The best varieties of eggplant for growing near Moscow

Today, there are specially bred eggplant varieties for the Moscow Region, so there is no reason to fear that the vegetable will not take root due to the climate.

The best varieties of eggplant for growing near Moscow

Disembarkation Rules

Growing eggplant is hard work. It requires a serious investment of time and effort:

  1. For engraftment, plants on open ground in the suburbs begin with seedlings. After it is planted either under a film or in a greenhouse.
  2. There are seeds that take root on the soil, so before planting it is important to study the recommendations on the packaging. Be sure to observe the temperature regime of planting even resistant varieties.
  3. Ideal for planting a polycarbonate greenhouse. This is a modern material that simultaneously transmits light and protects plants from excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  4. For the cultivation of eggplant in the suburbs it is advised to choose hybrids. They must be early or mid-season, otherwise they will not have time to bear fruit until the end of the season.

Modern hybrids are easier to care for than conventional varieties. Some are bred with the microclimate of certain regions and are immune to certain diseases.

Despite the relative resistance of hybrids to adverse factors, plant care is still necessary.

The best varieties of eggplant for the Moscow region

In the suburbs choose hybrid early ripe or mid-ripening varieties.

They are able to withstand the changing and sometimes cold climate, while giving rise to a good crop. Hybrids are suitable for planting in open ground and in a greenhouse. High bushes must be tied up, which creates additional difficulties in care.

Samurai sword

Samurai sword - a variety specially bred for a temperate climate. It is characterized by medium elongated fruits of a saturated purple color, without bitterness; high productivity, resistance to pests and short-term drought.

Eggplant can grow outdoors

Seeds take root both in the open ground and in the greenhouse.

The samurai sword is mid-season, the maturity period is up to 120 days.


Giselle is one of the earliest species. Bush up to 120 cm high, needs to be tied.

The variety is characterized by a significant weight of fruits - from 300 g to 500 g. Their shape is cylindrical. Also suitable for greenhouse cultivation and open soil. It requires constant watering and top dressing, loves loose earth. Ripening time - from 107 to 117 days.


Alenka eggplants are characterized by unusual fruits of light green color with elastic skin and the same color of flesh. The pulp has a special “mushroom” flavor. Fruit weight - about 300 g.

Alenka is a hybrid with the earliest ripening period - up to 108 days. Due to this, it is suitable even for the northern regions. It is often considered a greenhouse crop, because the yield on the ground is sometimes reduced.


Agate is a variety with average yields. Seeds can be planted in open ground, covering at night with a film to protect against sudden frosts. Sowing should be no later than May.

The fruits are dark purple, their average weight is 250 g. The flesh is free from bitterness. There are almost no spikes on the cup.


Albatross seeds are suitable for planting directly in open ground. The height of the bush is up to 70 cm, the fruits are pear-shaped. The pulp is greenish, but soft and not bitter.

The variety is resistant to cucumber and tobacco mosaic. The period of technical maturity is about 135 days.

Sancho panza

Sancho Panza is suitable for outdoor cultivation. It got its name thanks to spherical fruits. The weight of one eggplant reaches 600 g. Bushes grow to 150 cm.

These eggplants are the best in resistance to weather conditions and to diseases (they are grown even beyond the Urals). The variety gives a rich harvest under any circumstances.


The best varieties of eggplant for the territory of the Moscow Region are hybrids. Their main advantage is that they are able to emerge directly on the soil, because not every site has a greenhouse. Moreover, they have high yields both in greenhouse conditions and on open ground.

Hybrids are resistant to the diseases inherent in these vegetables. All of them have good taste.


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