterial plant, will help reduce inflammatory processes on the skin. For chamomile broth 4 tsp. 500 ml of boiled water is poured into dried herbs, kept and used as baths and lotions for the affected areas.

Also, to reduce the reaction, infusions of a string, onions, celandine, bay leaves, etc. are used.

In children

When eating pumpkins for children, it is recommended to heat it. In this case, most of the allergens contained in it are destroyed, and the product becomes almost hypoallergenic.

The occurrence of such reactions in children is characterized by rapid development, therefore, special attention should be paid to this. The most common allergy in infants is when, together with breast milk (if the mother consumed pumpkin), they receive the components of this product.

Teenagers may also be allergic to this vegetable. Natural processes that occur in the body during a certain period can cause it. Hormonal imbalance in children with time passes by itself.

Having noticed the first signs of an allergy in children to pumpkin, you should immediately remove it from the diet and consult a doctor. After time, you can try to introduce the product into food, but you must do this gradually, constantly observing the reactions of the child's body.


Allergy sufferers follow a specific diet. This improves their well-being, adds vitality and energy. It is not difficult to observe, the main condition is to exclude the product that causes allergies from your diet.

There are certain recommendations for diet during allergies:

  • should include in your diet more liquid foods - vegetable, milk soups;
  • food recommended 3 times a day. Between meals, you can make light snacks;
  • hearty and high-calorie dishes in this period are better to exclude from the diet - they cause a feeling of heaviness;
  • it is important to eat salads from fresh and stewed seasonal vegetables;
  • necessarily in the diet of an adult should be present protein - boiled or steam chicken, turkey, low-fat beef;
  • during an exacerbation of allergies, it is necessary to use a sufficient amount of fluid (at least 1.5 liters per day).


Rules for the prevention of allergies:

  • the product must be environmentally friendly, free of chemicals and genetically modified organisms;
  • semi-finished products containing pumpkin should be appropriately labeled;
  • for people prone to allergies, it is recommended that you always have the appropriate medications with you.

Pumpkin acts as an allergen quite rarely, but still it is present in the lives of some people and can cause a lot of inconvenience. It is important to find out about it in time, only in this way you will protect your life and make it more comfortable.


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