Budennovskaya breed of sports horses

A large number of thoroughbred horses are bred in our country. In the livestock industry, both ordinary and sports horses are valued. The Budyonnovskaya breed of horses belongs to the last type. Both breeders and athletes speak well of this variety, saying that mares are hardy, frisky and do not require increased attention to themselves. The parents of the breed are the Don and Black Sea horses.

Budennovskaya breed of horses

This variety has long been bred and improved. As a result, in order to improve the racing qualities of individuals, they took for breeding thoroughbred English stallions. In most cases, knitting occurred at 2 stud farms: the name of Budyonny and the name of the 1st Horse. There, breeders and bred a new variety, which was called the Budyonnovskaya breed of horses. According to all documents, the Budennovsky stallion was registered on November 15, 1948. The withdrawal of the mare was controlled by former breeders of the kings, and in the subsequent period, officers of the Red Army.

Breeding new horses used to be difficult. To determine the kind of horse in half-wild herds, the owners' brands were used, the remaining documentation that has been preserved at the moment. Also conducted a survey of the breeders involved in breeding. Budyonny made a special contribution to this complicated matter and the conclusion of the new Soviet race horse, which is why the horse was named after him.

The Budennovskaya breed of horses in the photo looks beautiful, but the matter is not limited to decorative qualities: it is steadily becoming the main favorite of the competition.

The ancestors of the Budyonnovsk variety of horses

The Budennovsky horse was especially in demand among athletes. Today, stallions are more valued. Young growth is popular in that it can be learned from scratch by teams, as well as prepared for competitions.

Previously created uterine herds of horses with good performance. Almost 100 thoroughbred stallions served at the work of the tribes. The ancestors of this variety are purebred horses Kokas, Svets, Inferno and Pretty.

The Budennovskaya horse attracts attention by the fact that there is no need to mate animals by kinship. The formation of numerous groups occurred on various grounds: gender and age. The ancestors are foals of the Budyonnovskaya breed Beja, Bracelet, Chimkent and Codex. You can study the description in more detail, find out what characteristic of these breeds and see all varieties of horses in the photo or video on the Internet.


How did horses earn good reviews from athletes around the world? Budenovets has excellent features of the structure of the body: growth up to 164 cm in the withers and not very pronounced massiveness. Differences prove that the animal is universal. Today, Budyonovets has proven himself in various races. The mare is recognizable primarily by such signs as a developed body, reaching 167 cm, an excellent chest, in the girth of 191 cm, the bones are not bulky, light, not very large. The suit is usually red, light, sand or terracotta.

The Budennovskaya breed is distinguished by the presence of a golden hue on the hairline. Horses acquired this distinctive mark from Don mares.

The eyes of the horses are small but expressive. Individuals have a wide forehead, their legs are set correctly, they have a powerful croup.

The outfits of horses performing at sports competitions do not let us forget about the magnificent military past of their cavalry ancestors. According to the owners of the horses, this is one of the best race breeds at present. A large number of athletes say that the horses require attention, but at the same time they have an adequate character and they respect their owner.

Most give advice to take such horses for competitions, because the horse is not only playful, but also jumps flawlessly. This variety of horses with great desire takes part in competitions and is able to bear an incredible load. But not only for these qualities, athletes loved her so much. The breed has a whole base of positive traits. She is loved for her lifespan, good performance and health.

Unpretentiousness is a plus that all breeders note. For example, a horse uses any food.


Stallions and mares are tolerant and complaisant. Athletes say that the Budyonovskaya breed of horses stands out with the mind. In rare cases, individuals show character and are capricious. Modern individuals inherited a similar temper from Rubinchik's stallion, which was distinguished not only by its stunning exterior and impeccable race skills, but also by its constantly changing character.

It is very difficult to obtain offspring from such an animal. The nature and behavior of individuals in general is rated as good.

With each passing day, an increasing number of breeders want to get a daily horse. What is the reason for this popularity? Budennovsky horses are so desired because they demonstrate excellent performance in various competitions. They show a slightly worse result in smooth jumps compared to representatives of purebred horse breed. A good indicator of the Budennovsky individuals in the distance runs. Stallions Brev Boy and Surguch, who ran 300 km in the daily race, showed excellent performance.

