Calorie water with lemon

Among effective means for weight loss, citrus drinks are distinguished. Low calorie water with lemon in combination with a large number of vitamins allows you to quickly make up for the lack of nutrients in the body without threatening weight.

Calorie water with lemon

Energy value and calorie content

Water has no energy value, so you should consider only the calories that are in the lemon. Citrus fruits contain 2.2 kcal. Given such a low amount of calories in a glass of water with lemon, the drink is considered to be dietary. Such a drink can satisfy only the primary feeling of hunger.

Vitamins and Minerals

The total number of calories in lemon accounts for a large number of vitamins and minerals. Among them are:

  • copper:
  • potassium;
  • pectin;
  • fruit sugar (1.5 times sweeter than normal);
  • vitamins A, B, C, D.


A small number of calories favorably affects weight loss, helps to wake up more easily in the morning and relax the nervous system. The drink is suitable for people who monitor weight.

The minerals and microelements included in the composition accelerate the metabolism, promote the breakdown and removal of harmful elements from the body, and increase immunity. During pregnancy, water with lemon helps replenish potassium in the body and improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines.


Simple rules will help you get the most out of your drink:

  • The drink is consumed between meals.
  • They monitor the amount of consumption of flour and sweet, increase the amount of liquid drunk to neutralize the acidity in the stomach.
  • Consult a nutritionist.

Beneficial substances are stored in warm water with lemon.

Help with weight loss

The drink improves digestion

Citrus acid helps speed up and improve the digestion process. Pectin contained in lemon removes heavy metals.

The benefit of such a drink comes not only from lemon, but also from water. Drinking a sufficient amount of fluid favorably affects the general condition of the body. The formula for calculating the liquid per day is weight / 450 * 14.


There are many recipes for making a drink. The following is considered standard: 1 glass of water and juice of half a lemon.

An alternative to the drink is lemon, ground in a blender, which is added to the warm liquid during the day (it is possible to add it to all warm drinks).

To improve taste and neutralize acid, it is advised to add honey, jam, ginger. When using supplements, their calorie content is taken into account:

  • honey - 302 kcal per 100 g;
  • ginger - 80 kcal per 100 g;
  • fruit and berry jam - 240-270 kcal per 100 g.


With increased acidity, gastritis or a stomach ulcer, it is advised to abandon this method of losing weight. To avoid erosion of tooth enamel, after use it is necessary to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

The best solution will be an individual consultation with a nutritionist, especially in the presence of allergies, kidney and liver diseases.


Drinking is not always accompanied by a diet. Calories in water with lemon are negligible, and the drink itself helps to improve the condition of the body, removes all unnecessary and harmful substances, replenishes the body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

At the initial stage of the transition to a healthy diet, it is advised to drink a glass of citrus drink in the morning, so as not to overeat and make up for the lack of useful trace elements. At this stage, it is possible to calculate the calorie content of products.


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