The main types of breed

Individuals of the Budyonnovsky variety are divided into several subspecies:

  • massive type;
  • characteristic type;
  • eastern type.

The individuals of the massive variety include large, muscular horses of a slightly rough appearance. But they are not as frisky as the representatives of the other groups because of their size. Horses from the eastern group have a slight roundness of shape and smooth lines. Such indicators came from their Don mothers. The horses of the characteristic group have well developed muscles, and the body is elongated. In some farms you can find horses of mixed types.

Budennovsky horses also differ depending on the places of breeding. Horses bred at the Budyonny stud farm have a wide body, powerful muscles and a golden suit. Those individuals that were bred in the stables of the First Horse Army plant are distinguished by a large head and a little angular. Their suit is mostly bay. The horses bred at the Yurlovsky plant are elegant and subtly comply with the breed standards.

Breeding of the Budyonnovskaya breed

The Budennovskaya breed of horses is now bred often by the herd system or with the help of large groups. The uterus is next to young horses. Herds graze in limited places. All harmful queens from the groups are expelled. This method serves to improve the breed, so that the horses are more flexible, contact and patient. Foals are taken away from mares in the first month of autumn, but it is best to let the cub stay with their mother for at least the first 3-6 months. This is done so that the mare could feed and train a small stallion.

If the foals are taken away in the first month of autumn, then all young horses that were born from February until the last month of spring are expelled from the herd. Then young horses are distributed in separate herds by gender, the best are selected and cultural groups are formed. Then such foals and fillies will be sent to racing departments for training or driven for breeding. Foals of this breed live in two in stalls. Each individual is called by a separate nickname. This is very important, since such horses understand and feel everything. Care should be taken and mating should be carried out, listening to the desires of the individuals.

Breed testing

When the foals turn 2 years old, the best of them are tested at the hippodrome in the city of Rostov. Competitions are held in almost 15-25% of animals. They run 1 kilometer, this test passes in order to take the strongest representatives. At present, absolutely all stallions producing Russian stud farms have passed such tests perfectly. The best mares of uterine herds did not fail either.

More than half of the individuals pass the test perfectly, during which they show smooth jumps. When planning to acquire the Budyonnovsk breed, you should keep in mind that the better and more trained the horse, the more expensive it will cost. Before buying, it is recommended to contact a farm or a special factory for the preparation of horses of this variety. Before buying, you can get to know each individual personally, ask the breeder to show a photo or video of the horse’s parents and talk about its features.

Negative moments in the content of the Budyonnovsk breed

The horse has many advantages. However, there were some shortcomings: the horses of the Budyonnovsk variety of the monogamous species. They become attached to the owner and do not recognize other people. If there is no certainty that it is completely possible to maintain and maintain such a species, then it is better to abandon the acquisition: this way the animal’s mental state will not be injured, and it will also be possible to protect yourself from negative thoughts about the fact that it was not possible to cope with the contents of the horses. Currently, such animals have this disadvantage, since many people often deal with them. There is also a lack of selection, because of this, horses are less popular than, for example, German horses.

An insignificant drawback of such animals is also their susceptibility. Currently, they are interested in Budennovsky filly and stallions, not only domestic producers, but also breeders - foreigners. Many connoisseurs of thoroughbred horses abroad say that with the purchase of a horse from Russia, it is possible to improve these other breeds.

Interestingly, the animal seems to be in a parallel world, which is why stereotypes about thoroughbred racehorses collapse. The animal easily makes contact, does not require every minute attention.

With this horse participated in hostilities.

Useful Tips

In order for animals to develop properly, care must be taken to ensure their proper nutrition. The horse is fully fed so that it develops according to the norms.

When cooking at home, you should make sure that the diet contains all the necessary elements and minerals. Animals spend a lot of energy on horse racing, so it needs to be replenished with the help of properly selected nutritious nutrition. Drinking water at room temperature should always be present.

There is evidence that these animals served in the Great Patriotic War. They were used not only in the cavalry, but also for the transport of guns and living warriors.

The owner of the Budennovskaya horse will only tolerate a strong character, assertive, able, however, to periodically show affection and reward for fulfilled commands and achievements.

In general, if you need a stunning sports horse, the Budennovskaya breed of horses is the best choice. The main thing is to provide her with proper care and do not forget to show the veterinarian 1 time in 6-12 months.


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